the code for flappy bird n.
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The Code for Flappy Bird

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The Code for Flappy Bird. By Olivia Tuffs-Moulds. For my. Variables .

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the code for flappy bird
The Code for Flappy Bird

By Olivia Tuffs-Moulds


For my

  • A variable is something that changes. I have programmed my game so that the variables will make the Flappy Bird fly and fall. I have changed my game so that the ‘Velocity’ variable has been lowered to make my character not fly as high, making it easier to get a higher score.
  • A thread is when two actions happen at the same time. In my game, I have programmed it so that both the Flappy Bird and the pipes are visible at the same time. Another example of a thread is that as the Flappy Bird moves along, one pipe disappears and another one appears in a different position.
  • A sequence is where one instruction will be followed by another. An example of a sequence in my game is when the Flappy Bird flaps it’s wings and then it jumps up. This will then continue every time I press the space button.