vocabulary week 7
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Vocabulary Week 7

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Vocabulary Week 7. Word 1: Impersonate Def: To pretend to be someone else Sent: A student got on the school speakers and impersonated Principal Miller saying school was closed immediately .

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Word 1: ImpersonateDef: To pretend to be someone elseSent: A student got on the school speakers and impersonated Principal Miller saying school was closed immediately.
Word 2: BleakDef: Situation that has no hope or happiness, or a place that is cold and unpleasantSent: The situation forPrincipal Miller was verybleak as students ran out the doors.
Word 3: AggressiveDef: angry and ready to fight or argue, attacking and determined to winSent: Principal Miller aggressively tried to keep the students from leaving school.
Word 4: SmolderDef: To burn without flameSent: Outside Principal Miller’s carsmolderedfrom being set fire the day before.
Word 5: EnchantingDef: To delight and charm Sent: Within two years Jones High school had gone from an enchantingplace to pure chaos.
Word 6: AssociateDef: To be connected in some way or to make a connection between two thingsSent: Parents associatedall the problems to when Principal Miller started working there.
Word 7: ImmenseDef: Extremely largeSent: The troubles for Principal Miller were immense, and he thought about quitting.
Word 8: LabyrinthDef: A complex maze to go throughSent: Principal Miller’s life was now a difficult labyrinth that he might not possibly make through.
Word 9: GraduallyDef: To move in a slow but steady paceSent: Things had graduallygotten worse at school andwere now ata breaking point.
Word 10: Menacing / MenaceDef: Actions, person or ideas that are dangerous and threateningSent:Students were giving Principal Miller menacinglooks as he walked by.
Word 11: GloatDef: To show in an overly proud, arrogant way about being successfulSent: Students gloated in the hallways that they were running the school.
Word 12: HeaveDef: To pull, lift, or throw with great effortSent: Students rebelliously heavedPrincipal Miller’s desk out the window.
Word 13: CherishDef: To love and take care ofSent: Principal Millercherished the days when he was a mere teacher with simple problems.
Word 14: AdvocateDef: To speak in favor of somethingSent: Every student and teacher advocateda change and that Principal Miller should resign.
Word 15:WretchedDef: A very bad conditionSent: Principal Miller was now in awretched situation and quickly fell into depression.
Word 16: JeerDef: To laugh and shout in a mocking waySent: Principal Miller began to bejeeredand laughed at by students from outside his office window.
Word 17: SolitaryDef: To be or do aloneSent: Principal Miller became a solitaryman who never left his office.
Word 18: LividDef: Very angrySent: Principal Miller waslivid to find out they had now burnt down his house.
Word 19: RummageDef: To search carelessly for somethingSent: Principal Miller rummaged through the remains of his house hoping to find his cup.
Word 20: DeteriorateDef: To slowly become worseSent: Principal Miller’s life had to deterioratedto pure misery, so he finally quit.