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Realm Of God (sane) (The Night = * obo , Unity, Gravity) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Realm Of God (sane) (The Night = * obo , Unity, Gravity) All that is real, true, balanced. God’s angel’s live here. God’s angels are wise people who have died. God is crushing Satan into the Sun with his power gravity. This realm is eternal.

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Realm Of God(sane)(The Night = *obo, Unity, Gravity)

All that is real, true, balanced. God’s angel’s live here. God’s angels are wise people who have died. God is crushing Satan into the Sun with his power gravity. This realm is eternal.

*obo (omnipotent black object) is the realm of God. It is what this universe is being crushed into, by gravity, through black holes. The obo is all elements combined. It’s structure may be tetrahedral; a crystal of tetrahedrons. The reason for electromagnetic waves. The densest substance in the universe; all else originated by it’s particulation.


Realm of Satan(Insane)(The Light = Chaos, Free energy, Separation)

All that is fake, untrue, unbalanced. Satan’s demons live here. Satan’s demons are lunatics who have died. The members of Satan’s realm are insane because they misconstrue reality. To demand power for which you are unqualified is insane. The goal of Satan is to inhibit and or exterminate all life forms. The realm of Satan is being crushed into the sun. The sun is Hell.

Chaos is suicide for any organized system. Satan changes Humans into monstrosities half Human half field animal (Sphinx, Horus, Medusa, etc. demons). God’s power is so strong that Satan can only delay his fate. All that is orbiting in this universe is a manifestation of this.

Person in Chaos

Person in Unity

His thoughts are unifying. He has no nightmares. When a person is real, true, balanced God is in control of the person. His actions are orchestrated to enhance all life.

His thoughts are chaotic. He has nightmares. When a person is fake, untrue, unbalanced Satan is in control of the person. His actions are orchestrated to inhibit all life.

The mind can quickly switch between Unity & Chaos. There is no slack. You are always one or the other. Any error in your logic is Chaos. All life forms were created by God’s power gravity. We are unifiers, accumulators, aggregators!

When you sleep your mind is either in the realm of God (normal dreams) or the realm of Satan (nightmares). To get out of Chaos drop the egotism, hurt nothing that doesn’t deserve to be hurt, quit chaotic activities, correct logic errors, and unify with other humans. If you’ve done a horrible deed you need to do a good deed of equal magnitude.

Realm Of Man(Planets, Stars)(Battlefield of God & Satan – [obo, chaos mix])

Life is a war of unification. All three realms exist in the minds of humans. Animals are the sensory organs of God and Satan. Insane things: playing with the demon baal (ball), lies, being frivolous puts you under Satan’s control, then everything you do works against life forms. The universe is being crushed into one (the obo). Suns are making matter heavier H to Fe. The universe is losing matter to black holes. Animals are organizing, accumulating. We are Sun builders. Love and greed are gravity. God don’t want you to pray he wants you to FIGHT CHAOS!

When Satan has a large following on Earth (many people in Chaos) society becomes visibly Satanic. Chains, fences, spikes, poisons, murderous devices of every type. Dogs become a mascot as their name is the opposite of God (doG = Satan). As in present society; a genocidal machination against life forms.

Life is a process not a thing. All life forms are God's soldiers fighting Satan (Chaos). All life forms form a pyramid constantly mutating to higher beasts through natural selection. Organized streams of biochemistry brought together by gravity. Everything means something; even words spoken by others. God and Satan speak in this way, inadvertently. God (logic) and Satan (chaos) are fighting within every Human mind.

Everything must be balanced. Thoughts, actions are either unifying (God), chaotic (Satan). Chaos weighs against you. Unity weighs for you. Bad things that you do to others can be done to you. Repentance is a lie. Everything frivolous is Chaos: sports, entertainment, art, fun, lies, the pursuit of happiness. You must follow truth (science - logic), be accurate, Unify. Learn, grow, organize, condense everything perpetually: Cleanliness, beauty (Clean & Green = sterile gardens of death) is a Satanic disguise for genocide.

The modern world is deeply into a caste system. This is a Satanic form of society that doesn't progress. The corporations must be in the hands of the people. INDOOR CITIES is the only path to the future. It is the only way to enable full, free participation in production. If it don't work for all it don't work at all.

Truth is our guide, science is our conception of truth. All processes originate in Chaos. Conflict then causes them to integrate, organize, align: Unify. Pertinent, sustainable conflict is the only path to Unity.

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