interactivity principle l.
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Interactivity Principle

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Interactivity Principle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interactivity Principle. “People learn better when they can control the pace of presentation than when they receive a continuous presentation.”. “Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll understand. ” -Proverb. It’s Good to Listen to Old Proverbs.

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interactivity principle

Interactivity Principle

“People learn better when they can control the pace of presentation than when they receive a continuous presentation.”

cool pacing control
Cool! Pacing Control
  • Studies have shown that allowing learners to control the pace of WBL programs can improve learning.

Sweet! Now this presentation is officially “Interactivity principle” compliant!

pacing is for losers give me some examples
Pacing is for LosersGive Me Some Examples
  • Let’s learn how to say “good night” in Japanese


piece of cake right
Piece of Cake Right?
  • So can you say “good night” in Japanese now?
  • I bet you’d be better at it if you could go back and repeatedly listen to it.
  • So looks like letting the learner interact by controlling pace really can help learning after all you unbeliever!
but isn t there more to wbl and interactivity than pacing
But isn’t There More to WBL and Interactivity than Pacing?
  • Interpersonal Interactivity
    • Support for distributed cognition
  • Content Interactivity
    • Dimensions (Sims, Roderick. Interactivity: A Forgotten Art?. [Online] Available, January 27, 1997.)
      • Engagement (instruction versus navigation)
      • Control (user versus program)
      • Concept (reactive, proactive, immersive)
some examples
Some Examples
  • Navigation
    • Linear
    • Branching
    • Open
  • Feedback
    • Assessment and remediation
    • Update and individualize content
some cool examples
Some Cool Examples
  • Simulation
  • Immersion

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now for the excellent and highly interactive assessment
Now for the Excellent and Highly Interactive Assessment

Please answer the following questions:

  • What is the meaning of the “interactivity principle”?
  • Is it useful relative to WBL? Justify your answer.

Unfortunately the super AI program used to synchronously analyze assessment question responses and dynamically adjust the presentation to be perfectly inline with the learner’s current needs is experiencing technical difficulties due mainly in part to it’s non-existence.