islamic belief in allah in the light of the qur an and the sunnah
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العقيدة الاسلامية في ضوء القرآن والسنة

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العقيدة الاسلامية في ضوء القرآن والسنة - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم. Islamic Belief [in Allah] In the Light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. العقيدة الاسلامية في ضوء القرآن والسنة. ‘Aqeedah – Definition & Explanation Linguistic meaning Root meanings: belief, ideology, firmly grounded, tied, binding contract. Islamic meaning

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‘Aqeedah – Definition & Explanation
    • Linguistic meaning
    • Root meanings: belief, ideology, firmly grounded, tied, binding contract.
    • Islamic meaning
    • Beliefs and knowledge held in the heart without any doubt.
    • Relationship between ‘aqeedah and ‘amal
what is aqeedah
Belief in matter of al-ghaib

‘Aqeedah can be correct or false

Divine Communication (sometimes called “revelation”) is its sole possible source.

Only found today in the last and protected divine message.

Correct ‘Aqeedah is an absolute necessity for balance and success in both realms.

What is ‘Aqeedah?
aqeedah iman
‘Aqeedah not mentioned in Qur’an or Hadith

Allah praised Iman and its people.

‘Aqeedah is the foundation in the heart of iman which also includes deeds.

Abu Hanifa’s opinion a semantic, not an actual difference.

“That which is established in the heart and the actions confirm/validate it.” (hadith)

NOT mere “knowledge” (gnosis)

Iblis and Pharaoh both had complete knowledge of Allah, but no correct ‘aqeedah or iman.

Aqeedah & Iman
aqeedah shari a
Iman includes deeds and that is the realm of the Shari’a.

A deficiency in either is a deficiency in Iman.

As such, both the “root” (‘aqeedah) and the “branches” (deeds) must be maintained.

‘Aqeedah & Shari’a
iman kufr
No exemption for ability in the area of ‘aqeedah.

Whoever rejects the ‘Aqeedah of Islam wholly or partially is a disbeliever.

‘Aqeedah is interconnected and it is not possible to believe in one part but not in another.

Kufr can be by rejection, words, deeds or omissions.

Rejection of disbelievers for their disbelief is a must.

Who will be kafir before Allah?

Iman & Kufr
major sins
Sins detract and indicate a lack in Iman.

But, they cannot remove one from Iman to Kufr.

Shirk is what cannot be forgiven.

Shirk is what removes one from Islam.

Sins can result in punishment, but not eternal.

Major Sins
the first major deviation in this matter the khawaarij
Accused Muslims of kufr for any major sin.

Discussion of their “evidence”.


Meaning of disowning and kufr in certain hadith.

The difference between failing to judge by the Shari’a in an instance vs. enforcing kaafir laws and making war against the Shari’a.

The First Major Deviation in This Matter The Khawaarij