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Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

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Table Of Contents

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  1. Table Of Contents • Slide 1: Title page • Slide 2: Table of Contents • Slides 3-5: Executive Summary • Slides 6-8: Business Description • Slides 9-14: Market Analysis • Slides 15-17: Sales and Marketing • Slides 18-23: Management • Slides 24-26: Financials • Slide 27: Closing

  2. Executive Summary We are in the fast food industry. We will locate our Five Guys on the Golden Strip in Williamsport. Specifically, right behind Buffalo Wild Wings. We are going to locate here due to the large population of Williamsport and Montoursville. This is a very convenient spot to get to for all local customers. There is some competition that will push our business to thrive and succeed, but not too much competition

  3. Executive Summary that the other fast food restaurants will pull away our business. Our products consist of mainly hamburgers and french fries. We also sell hotdogs and various kinds of fountain drinks. To start our Five Guys we need a capital of $150,000. You should invest in our company because we are located in the most ideal spot in the county, we have a lot of potential customers in the area and we are using

  4. Executive Summary our resources as efficiently as possible, which will maximize our profit. With a low capital needed to start our Five Guys and the large amount of potential profit, you won't be disappointed by investing in our company.

  5. Overview of Industry • Five guys is in the burger and fries industry and provides high quality food for a decent price. • Mission Statement: "We are in the business of selling burgers"

  6. Business Description • We are going to be a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) so our personal property is protected and so that we are only taxed once. • We are going to be called "Five Guys Burgers and Fries" • And like it was stated before, we are selling high quality burgers and fries

  7. Five Guys Burgers • When you go to Five Guys you will be eating at one of the top burger joints in the country. • The fresh cut fries and high quality burgers and hot dogs are unmatched throughout the burger industry. • We charge a little on the higher side but give high quality food. A meal can cost around $10-$12.

  8. Customer Profile • Our customers will be the citizens of Williamsport and the surrounding areas. • Everyone loves to eat a fresh, juicy burger and nice, greasy fries, so finding customers won't be the problem.

  9. Market Demographics

  10. Market Demographics

  11. Competition • Wendy's- medium quality and medium price • Burger King- Low quality and low price • McDonald's -Low quality and low price

  12. Labor Availability • The unemployment rate of Williamsport is 6.9% as of June 2014. • We can gain workers from local high school and college students, as well as some of the unemployed adults.

  13. Estimate Sales

  14. Sales and Marketing • Our strategy is to sell a really good, juicy burger on a fresh bun, along with perfect french fries. We aren't going to cut corners or take shortcuts. We are going to treat the customers right, and we believe they will help sell for us. For us, the magic to everything is perfection, if one of our products isn't perfect, we won't sell it. Our channel of distribution is selling our various products in a restaurant/fast food type setting.

  15. Sales and Marketing • Five Guys has their own website to promote and advertise their businesses. We will also be buying a billboard space to advertise for our business. There are available coupons, promo codes, and deals if a person signs up on the Five Guys website. There is also Five Guys app for iPhone and Android. With this app you can find deals and place an order.

  16. Links To Advertisements • •

  17. Shift Manager- Nichole Thomas • Effectively leads the restaurant during a shift to ensure that excellent restaurant operations are consistently achieved • Lead each shift by delegating duties, assigning specific tasks and ensuring team members are prepared for each day • Responsible for the training and development of team members • Contributes to a team environment by recognizing and reinforcing individual and team accomplishments • Follow inventory control procedures and guidelines • Follow operational policy and procedures, including those for cash handling • Safety/security, to ensure the safety of all teams members and guests during each shift • Assist with labor management cost

  18. Shift Manager- Nichole Thomas • Acts with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promotes the culture • Must proficient in each area of the restaurant in order to help where ever needed • Maintain cleanliness and organization throughout the restaurant and ensure proper set up and breakdown of the entire restaurant including dining room, restrooms, kitchen and prep areas • Work as a team to prepare restaurant for each shift • Ability to manage time effectively while meeting all job responsibilities • Maintains a positive work environment for team members and guests during each shift • Greet guest to make them feel welcome and comfortable • Prepare food

  19. Sanitation Manager- Cheyenne Kelch • Designs and directs operation of hygienic projects such as waterworks, sewage, garbage and trash disposal drainage systems, and insect and rodent control. • Directs swamp drainage, insect spraying, and design of insect-proof. • Plan and direct operation of water treatment plant to soften and purify water

  20. Owner/GM- Jacob Umpstead • Establishes restaurant business plan by surveying restaurant demand; conferring with people in the community; identifying and evaluating competitors; preparing financial, marketing, and sales projections, analyses, and estimates. • Meets restaurant financial objectives by developing financing; establishing banking relationships; preparing strategic and annual forecasts and budgets; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions; establishing and monitoring financial controls; developing and implementing strategies to increase average meal checks. • Attracts patrons by developing and implementing marketing, advertising, public and community relations programs; evaluating program results; identifying and tracking changing demands.

  21. Owner/GM- Jacob Umpstead • Maintains patron satisfaction by monitoring, evaluating, and auditing food, beverage, and service offerings; initiating improvements; building relationships with preferred patrons. • Accomplishes restaurant and bar human resource objectives by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and disciplining management staff; communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions; planning and reviewing compensation actions; enforcing policies and procedures. • Maintains safe, secure, and healthy facility environment by establishing, following, and enforcing sanitation standards and procedures; complying with health and legal regulations; maintaining security systems.

  22. Assistant Manager - Ray Farr • The assistant manager has a variety of tasks like the GM, the assistant manager is expected to preform anything the GM ask. They are in control when the GM isn't around. They do things from paperwork to helping in the kitchen.

  23. Financial Risks • There are a variety of many other competing resturants in the area such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Arby's, McDonald's, Hoss's, Olive Garden, Pizza Hut and Red Lobster. • There is the risk of bankruptcy, and not making enough profit to pay off our loans by lack of business due to competition.

  24. Potential Expenses and Capital Requirements • The total investment to open a Five Guys Burgers & Fries is between $152,000 and 360,000, with liquid assets available of $150,000. The franchise fee is $25,000. • Potential expenses are the building, workers, kitchen equipment, goods, security, seating, decor, advertising, electricity, repairs and so on.