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  1. These are a couple pictures of my best friend and I parasailing on our spring break trip last year in Cocoa Beach Florida. We went on my birthday which made it special and it was her first time ever going. When we were deciding how high in the air we wanted to go we figured it was go big or go home. We went the highest amount possible into the air, 800 feet. We all got a life jacket and strapped into a harness, we stepped up onto the platform and got strapped into the sail then phew, into the air we went slowly. The rope got longer and longer. Finally we were up 800 feet in the air just soaring, seeing as far as our eyes would allow us. We were at the maximum height for about 5 minutes then slowly got pulled back in. The captain decided he wanted to dip our feet into the water, the water was cold and of course very salty. Finally, we were pulled onto the platform and were unstrapped. We watched others go into the air and then went back to the docks and had an awesome seafood lunch. I had barbeque, bacon wrapped shrimp with fries and coleslaw. When we were all full from an awesome lunch we went back to our condo and hung out on the beach the rest of the day. We played beach volleyball and went swimming in the ocean until our fingers and toes were pruned. We ended the night by going onto the beach and catching the small white crabs that roamed the beach sand and sharing a bottle of wine sitting out on the patio watching the waves. My Favorite birthday celebration so far!

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