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Press F5 to play. < click for music after hitting F5. Carpenter. Jarred Fischer About Carpentry . Cost. The tuition for schooling is about $110.00 a week, and $45 - $200 for books and supplies. . How Long?.

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Jarred fischer about carpentry

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Jarred Fischer

About Carpentry


  • The tuition for schooling is about $110.00 a week, and $45 - $200 for books and supplies.

How Long?

  • There are four different levels of schooling that you have to complete before you can be an independent carpenter. Once you have those four levels you get a red seal ticket, which means you can do anything with that trade. You do about 6 weeks of schooling then six weeks on the job throughout the levels you do.

General Carpenter Apprenticeship Training


  • The average salary for a carpenter is about $42,940 annually. You’re pay depends on what you’re rank would be or what level you are in you’re schooling.


  • There are multiple things that you can branch out to once you have your red seal ticket.

Future Outlook

  • Carpenters held about 1.3 million jobs in 2008. Most of them worked for contractors who build or repair buildings, and about one-third of all carpenters were self-employed. Carpenters get jobs in most parts of the country, but there are more jobs in big cities where many things are always being built.

Why I Chose Carpentry

  • I chose carpentry because I have been into woodshop since grade seven. I am very interested in building things and making them perfect. I mainly chose carpentry because I wanted to do something that could help people but also something that I like doing.

3 Other Options

  • Three other options I have are; any other type of carpentry, working for myself, and going back to school to be a bartender or get a red seal in another trade.

Job Overview

  • A carpenter is defined as a craftsman with a skill and experience level greater than a helper or laborer, but less than a lead carpenter. The carpenter will generally have a smaller tool inventory and may need direction to perform more advanced carpentry skills.

Education Path

  • To get into school to be a carpenter you only need a few things; you need to graduate, and you need to be able to read and do math at a fairly decent level. I plan on going to Okanagan College.


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