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People to People- Life at the Gym.

People to People- Life at the Gym. Bernie, Ben, Kristy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv1DkpEa3TA&feature= youtu.be. Development of the task .

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People to People- Life at the Gym.

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  1. People to People- Life at the Gym. Bernie, Ben, Kristy

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv1DkpEa3TA&feature=youtu.be

  3. Development of the task • Research- key point to making a successful documentary, research was fairly easy for us as we had a genuine website to refer to and inside knowledge of the gym itself due to Ben previously working there • Planning- storyboarding, we wanted to make sure we kept Sarah as our main focus for the shoot whilst still getting many visuals of varied shots of people working out to keep the audience engaged.

  4. Main focus- our main focus was to centre the documentary around Sarah, the story of how she had made something of herself and how she operates in the gym, what activities she does and how important she is in running the company • Preparation for shooting- creating a list of questions prior to the filming so we had a focus for our documentary

  5. Shooting- we were pleased with the shots we got, we all really liked how the interview shot came out, using redheads as lighting really helped create a professional and neat shot. We tried to get as many shots of people using the gym equipment as possible and even had Ben’s friend and gym employee join us and work out so we could get plenty of good shots. We also incorporated still images whilst having the interview still playing in the background, we felt this worked well in keeping the footage interesting.

  6. Feedback- we were told to focus the film on different shots of people working out in order to keep our audience engaged. • Editing- we felt it was important to show lots of different shots while the interview was playing, and liked how this looked when playing it back. • Overall outcome- we are satisfied with the outcome of the documentary.

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