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By Sara Miśta

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By Sara Miśta

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  1. "Life after death" By Sara Miśta "The most important thing I discovered is that human beings are endowed with curiosity to explore life after life”.

  2. Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. The death of an organism also results in a permanent absence of consciousness.

  3. What is life after death like? Death is a shock for everyone. Each of us wonder when we will die and where we we will take our last breath. Among many conceptions of afterlife there is one that says abouta purgatory – in Roman Christian Church, but in Greek mythology people believed in Hades–the underworld.

  4. The poetic idea of ​​death. The poetic idea of ​​death says that everything and everyone is absurd, born in ignorance because in most cases the loss of the physical body does not change the nature of the mind.

  5. Life after death-a secret Life after death is and will always be a mystery to everyone. One man does not believe in it, the other denies its existence. Scientists have been looking for evidence of afterlife for many years. Unfortunately, such evidence will never be known to man.

  6. Dr. Jeffrey Long in his book "Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences” dwells on the subject that is known to everyone. One of the cases presented in this book is a case of a woman-a clinical psychologist. Mary Rapini often talks with people who have sufferedand survived a clinical death. Therapist had suffered similar experience. She talked about the great light that she saw during the operation. She said that she saw God who said that she must return to Earth as it are still a lot of things to do here.

  7. Death is connected with the human physical condition. When a man becomes astral body he does not always understand that he is no longer a dead body. Often people can not understand that the human world is different from astral life.

  8. Life after death by Christians According to Christians, the afterlife depends on life we spent on Earth. A man can be happy in Paradise, or condemned inHell. According to the Christian religion this life is not as important as life after death. Man lives in order to enjoy eternal life after the death.