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the care4myfeet story what it means for you n.
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The Care4myFeet Story & What it means for you PowerPoint Presentation
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The Care4myFeet Story & What it means for you

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The Care4myFeet Story & What it means for you
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The Care4myFeet Story & What it means for you

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  1. The Care4myFeet Story & What it means for you

  2. What is the problem? • Almost everyone spends long hours on their feet on extremely hard surfaces. • Pain in feet, legs, knees, & lower back is common. • Our lives are especially altered as our bodies become more tired & uncomfortable. • Health costs accelerate, accidents occur, work becomes difficult.

  3. What is the real cost? • Our well being, the wellbeing and joy of our family and friends is impacted. • We lose or impair the opportunity to discover & explore new horizons. • Because when we are not healthy and full of energy it deters the activities of our families and friends.

  4. What changes when you use Care4myFeet? • Care4myfeet Stop or Reduce the pain in the ankles, knees and hips. • Fun and activity increases • You do more and hurt less. • Rest comes easy and restores us for another and better day tomorrow. • Medical cost decrease. • Our family and friends aren’t restrictedby our limitations.

  5. Fatigue Reduction • What Care4myFeet Insoles Do: • Make you comfortable through your day which means you feel less fatigue and less lower body pain. How Care4myFeet Work: • “Easy Flow” technology creates a combination of massage, cushioning, and shock reduction.

  6. How Do They Work? • “Easy-Flow” creates a fluid cushion between the feet and the ground. The insoles sustain the impact, provide fluid shock absorption and counteract stress to feet, legs, knees, and lower back. • The “velvet” layer fabric serve as a moisture barrier which helps keep feet cool and comfortable, in addition to giving added cushion and massaging action.

  7. More Features… • Anti-Microbial treated to resist odor and mildew. • Washable in the washing machine. • Non-Toxic pure glycerin. • The insoles are perfect use for use in any dress or casual show and are designed for standing, walking every day; 24/7. • Can be worn on top of regular Orthotics • They are easily removed, they can be interchanged in any shoe, even including open shoes such as flip flops.

  8. How can Care4myFeet benefit you? • Reduction in Your: • Discomfort; due to lower leg & body pain & fatigue • Absence from family fun and good times. • Health costs for Companies & employees • A healthy workforce is more engaged and productive and costs less to insure • Increase in your: • Vitality & Enthusiasm, Morale • Contribution to Quality & Activity of life • Contributes to long term health and well being.

  9. Medical Worker’s Testimony • “I work in a hospital in Covina Ca, which means 8 hours of nonstop walking to each patient’s room. I was delighted at how comfortable they felt on my feet. They actually felt like a foot massage with each step I took. I know as a therapist that back injuries can and do result from poor posture and body mechanics. • Care4myfeet insoles have helped to reduce fatigue and stress on my feet, legs, and lower back so that I can avoid Hip and low back pain. • I highly recommend them to anyone who must walk while at work or who spends extended time on their feet. Tracy W. Therapist, Covina Ca

  10. Mail Carrier’s Testimony What a relief, My wife bought these insoles for me recently.!! Jason Hugh. Perris Ca

  11. Guarantee • Care4myFeet unique replacement guarantee protects you against breakage , Under normal use, for 24 months! We will replace them absolutely FREE! • And with regular cleaning & washing (once a week recommended) they will keep on working for YEARS.