west virginia title i online document storage a work in progress n.
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West Virginia Title I Online Document Storage A work in progress… PowerPoint Presentation
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West Virginia Title I Online Document Storage A work in progress…

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West Virginia Title I Online Document Storage A work in progress… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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West Virginia Title I Online Document Storage A work in progress…. https:// wvde.state.wv.us/apps/sig-data-collection/login.php. Common Documentation Issues. LEA Level Issues: Time and Effort- Frequently, time and effort documentation does not correspond with payroll.

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west virginia title i online document storage a work in progress

West Virginia Title I Online Document StorageA work in progress…


common documentation issues
Common Documentation Issues

LEA Level Issues:

  • Time and Effort- Frequently, time and effort documentation does not correspond with payroll.
    • Quality Control Suggestion: Review time and effort documentation each quarter to ensure that it reflects payroll and what is approved in your budget.
  • Inventory – Many times inventory documentation doesn’t include all of the required pieces (i.e. date and signature of individual conducting the inventory.)
    • Quality Control Suggestion: Ensure all inventory forms have the required components (refer to 7.5 in the LEA monitoring document). Ensure that inventory forms include the dated signature of individuals conducting the inventory.
common documentation issues1
Common Documentation Issues

LEA Level Documentation Issues Continued:

  • Contracts -Many times contracts and invoices don’t include all of the required items.
      • Quality Control Suggestion: Review contracts to ensure they include the following items:
        • Description of services, including the location at which services will be provided
        • Number of days of contracted service
        • Total cost of all services described in the agreement
        • Federal grant project code matching the county budget from which the services will be paid
        • Appropriate signatures from both entities
common documentation issues2
Common Documentation Issues

School level documentation issues:

  • Sign in sheets- Frequently sign in sheets are missing from agendas and minutes.(Data analysis, strategic planning, professional development)
  • Agendas, minutes, and sign in sheets are not organized together within filing system.
  • PK and Kindergarten consultation is not being documented. (i.e agendas, minutes, sign in sheets)
  • PD on working with parents – evidence of training to staff members on how to reach out, communicate, and work with parents is lacking.
  • Parent involvement policy – evidence of how parents are selected/invited to participate in the planning, review and improvement of the Title I program and parent involvement policy.
hqs login page
HQS – Login Page

Enter your WebTop User Name & Password to access the site

Click Submit

navigating the home page
Navigating the Home Page



Navigation Menu


When Logged In, ensure this is you. **Also, always remember to log out to protect your information**


Click to view Standards & Functions

Click to view Evidence Examples



Click to view the Rubrics

navigating the standards
Navigating the Standards


Navigate the Standards from the drop down menu


Or, Navigate the Standards from the Home Page

uploading evidence
Uploading Evidence


Select the Standard you want to upload Evidence

uploading evidence1
Uploading Evidence

Click Submit



Select the Function


uploading evidence2
Uploading Evidence


Click Browse…This will allow you to select files, just like attaching to email

*You can upload Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, JPEG, and PNG files


Add a description of the file you are uploading…

**The system will not upload the file without a description.**


Click Add Evidence…This will file your Evidence within the selected Standard’s file

reviewing evidence
Reviewing Evidence


To review what you have uploaded or to view examples from others, Click Evidence

reviewing your evidence
Reviewing Your Evidence

The numbers in (_) tell you how many pieces of Evidence have been uploaded for each Function



Here you can track, amend, or delete your Evidence

Click any Function to review the files that have been uploaded


reviewing other s evidence
Reviewing Other’s Evidence


When reviewing Examples, you can read their Comments, as well as Save their files for use in your school.

work in progress
Work in Progress…

West Virginia Title I On-Line Documentation

West Virginia Title I

School wide Monitoring Standards

1. Components of a Schoolwide Program

2. Development of the Schoolwide Plan

3. Highly Qualified Staff

4. Professional Development

5. Parent Involvement

6. ***School Improvement ***


West Virginia Title I

Schoolwide Monitoring Standards


Evidence for ABC School

3. Highly Qualified Staff

3.1a The principal ensures the assignments of paraprofessionals are in accordance with §1119(g) and all paraprofessionals are working under direct supervision of a highly qualified teacher. (3 Files Uploaded)

3.2 The principal annually attests in writing for compliance with HQ requirements. §1119(i)(2 Files Uploaded)

3.3 The School staff annually notifies the parents of each student that they may request information regarding the professional qualifications of the student’s classroom teacher. §1119(h)(6)(A).(2 Files Uploaded)

4. Professional Development

4.1 (6 Files Uploaded)

4.2 (3 Files Uploaded)

work in progress1
Work in Progress…

What suggestions do you have?

10 minute activity

Discuss with your table components of the new system. What do you like and what would like to see added and/or changed. Appoint a spoke person to provide feedback.


Suggestions from the field:





Thank You

Ryan Saxe


Twitter Feed: @ryansaxe