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Next Generation Of Cloud Analytics

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fusionops insight

FusionOps Insight

Next Generation Of Cloud Analytics

current environment is complex
Current Environment Is Complex

Business Users

SAP Reports

Static Dashboard

Excel Reports

  • Too many manual step
  • Too many static reports
  • Complex tools and data
  • Noise but no actionable data

Not easy to change


Which Report?

No IT resources

Long wait for changes


BI Tools


Excel Files

ETL Tools

Other Tools



Which Data?

IT Team

Complex , Hard To Understand Data

  • Complex BI environment
  • Not clear requirements
  • Lack of Domain Knowledge
  • Constant requirement changes

ERP Data

dashboards and analytics in 1 day
Dashboards and Analytics In 1 Day

Simple, Customizable Analytics Applications

Pre-built domain expertise, dashboards, reports and metrics











Complex Data to Simple Business Models


  • Secured and SAP certified
  • No firewall or VPN changes
  • Encryption and compression
  • No performance impact on SAP

Complex , Hard To Understand Data

ERP Data

brilliantly simple solution
Brilliantly Simple Solution

Up and running in 1 day with $0 investment

Free trial, pay after realizing value. Affordable monthly subscription.

No need to install and maintain servers

Pre-built highly secured infrastructure ready in the Cloud

Nothing to install or update

No software installation or upgrades – Simple subscription model


No development required

Pre-Integrated and pre-Built BI Apps with deep domain knowledge


No waiting for IT to make changes

Customize your metrics and reports in minutes – Self Service


Connect Multiple Data Sources

Custom SAP Tables & Fields

3 Days

Database, SF, Flat files

3 Weeks

Core ERP data

1 day

  • Connect your SAP system to get working dashboards, reports and metrics within hours.Enrich you dashboards by painlessly connecting additional data sources within weeks.
  • Dashboards based on SAP R/3 or ECC data available within hours
  • Custom SAP tables, and fields can be added to the dashboard within days
  • Flat files, databases, Salesforce.com and other sources can be added in just weeks

Customer Orders and Shipments

Order Fulfillment and Shipments

    • Pre-built Vendor Performance Metrics and Purchasing Analytics
  • 25 + metrics, reports and analytics out-of-the-box
  • Easily create new customer and shipment reports by customizing pre-built analytics

Out of the Box Dashboards and Reports (partial list)

Customer Orders

Customer Order Shipment Forecast

Top Customers by Order Amount, Quantity

% Sales Orders Under Lead-time

Under Lead-time Sales Order Trends

Order Fill Rate

Customer Returns

Top Reasons for Order Rejects

Products with the Highest Order Rejects

Customer Return Trends

Customers with Most Returns

Delivery Performance

On-time Delivery Performance

Planned Vs. Actual Lead Time Trends

On-time Delivery Performance Trends

Demand Variation

% Push Outs/Pull Ins within 2 Weeks

% Push Outs within 30-Days

Customer Demand Variation Trends

% Pull Ins and Push Outs by Plant


Products with Most Shortages

Products with Highest Order Rejects

Products with Poor On-time Delivery

Most Ordered Products

Sales Projections

Revenue at Risk Due to Shortages

Projected Shipments by Plant, Customer


Supplier Performance and Procurement

Procurement / Supplier Performance

    • Pre-built Vendor Performance Metrics and Purchasing Analysis data model
  • 20 + metrics, reports and analytics out-of-the-box
  • Can be used as is, or as a template to quickly create new analytics

Out of the Box Dashboards and Reports (partial list)

Supplier Performance

Supplier On-time Delivery

Supplier Quality

Supplier Lead-time Trends

Supplier Performance Trends

Projected Spend

Projected Spend by Plant

Projected Spend by Supplier

Projected Spend by Product Hierarchy

Overall Projected Spend

Material Spend

Material Spend by Material Type

Material Spend by Supplier

Material Spend by Product Hierarchy

Material Spend by Material Group

Vendor Spend Map

Material Spend - Overall Trends


Parts with Most Under Lead-time Purchasing

Purchase Price Variance by Supplier, Part

Purchase Price Variance Trends by Quarter

Projected Purchase Price Variance


Inventory Analysis

Inventory Analysis

    • Pre-built Inventory Turnover, Aging and Valuation business data model
  • 20 + metrics, reports and analytics out-of-the-box
  • Inventory Analytics can be used as is, or as a template to quickly create new analytics

Out of the Box Dashboards and Reports (partial list)

Inventory Turns

Finished Goods Inventory Turns

Raw Material Inventory Turns

WIP Inventory Turns

Inventory Turns by MRP Controller

Inventory Turns by Part or Product

Inventory Aging

Inventory Aging 30, 60, 90, 180+ Days

Inventory Aging by Product Hierarchy

Inventory Aging by Storage Location

Inventory Carrying Costs for Aging Stock

Inventory Aging by Location

Inventory Valuation

Stock Value by MRP Controller

Unrestricted Stock Level by Plant

Stock Value by Product Hierarchy - Top 20

Stock Value by Storage Location

Stock Value by Material Type

Excess and Shortages:

Projected Excess Inventory for Top Parts

Shortages by Product

Open Cancel Requests

Revenue at Risk Due to Shortages


Production Planning and MRP Analysis

Production Planning and MRP Analysis

    • Pre-built MRP Analysis, and Production Planning business data model
  • 15 + metrics, reports and analytics out-of-the-box
  • Can be used as is, or as a template to quickly create new analytics

Out of the Box Dashboards and Reports (partial list)


Projected Demand

Plan Order Forecasts

MRP Analysis

Open Demand by MRP Element

Quantity Distribution by MRP Element

MRP Exceptions for Plan Orders

Plan Orders

Past Due Plan Orders by MRP Controller

Plan Order Completion Time

Plan Order Distribution

Plan Order Processing Time Trends

Plan Order Trends by Plant

Production Orders

Production Orders Qty Finished Trends

Average Time to Complete ProdOrder

Production Order Trends by MRP Controller

Production Order Distribution Across Plants


Self-service Reporting

  • Modify any pre-built report without IT help – built for business users
  • Create analytics from scratch in minutes, using a simple report building wizard
  • Save custom reports to your dashboard for easy access

Create your own view of business data with ease

Pre-populated Business Data Models for many different business areas


Easy Sharing and Collaboration

  • Share and collaborate with co-workers in a Facebook-like experience
  • A secure and easy way to share delivery performance reports with suppliers
  • Share supply chain performance dashboards with carriers, distributors and customers

Share a single report or dashboard suppliers and have complete control over access.

Share and edit reports as a group in real-time. Insight provides a single source of truth for functional teams and large organizations.


FusionOps Plans & Pricing

*All plans billed quarterly

*Enterprise Plan requires a custom quote

*KloudData to offer unique plan separate from FusionOps


Data Security

  • FusionOps Secure Private Cloud is managed by Rackspace, a SAS 70 Type II Certified Service Provider.
  • True multi-tenancy
  • Proven enterprise scalability
  • Airtight security setup
  • Disaster recovery

Physical Security

Data center access limited to Rackspace data center technicians

Biometric scanning for controlled data center access

Physical security audited by an independent firm

Ask about our Data Security Whitepaper

System Security

System installation using hardened, patched OS

Dedicated firewall and VPN services to help block unauthorized system access

Data protection with Rackspace managed backup solutions

Operational Security – the Rackspace Infrastructure

ISO17799-based policies and procedures, regularly reviewed as part of our SAS70 Type II audit process

Systems access logged and tracked for auditing purposes


Cloud BI Integration

  • Data Encryption

ERP Data

FusionOps Cloud Connect

  • Data Compression


Private Cloud

  • FusionOps Cloud Connect enables secured integration between on-premise SAP systems with FusionOps Private Cloud
  • No firewall configuration, or creating and maintaining VPN tunnels
  • SAP Certified Integration with FusionOps’ patented data connectors
  • Data can be automatically extracted on a pre-defined schedule ensuring that business dashboards are always up-to-date

Connect to your SAP QA system to test the integration for yourself . Takes approximately 1-2 hours of IT time.

FusionOps Insight is used by manufacturing companies with worldwide operations that have multiple instances of SAP.


Free Trial

Get started on our website at www.fusionops.com

  • Goals:
  • Get In-depth analytics for your supply chain
  • Less time on creating reports, more time for analyzing performance
  • Self-service business analytics, reduced burden on IT

Next Steps




Setup your account

1-2 hours of IT time

Determine Value

Last week of trial

Use the Application

4-6 hours of end-user time

  • FusionOps will work with your IT to connect Insight to your SAP QA system
  • Once this is done, dashboards, reports and metrics are created automatically
  • At the end of the 30-day trial you will have the option to continue using FusionOps
  • Select pricing and plan best suited to your unique needs
  • Review pre-built dashboards and send a sample report that you would like to see in FusionOps
  • Work with FusionOps to customize dashboards and become familiar with FusionOps Insight