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  1. GENESIS • PART FOUR • book of beginnings • god as creator • man made in god’s image • (“I am”, omniscient, creator, work,communication, love, sovereign,holiness, family)

  2. GENESIS PART FOUR Book Of Beginnings God As Creator Man Made in God’s Image (“I am”, omniscient, creator, work,communication, love, sovereign,holiness, family)



  5. OTHER CULTURES GREEK: Apollo, Hercules, Achilles EGYPT: Horus INDIA: Krishna MEXICO: Teotl SCANDINAVIA: Thor, Yggasdral (Tree of Life)

  6. CAIN AND ABEL Biblical Principle: “First the natural, then the spiritual” (1 Cor 15:46). OFFERINGS ACCEPTABLE TO GOD CAIN KILLED ABEL, HIS BROTHER CAIN’S PUNISHMENT CAIN’S DESCENDANTS

  7. CAIN AND ABELABEL AS A TYPE OF CHRIST • Abel was a shepherd who presented his offering to God. • Abel’s offering was a firstborn animal, and accepted by God. • He was hated by his brother through no fault of his own. • He did not die a natural death, but met with violent death at the hand of his brother. • After his death, his blood cried out to God.

  8. SETH Abel’s death hammered home to Adam and Eve the full implication of their own sin. The one they thought would be the Messiah, the Redeemer who would clean up their mess, was not to be. When Eve gave birth (at age 130 – Genesis 5:3) to another son, she named him Seth [substitute] for she thought that this might be the Messiah.

  9. ADAM’S GENEALOGY • ADAM (Hebrew: ruddy, red, rosy – from the soil from which he was made). • ADAM – a man in God’s image – was a good copy of his maker/father. • His son was born in his image – tarnished copies of a damaged father. • Adam’s descendants were imperfect, mortal, sinful and corrupt.

  10. ADAM 130 WHEN SETH WAS BORN 920 WHEN HE DIED Fourth oldest man ever to live.

  11. SETH Hebrew: “Substitute” Eve possibly believing Seth to be the promised Messiah. (Hebrew “Messiah” = Greek “Christ”)

  12. SETH • YEARS OLD WHEN ENOS WAS BORN 912 WHEN HE DIED (112 years after Adam)

  13. ENOS Hebrew: “Mortal” or “Frail” During his lifetime mankind began to call on God – probably out of desperation for the growing wickedness.

  14. ENOS 90 WHEN CAINAN WAS BORN 905 WHEN HE DIED (210 years after Adam)

  15. CAINAN Hebrew: “Acquisition” or “Possessing” 70 WHEN MAHALALEEL WAS BORN 910 WHEN HE DIED (305 years after Adam)

  16. MAHALALEEL Hebrew: “Who is like God” or “The praise of God” 65 WHEN JARED WAS BORN 895 WHEN HE DIED (360 years after Adam)

  17. JARED Hebrew: “Will descend” 162 WHEN ENOCH WAS BORN 962 WHEN HE DIED (492 years after Adam) Second oldest man ever to live.

  18. ENOCH Hebrew: “Teaching” • One of two people who the Bible records as having “walked with God” – other is Noah. • One of two people who went to heaven without dying – other is Elijah.

  19. ENOCH The only man of whom it is recorded that he pleased God (Hebrews 11:5). One of a small group of antediluvians who denounced the wickedness of the evil people around him (Jude 14, 15). What caused him to be so different?

  20. ENOCH • 65 WHEN METHUSELAH WAS BORN • After this, he walked with God for 300 years. • WHEN TAKEN BY GOD INTO HEAVEN (57 years after Adam’s death) • Enoch symbolises those of the church who are still living when Jesus returns in judgement on the • earth – they will be taken up [alive] to heaven • (1 Thessalonians 4:16,17).

  21. METHUSELAH Hebrew: “When he dies, it will happen” or, “He shall bring it by his death” No doubt Enoch was warned by God that He would destroy the world – and He would do it when Enoch’s little baby died!

  22. METHUSELAH 187 WHEN LAMECH WAS BORN It seems he had serious doubts about the merits of having children. 243 WHEN ADAM DIED! Adam’s story could have been told to Methuselah, who passed it on to Noah.

  23. METHUSELAH 969 WHEN HE DIED (the oldest man ever to live) A testimony of God’s grace, allowing man ample time to repent. He died in the year 1656 (after Adam).

  24. LAMECH Hebrew: “Destruction” 182 WHEN NOAH WAS BORN Also a very long time before a child appears. 777 WHEN HE DIED, IN THE YEAR 1651, five years before his son Methuselah. He is the only antediluvian to die before his son.

  25. NOAH Hebrew: “Rest” or “Comfort” Born in 1056 AA, 126 after Adam’s death and when Methuselah was 369. 500 years old when Japheth is born. Later Shem, and finally Ham, are also born.

  26. NOAH 600 YEARS OLD WHEN THE FLOOD CAME, IN THE YEAR 1656. METHUSELAH DIED IN 1656. It is possible that the flood started the day Methuselah died.

  27. ANTEDILUVIAN AGES Some critics believe that these 900+ ages are not true years, as we know them, and believe that every 9 or 10 of their years equals only 1 of ours. This would mean that children were born to men who were less than 10 years old! Enos – about 9 Cainan – about 7 Enoch – about 6 or 7




  31. CHRIST IN ADAM’S GENEALOGY 1 Chronicles 1:1-4, when read as a sentence translated into English: “A man in God’s image, a substitute, mortal, an acquisition, none other than God, will descend, teaching, and will bring by his death, destruction, and rest to the weary.”

  32. ANTEDILUVIANS CIVILISATION CLIMATE • Very different from today. • A covering of water above was separated from the water below (oceans) by a division of the atmosphere. • The water above may have been in vapour form (clouds) or in solid form (ice crystals). • Possible that the sun and moon had never been seen – their first mention is in Genesis 15.(Genesis 1 mentions two “great lights”.)

  33. ANTEDILUVIAN CIVILISATION CLIMATE • This water covering above the atmosphere would have created a tropical earth all over the earth – a permanent greenhouse effect where plants grew very quickly. • Some animals have been found at the North Pole, frozen by a sudden catastrophe while eating, with food in their mouths and stomach that is tropical in origin.

  34. ANTEDILUVIAN CIVILISATION CLIMATE Experiments done in a simulated environment produced the following results: • Some reptiles lived up to 13 times longer. • Wounds and cuts healed faster. • Animals grew to a much larger size at maturity.

  35. ANTEDILUVIAN CIVILISATION THE PEOPLE With such a climate comes increased longevity, with the following consequences; • Overpopulation: lifespan of 900+ yearsestimate of population in 1656 years is 4 billion • Knowledge: long time (over 900 years) to learn; one language and culture; produces extremely intelligent, civilised society

  36. ANTEDILUVIAN CIVILISATION LEGENDS Many legends from ancient past deal with mighty heroes who were “immortal”, eg. Atlantis. These could have been distortions of the real people carried through the flood by the survivors (Noah’s family).

  37. ANTEDILUVIAN CIVILISATION SONS OF GOD There are 2 schools of thought: • Righteous descendants of Seth. • Fallen Angels (cf Job 1:6, 2:1). Offspring were giants. Fallen angels’ sin is linked to Sodom and Gomorrah (Jude 6, 7) and to Noah’s flood (1 Peter 2:4-7). This is part of Satan’s plan to stop the Messiah.

  38. NOAH • Noah “found grace” in God’s eyes(Genesis 6:8). • This comes shortly after we are told that the entireearth is corrupt (Genesis 6:5) – so much so that God chooses to destroy every living creature.

  39. NOAH Noah was “perfect”. Hebrew “tamim” means “without blemish” or “uncontaminated”.

  40. NOAH • Noah walked with God! • No doubt he knew about the prophecy of Enoch, his great grandfather, and the reason for Methuselah’s name, and also his own name (“will bring rest and comfort”). • Then God spoke to Noah and faith was his response (Hebrews 11:7).

  41. NOAH • Noah trusted God in the most difficult times. • When he was 500 he started a family. • Japheth, then Ham, then Shem. • Shem is often mentioned first because it is through his line that the Messiah is traced.

  42. NOAH How long did it take Noah to build the ark? Some believe 100 years. He was 500 when his three sons are mentioned (Genesis 5:32), And then God told him to build an ark(Genesis 6:10-14). He was 600 years old when the flood came (Genesis 7:6).

  43. NOAH How long did it take Noah to build the ark? Some believe 120 years. God says He will give man a further 120 years to repent (Genesis 6:3). 100 or 120? It was a long time and a huge undertaking!

  44. THE ARK Dimensions of the ark (Genesis 6:14-16): 300 cubits (135m) long 50 cubits (22,5m) wide 30 cubits (13,5m) high Three decks: floor area about 10 000m2. Fully loaded – displaced about 14 000 tons of water. Window: 50cm x 50cm in the roof. Door: built in the side.

  45. THE ARK Made of “gopher” wood – a wood of uncertain meaning. Contained many “cages” or “rooms”. Had to be sealed inside and outside with a waterproofing pitch. Hebrew for “sealed” (Genesis 6:15) is “kapher”, which means “cover” and which in every other place in the OT is translated “make atonement”.

  46. THE ARK HOUSING THE ANIMALS • Birds, “cattle” and creeping things which breathed air (Genesis 6:20) were to enter the ark. • Two of the unclean (male and female), and • Seven (or seven pairs) of the clean (Genesis 7:2) • Seven (or seven pairs) of the birds (Genesis 7:3). • The reason for 7 of the clean was that these were used for sacrifice and would, after the flood, be used as food.

  47. THE ARK FOOD Noah was instructed to take enough food into the ark (Genesis 7:21) – for his family and the animals. This implies he knew approximately how long they would be in the ark. Genesis 8:1: “God ‘remembered’ Noah and the animals” implies “cared for”, which may have involved a type of hibernation for many of the animals.

  48. THE ARK THE ANIMALS • Noah did not have to hunt down the animals. When the ark was finished, God sent them all to him (Genesis 6:20, 7:8-9). • It is possible that at that stage there was just one continent, and that our present continents formed during or shortly after the flood.

  49. THE ARK CARRYING CAPACITY • Approximately 522 railway stock cars. • US taxonomist Ernst Mayr lists 17 600 species (i.e. about 35 000 animals) of reptiles, birds, insects and mammals required to be saved. • Average size, so Mayr claims, is about that of a sheep. • These could be accommodated in 146 railway trucks, leaving ample space for food, exercise, living room, etc.