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National Wealth Center PowerPoint Presentation
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National Wealth Center

National Wealth Center

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National Wealth Center

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  1. National Wealth Center Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan Explained Presented by The Ultimate Converting Machine For NWC

  2. Benefits of Reverse 2 Up& National Wealth Center • Instant Commission • You Choose your method of payment • Daily Payouts • Compounding Income • Leveraged Growth

  3. Leverage At Work! A reverse compensation plan uses the power of leverage to help you and your team make money.

  4. How It Works! Join National Wealth Center with a small investment of $25, $50, or $100.

  5. How It Works! For this example we will use “Doris” and she is joining at the $25.00 level. Her job at this point is to become “Fully Qualified” and get four members to join her team.

  6. How It Works! Because of National Wealth Centers great products, services and payout “Doris” quickly finds her 1st team member and is instantly paid $25.00 getting her initial investment back. Time To Start Earning!

  7. How It Works! Doris quickly recruits her 2nd team member who goes to her sponsor. “ The person who referred her to NWC”.

  8. How It Works! Doris now recruits her3rd team member who goes to her. Now she’s in profit mode Profit $25.00 Per Month

  9. How It Works! Doris then recruits her4th team member who goes to her sponsor Profit $25.00 Per Month

  10. How It Works! Doris is now FULLY QUALIFIED! Her membership dues arebeing paid by her 1st referral and she is making a profit at $25.00 Per Month !

  11. How It Works! Since Doris is fully qualified she can refer as many new members as she wants andeach new member will go directly to her since she met her requirements by passing up only “two” to her sponsor.

  12. How It Works! Lets Discuss The POWER OF Leverage And how Passing up two people can turn your small Investment of $25 into Hundreds .

  13. How It Works! REMEMBER THE TWO MEMBERS THAT DORISKEPT? Now they also must become fully qualified by Bringing in 4 people each .

  14. How It Works! TWO of which will go directly to DORIS Since she is their referring Sponsor WOW I just made an Extra $100.00

  15. How It Works! Simply by referring 4 People to the program Doris now has a downline of 6 people and a monthly PROFIT of $125.00…..


  17. How It Works! The 4 New People that Doris has Must also Refer 4 New People to The Program. 2 of which will go to Doris making her even more money!

  18. How It Works! And since Doris is fully qualified she can always refer new members to NWC and they will all go directly to her.

  19. How It Works! This is just at the $25 level. Imagine if you joined at the $50 or even the $100 level

  20. How It Works! The Earning Potential is limitless!

  21. How It Works! Get back to the Person that Introduced you and GET STARTED!

  22. How It Works! Brought to you by The Ultimate Converting Machine For Your National Wealth Center Business