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Stages of dreaming

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Stages of dreaming - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stages of dreaming. Stage 1. Very light sleep only a minutes long if dreamer is not disturbed, he/she will move onto the next level. (or stage). Stage 2. Dreams begin unfolding different ideas, images, thoughts, ect … drift through the dreamers mind. Stage 3.

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Stages of dreaming

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    1. Stages of dreaming

    2. Stage 1 • Very light sleep • only a minutes long • if dreamer is not disturbed, he/she will move onto the next level. (or stage)

    3. Stage 2 • Dreams begin unfolding • different ideas, images, thoughts, ect… drift through the dreamers mind.

    4. Stage 3 • All the muscles are relaxed in the body • heart rate slows • breathing becomes steady and even • blood pressure is decreasing. • Nothing can really wake the dreamer at this stage… • Loud noise, or repetition of the name.

    5. Stage 4 • dreams are occuring • The brain heats • Blood pressure and heart rate, change • This is also known as REM sleep or (rapid eye movement) • First rem period lasts for about 10 minutes

    6. Dreams vs. reality

    7. The world is real? • 5 senses tell us that our world is real • Our mind attaches these senses to the world, convincing us that it is real • At times when the moments become over whelming or busy, we can forget, or lose some of our sensory sensations • Mainly when we are unconscious

    8. Deep meditation or sleeping • After sleeping, or getting out of a deep meditative state, we feel that there is a gap in our consciousness of the outside world. • “the world only exists for us only when the senses and mind are directed towards it”? • During deep med. Or sleep, the world becomes obsolete, because our senses are not active.

    9. Waking up • After waking, we find ways to prove that we are in reality. • Sometimes dreams feel or seem so real that only when we wake up, do we them realize it was a dream.

    10. Creating the world

    11. thoughts • When we have thoughts about something, most generally they become reoccurring. • Some of these thoughts become our behavior, different thoughts, actions, etc.… • At times these thoughts shape our circumstances and relationships • Like watching the same movie over and over

    12. illusions • Everything that we have created, the life we live, etc.… • It gives us the incentive to create different realities in our minds • Day dreaming • Our consciousness starts to shift into new dimensions, thus giving our made up reality our new real reality. • “we become consious of the world beyo9nd the mind and illusions”.

    13. In essence these two articles are not the same, I wanted to show that scientifically talking about dreams seem a little more normal, and the questioning aspect makes you wonder if our reality can be altered.

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