filipino revolts
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Filipino Revolts

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Filipino Revolts. By: Jia Zapata BSA1. Filipino Revolt. Over 3 centuries of Spanish colonization, Filipinos had risen more than 100 revolts to regain their lost freedom or in defense of their God – given natural rights. Causes of Filipino revolts against Spain.

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filipino revolts

Filipino Revolts

By: Jia Zapata


filipino revolt
Filipino Revolt

Over 3 centuries of Spanish colonization, Filipinos had risen more than 100 revolts to regain their lost freedom or in defense of their God – given natural rights

causes of filipino revolts against spain
Causes of Filipino revolts against Spain
  • Filipino defense to regain their lost freedom and happiness
  • Hated tribute
  • Forced labor
  • Religious persecution
  • Agrian and land dispute against friars
  • Spanish religious bigotry or certain group of people or religion of the country wanted to go back to the worship of their ancestral gods
revolt of lakan dula and sulayman 1574
Revolt of LakanDula and Sulayman (1574)

Masterminds: LakanDula and RahaSulayman

  • the last two native Kings of Maynilad and Tondok ( Tondo )

Settings: Navotas

Cause Lavezaris’ reversal of Legazpi’s policy

Result: Failure

first pampanga revolt 1585
First Pampanga Revolt (1585)

Mastermind: some of brave Pampanga leaders

Cause: the abuses of early enconmienderos

Settings: Manila

Plot: secretly enter the City of Manila one dark night and massacre the Spaniards

Result: Failure

tondo conspiracy of 1587 88
Tondo Conspiracy of 1587 - 88
  • First conspiracy of the prominent Filipino to overthrow Spanish rule in the country
  • Maybe regarded as the forerunner of Bonifacio’sKatipunan
tondo conspiracy of 1587 881
Tondo Conspiracy of 1587 - 88

Mastermind: Agustin de Legazpi, grandson of Miguel Loez de Legazpi and a nephew of LakanDula and a son – in - law of a Sutan of Brunie, Martin Pangan

Cause: regain their lost freedom

Setting: Manila

tondo conspiracy of 1587 882
Tondo Conspiracy of 1587 - 88

Plot: 1st , secret delegation would be dent to Borneo to secure the military aid of Brunei Sultan in form of combat troops and ship

2nd secret agents would be sent to Laguna and Batangas to obtain the aid of their inhabitant in the growing libertarian struggle

3rd set the City on fire

Result: Faiure

revolts against the tribute
Revolts against the Tribute

the first native revolt against the hated tribute and corrupt tribute collectors

Mastermind: Filipinos of Cagayan and Ilocos

Cause: abuses of tribute collectors

Setting: Cagayan

Result: Failure

malagat s revolt
Malagat’s Revolt

Mastermind: Malagat and his brother

Cause: hated tribute, forced labor and religious persecution

Setting: Cagayan

Result: Failure