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burnett calderon n.
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Burnett. Calderon.

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Burnett. Calderon.
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Burnett. Calderon.

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  1. Burnett.Calderon. WIW-Vocab

  2. Lambaste • LAMBASTE-v-attack, usually with words, criticize Amanda, a high school student, was lambasted with wordy violence after rumors were spread about her.

  3. Impasse • Impasse-N-a situation in which no progress is possible, esp. because of disagreement; a deadlock His situation came to an impasse when he disagreed with the rest of his partners and was left on his own, and later he had a hard time finishing his project.

  4. Jargon • Jargon-n-slang When she went to her interview, her jargon unrealisitc language caused the employer to disapprove of her and told her to leave.

  5. Deter • Deter-v-prevent, block They tried to deter their daughter from attending the party, which caused many teens to be arrested that night.

  6. Tenuous • Tenuous-adj-weak, thin He was tenuous after receiving the news that his wife, Amanda, was in the hospital.

  7. Vigorous-adj-energetic, powerful Vigorous Andrew, an 8 year old boy, showed his audience the amazing talent he has when he danced vigorously for 10 minutes.

  8. Amity Amity-n-friendship If everyone had amity this world could be a better place because no one would be rude and mean, and it would be easier to get along.

  9. Gravitas Gravitas-high seriousness When a person is full of gravitas it is hard to make them laugh because they may take a joke seriously, and it can make them angry instead.

  10. Emphatic Emphatic-adj-assertive, confident She was emphatic about winning the race because she was always secure about herself, so she successfully won the race.

  11. Vehement Vehement-adj-showing strong feelings; forceful, passionate, or intense • Jessica showed vehement towards her grandma when she came over, everyone was telling her to stop looking mad, ignoring her grandma, and stop being rude.

  12. Preeminent Preeminent-adj-superior, outstanding, distinguished, above the rest She was preeminent from the other students in her class, making her noticeable, especially because she always had the highest grades.

  13. Resurgence Resurgence-n-rebirth On the news, some people claim to have seen resurgence in people who were dead for a short amount of time, therefore, this confuses many people who see this on the news.