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National Ice Center

The United States’ sole interagency center for operational sea ice analysis and forecasting. National Ice Center. National Ice Center. A Unique National and Navy Asset Leveraging DOC (NOAA), DOT (USCG) and DOD (NAVY) Resources.

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National Ice Center

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  1. The United States’ sole interagency center for operational sea ice analysis and forecasting National Ice Center

  2. National Ice Center • A Unique National and Navy Asset Leveraging DOC (NOAA), DOT (USCG) and DOD (NAVY) Resources • Commerce, Navigation & Asset Management in Alaska, Great Lakes, Ches/Del Bays • RADARSAT Order Desk for NOAA Through NESDIS • Internationally Recognized Role in Antarctic Iceberg Detection &Tracking • Ice Data Analysis & Visualization Supporting Climate Initiatives

  3. U.S.’s Goals for IICWG • Jointly lobby funding agencies for operational applications component to major research efforts • Digital exchange of ice charts in near-real time • Easy access to worldwide Ice Charts through a transparent interface • Continued access to affordable sources of data • Collaborative training programs • Sharing of technology as allowed • Influence international standards for ice chart archiving and metadata creation

  4. New Initiatives at NIC • Products are first vector files, then raster files • .E00 is primary file structure • JPEG of “Egg Chart” and colored Total Thickness • Upgrade of System • Science and Applied Technology Department • Chief Scientist, 3 visiting scientists • Scientific programmer, August 00 • Selection of two new post-docs, Sept. 00 • Computer Based Training • Dedicated effort to convert remainder of legacy data • EWG data released 12-13 Oct at Arctic Council Meeting

  5. Ice 21 JPEG derived from Vector data, customer has a choice GIF chart/static

  6. NIC System Upgrade Objectives • Automatically detect & process incoming raster and vector data • Provide analysts with a completely integrated remote sensing and GIS package • Facilitate the transition of R&D products • Develop data model • Move to user defined products (dynamic vice static) • Three phases, Ingest, Analysis, Distribution

  7. MY FY NI OW UN SAR segmentation and attribute extraction Ancillary data Dempster- Shafer classification Application of rules ARKTOS

  8. Healy Validation Cruises JPL Ku-band radar JPL Polarimetric C-band radar 1.On ice measurements (along track and by helicopter) 2. Backscatter from C- and Ku-band radars 3. Brightness temperature from multi- channel radiometer Cruises scheduled for 2001-2005 CIS multi-channel radiometer

  9. QuikScat Polar Images H pol Daily and twice-daily images are being operationally produced

  10. Legacy Data:From Paper to Digits • Mission Planning • Operations • Long Term Climate • Monitoring • Arctic Research • Programs 7.5 man-years to convert remainder of the data

  11. Standards Bodies (ECDIS & ECDIS-N) Civil Mariners - S57 format IHO Marine Information Objects WG IHO Colors & Symbols WG IHO Transfer Standard Maintenance & Applications Development WG Committee for Hydrographic Requirements for Information Systems Committee Neil Guy International Electrotechnical Commission (approval for display testing) International Maritime Organization (adopted IHO standards & will reflect changes) US DoD ECDIS standards - VPF format Oceanographer of the Navy National Imagery & Mapping Agency for mapping standards All U.S military services NATO - WECDIS

  12. Standards Bodies (Ice Codes) Ice Standards Subgroup on Sea Ice JCOMM Technical Commission WMO/IOC WMO Executive Council makes recommendation to Congress WMO Congress Adopts Standards and changes regulations

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