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Version Control & File Management

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Version Control & File Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Version Control & File Management. Danielle Skaggs INF 385E October 26, 2006. Overview. What is File Management? IA and File Management File Management Tips What is Version Control? Why use it? Pros and Cons Version Control Tips. What is File Management?.

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version control file management

Version Control & File Management

Danielle Skaggs

INF 385E

October 26, 2006

  • What is File Management?
  • IA and File Management
  • File Management Tips
  • What is Version Control?
  • Why use it? Pros and Cons
  • Version Control Tips
what is file management
What is File Management?
  • Term comes from computer science
  • Used to describe:
    • File organization
    • Creation and manipulation of files

(Claybrook, 1983; Wikipedia)

file management then
File Management - Then
  • I/O processors
  • “Space and Timing Calculations for Magnetic Tape”
  • “Cellular Multilist File Organization”
  • TB = TSEEK + TL + THS + TDT

(Claybrook, 1983)

file management for ia
File Management for IA
  • Managing large collections of data and page files
    • Poor file maintenance results in broken links
  • Content Management Systems
    • Document management
    • Hypermedia management systems
file management for your project
File Management for Your Project
  • Determine a logical system of file organization
  • Treat folder, file names as labels

Example from Rosenfeld & Morville (2002, p. 54)

Personally meaningful labels

User friendly labels

what is version control
What is Version Control?
  • The management of multiple revisions of the same unit of information
  • Any practice that tracks and provides control over changes

- Wikipedia

why is version control needed
Why is Version Control Needed?

Typical website infrastructure (Gsoedl, 2001)

version control software
Version Control Software
  • Assignment of version numbers
  • Filelocking
  • Description of changes for each commit or check-in
  • Content centrally stored on shared server
  • Branching
example interface
Example Interface

Gsoedl’s web-based version control application


(Louridas, 2006)

Trunk: main line of development,the main starting point of most branches.

Branch: A set of evolving source file versions.

Merge: To combine different changes to the same file.

-from Version Control Talk Demystified:

version control programs
Version Control Programs

Open Source



benefits of version control
Benefits of Version Control
  • Ability to return to an earlier version
    • In case of error or failure in working copy
    • To view snapshot in time
  • Track who made changes
  • Maintain current pages while developing their replacements
  • Record of development process
drawbacks of version control
Drawbacks of Version Control
  • Time investment to train personnel to use system
  • Temptation to change system to take advantage of latest technology (Dennis, 1998)
  • No access if central server is unavailable
  • Possibility of commit wars
version control for your project
Version Control for Your Project
  • Decide how often to commit files
  • Pick your method:
    • Version control software
    • Zip archives
    • Folders

-based on Luhn’s file backup tips (2002)

so you want to try version control software
So, You Want to Try Version Control Software. . .
  • Subversion:
    • O’Reilly guide to using Subversion:
  • CVS:
    • How to guide:

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