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Opinion Journal #1

Opinion Journal #1

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Opinion Journal #1

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  1. Opinion Journal #1 Animal problem in Sochi, Russia

  2. The Olympics Unit 1(Part 1) – History & The Olympic Spirit

  3. The Ancient Olympic Games • According to historical records, the first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 BC • The were dedicated to the Olympic Gods and were staged on the ancient plains of Olympia • They continued for nearly 12 centuries, until Emperor Theodosius stated that all such events be banned

  4. Olympia • Olympia was the site of the ancient Olympic Games, and was located in the Western part of the Peloponnese • Imposing temples, elaborate shrines and ancient sporting facilities were combined in a site of unique natural and mystical beauty

  5. Victory Ceremonies • The Olympic victor received his first awards immediately after the competition • Following the announcement of the winners name, a Greek judge would place a palm branch in his hands, while the spectators cheered and threw flowers to him • Red ribbons were tied on his head and hands as a mark of victory • The official award ceremony would take place on the last day of the games, at the temple of Zeus • In a loud voice they would announce the name of the Olympic winner, his father’s name, and his homeland…Then the Greek judge placed the sacred olive tree wreath on the winner’s head

  6. The Athlete • All free male Greek citizens were entitled to participate in the ancient Olympic Games regardless of their social status • Married women were not allowed to participate or even watch the Olympic Games, however, unmarried women could attend the competition but not take part

  7. The Sporting Events • The games were initially a one-day event, and eventually they were extended to a 3-day event…By 5th century BC the Games became a 5-day event • The ancient Games included running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, pankration, and equestrian events •

  8. Opinion Journal #2 • Egypt arrests 11 Islamists for Facebook activity

  9. The Modern Olympics • Although there was no official poster, the cover page of the official report is often used to refer to the 1st modern Olympic Games • The inscription 776-1896, like the drawing as a whole, mark the bond between the games of Antiquity and the first Games of the modern era

  10. The Modern Olympics • The first celebration of the modern Olympic Games took place in its ancient birthplace of Athens • The games attracted 14 nations • The largest delegations came from Greece, Germany, France, & Great Brittain

  11. Athens, 1896 • Due to its historical significance, the Greek hosts wanted to win the Marathon above all else, so when Spyridon Louis set off from the city of Marathon and took the lead 4 km from the finish line, and won the race by 7 minutes, the 100,000 spectators were quite happy!

  12. Athens, 1896 • A Hungarian swimmer, Alfred Hajos won the 100m and 1200m events…For the longer race, if you can imagine, the swimmers were transported out to sea by boat and were required to swim the required distance back to shore!

  13. Athens, 1896 • The first champion of the 1st modern Olympics was an American named James Connolly who won the triple jump…He was the first Olympic champion in more than 1500 years

  14. Athens, 1896

  15. Opinion Article Side-by-side toilets??

  16. The Olympic Spirit • “To build a peaceful and better world in the Olympic Spirit which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play – Olympic Spirit strives to inspire and motivate the youth of the world to be the best they can be through educational and entertaining interactive challenges. Olympic Spirit seeks to instill and develop the values and ideals of Olympism in those who visit and to promote tolerance and understanding in these increasingly troubled times in which we live, to make our world a more peaceful place.

  17. The Olympic Spirit • Through this idea the Olympic movement has created 6 global activities: • Sport for all • Development through sport • Women and sport • Education through sport • Peace through sport • Sport and environment

  18. Sport for All • Is a movement promoting the idea that sport is a human right for all individuals regardless of race, social class, and gender •

  19. Development through Sport • Beyond the physical well being, sport can play an important role for a safer, more prosperous and more peaceful society, through its educational values and worldwide network. Although the beneficial effects of sport for development are still not exploited to their full extent, sport can help bridge cultural and ethnic divides, create jobs and businesses, promote tolerance and non-discrimination, reinforce social integration, and advocate healthy lifestyles. Through sports development, we can achieve wider human developmental goals

  20. Women & Sport • The International Olympic Committee encourages and supports the promotion of women in sport at all levels and in all structures, with a view to implementing the principle of equality of men and women • As a leader of the Olympic movement, whose first objective is to promote Olympism and develop sport worldwide, the IOC has constantly played a complementary role to establish a positive trend to increase women’s participation in sport at all levels, and especially over the last decades

  21. Women & Sport • The first Olympic Games in 1896 were not open to women…but since this time, the participation of women in the Olympic movement at all levels has changed considerably

  22. Education Through Sport • The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play

  23. Sport and Environment • Created in 1995, the IOC realized the importance of the environment and sustainable development, which lead to the inclusion of the following in the Olympic Charter: • “The IOC has acknowledged its particular responsibility in terms of promoting sustainable development, and regards the environment as the 3rd dimension of Olympism, alongside sport and culture” • In 1995, the IOC also created the Sport and Environment Commission, which meets once a year

  24. The Olympics Unit 1 (Part 2) – Canada’s Success @ The Olympics

  25. O’Canada

  26. Canada @ The Olympics • Canada has sent athletes to every Winter Olympic Games, and almost every Summer Olympic Games since its debut at the 1900 games • The exception being the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Russia, which it boycotted • Canada has won at least one medal at every Olympics in which it has competed • At the 2010 Winter Olympics, Canada finished atop the medal standings for the first time, winning the most gold medals of any country

  27. Canada…Your Host • Canada has hosted an Olympic Games 3 times • 1976 Summer Olympics – Montreal, Quebec • 1988 Winter Olympics – Calgary, Alberta • 2010 Winter Olympics – Vancouver, British Columbia

  28. Opinion Journal #3 Cyber-Bullying

  29. 1976 – Montreal • 92 Nations participated in Montreal’s Summer Games • Almost all sovereign African nations and a few other countries boycotted the games, in reaction to the IOC’s refusal to ban New Zealand from the games • 1976 was the first year for women’s Basketball, Handball, & Rowing

  30. 1976 – Montreal Athlete’s Village Olympic Stadium

  31. 1976 – Montreal • The Olympics were a financial disaster for Montreal, as the city faced debts for 30 years after the games had finished • The costs of the Olympic Stadium were finally paid off in full in December of 2006…The total cost included interest amounted to 1.61 billion dollars • Today, despite the huge cost, the stadium has no major tenant, as the Montreal Expos left Montreal in 2005

  32. 1976 – Montreal…Highlights • At age 14, Nadia Comaneci of Romania scored a perfect 10.0 and won 3 gold medals in female gymnastics • Canada finished with 5 silver medals, and 6 bronze medals…This was the first time a host country of the Summer Games had not won any gold medals • Five American boxers won gold medals…4 of them went on to become professional world champions, including “Sugar” Ray Leonard

  33. 1976 – Montreal • Opening Ceremony • Gymnastics – 1st ever perfect score • “Sugar” Ray Leonard • The legacy

  34. 1988 – Calgary • 57 Nations competed in these games • Canada again failed to win a gold medal as a host nation • These Olympics marked the debut of the Jamaica bobsled team • At the time these games were the most expensive Olympics ever held

  35. 1988 – Calgary The Olympic Saddledom The Olympic Stadium

  36. 1988 – Calgary • The Calgary games were the 1st to earn a significant television revenue base; where the 1980 Lake Placid Games generated only $20.7 million worldwide, the Calgary Games generated $324.9 million in broadcast dollars • The overwhelming majority of revenues came from ABC, which agreed in 1984 to pay $309 million for American television rights • The CTV network in Canada paid $4.5 million for Canadian rights while western European nations paid $5.7 million combined

  37. 1988 – Calgary • Held at a price of $829 million, these games cost more to stage than any previous games, summer or winter • This was mostly due to the fact that most venues would have to be constructed from scratch! • Despite the high costs the Calgary Olympic Organizers anticipated a $36 million surplus • The games were also a major economic boom for the city which had fallen into its worst recession in 40 years following the collapse of both oil and grain prices in the mid 1980’s • It was estimated that the games would create $450 million in salary and wages , and create $1.4 billion in economic benefits across Canada during the 1980’s, 70% of that right in Alberta

  38. 1988 – Calgary…Highlights • Italy’s Alberto Tomba won 2 gold medals in skiing, his first of 5 career Olympic medals en route to becoming the first alpine skier to win medals at 3 Winter games. • East Germany’s Katarina Witt defended her 1984 gold medal in women’s figure skating. • The Soviet Union won gold in hockey, with Finland, and Sweden taken silver and bronze • As in 1976, Canada failed to win a gold medal, Brian Orser and Elizabeth Manley each won silver in men’s and women’s figure skating.

  39. 1988 – Calgary…Highlights • American speed skater Dan Jansen’s personal tragedy was one of the most talked about at the games, as he skated mere hours after his sister Jane died of leukemia…although he was a gold medal favourite, the world would witness heartbreak as he fell and crashed into the outer wall in the first quarter of his heat. • Another popular team making it’s debut at the Calgary games was the Jamaican bobsleigh team…Their odyssey was made into the 1993 Disney pictures film, Cool Runnings.

  40. Class Discussion Young and restless, Russia's polarized 'Putin generation'

  41. 1988 – Calgary…Highlights • La Bomba…The legend begins! • The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team • The Battle of the Brian’s • The Closing Ceremonies

  42. 2010 – Vancouver/Whistler • 82 nations participated in these games housed mostly in Vancouver…The Ski/Snowboard events were held in Whistler. • The operational cost of these Olympics is estimated at $1.35 billion. • It is estimated that the total contribution to the BC economy was somewhere around $2.5 billion

  43. 2010 – Vancouver/Whistler • Security at these games, and every games over the last 10 years was very costly…At the end of the day, security for the games cost nearly $1 billion…5x what was originally expected! • Hours before the opening ceremony, a Georgian Luger was killed during a training run • The opening ceremonies were stalled while organizers dealt with a mechanical problem during the cauldron lighting ceremony • It took Canada a couple of days, but they finally shed their record of no gold medals as the host country, as on February 14 Alex Bilodeau captured a gold medal in men’s mogul’s

  44. Opinion Journal #4 Indian Athletes Participating Under Olympic Flag & Canadian Bobsledder’s Website Is Censored? Here’s his website & Here’s the censored message he posted on his twitter

  45. 2010 – Vancouver/Whistler • There was also negativity and protests surrounding these games as protesters attended almost all pre-Olympic events held in Vancouver. • On Saturday, February 13, as part of a week-long Anti-Olympic convergence, protesters smashed windows of the downtown location of The Bay department store • There was also opposition from some First Nations groups…They were concerned that the Olympics would bring unwanted tourism, and real estate sales to their territory. Violent Protests @ The 2010 Vancouver Olympics

  46. Class Discussion Indian Flag To Fly @ Games After All! Conflict In Syria

  47. 2010 Vancouver…Highlights • Highlights from the Opening Ceremony • Canada’s 1st Gold Medal @ The Games! • John Montgomery win’s GOLD • Canada’s Men’s Curling Team win’s GOLD • Canada’s Men’s Hockey Team win’s GOLD • Canada’s Women’s Hockey Team Win’s GOLD • Canada’s Tragedy, and the most amazing Bronze Medal….Here’s the story! • Highlights from the Closing Ceremony

  48. Canada’s Top Olympians • Canada’s two most decorated Olympians are Speed Skater Cindy Klassen, and 2-sport athlete Clara Hughes • Klassen competed in 3 Olympic Games from 2002-2010…She won 1 gold, and a total of 6 medals • Hughes competed in both Cycling (96 & 00) and Speed Skating (2000-2010) and also won 1 gold medal and a total of 6 medals • Phil Edwards & Marc Gagnon are Canada’s top male Olympians with each winning 5 medals • Gagnon was a short track speed skater who won 3 gold medals between 1996 & 2002 • Edwards participated in the Summer games between 1928 & 1936 winning 5 bronze medals

  49. Other Top Performances • Canada wins Olympic Gold in Men’s Hockey for the first time in 50 years! (2002 – Salt Lake City) • Donovan Bailey Sets World Record in Men’s 100m (1996 – Atlanta) • Do you have an Olympic Memory? Is there one you’ve heard about that you’d like to see?

  50. Terrorism & Violence @ The Olympic Games Unit 1 – Part 3