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Economics Senior Seminar PowerPoint Presentation
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Economics Senior Seminar

Economics Senior Seminar

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Economics Senior Seminar

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  1. Writing Tips Economics Senior Seminar

  2. Avoid he/she with plurals • With many distractions outside of school, succeeding in the classroom can be difficult, but a student can improve the way he/she learns by setting goals, creating a calendar with important dates, maximizing their study time, removing distractions in their study space, and being active outside the classroom. • Students can improve the way they learn …

  3. Ask the Question • In a challenging academic environment like Centre College, it is imperative that meticulous study habits be practiced to ensure a good grade point average.  (Is Centre an environment?) • Because the environment at an academic institution like Centre College is challenging, it is imperative …. • OR • In the challenging academic environment of Centre College,

  4. Is it easy to follow? • A fact to keep in mind is that the schedule must be practical in which goals are achievable. • Devise a practical schedule and set achievable goals.

  5. Avoid very, really, kind of, sort of, a lot • Time management may seem very basic, but for multitudes of people it is one of the hardest concepts to grasp.

  6. Try reorganizing • Defining your personal learning style, evaluating your strengths and weaknesses as well as mapping out your schedule and executing effective study skills will allow you to stay sharp in and out of the classroom. • To stay sharp in and out of the classroom: (1) define your personal learning style; (2) evaluate your strengths and weaknesses; (3) map out your schedule, and execute effective study skills.

  7. Insert commas between words that could have “and” between them •  I’m easily distracted, so the only environment that I can succeed in is a quiet controlled atmosphere such as an empty room or the corner of the library. • If I reversed the order of the adjectives, would the meaning change? If I placed ‘and’ between them, would that alter the meaning or make it sound awkward? If not, use a comma.

  8. Start a new paragraph when you start writing about a new idea • What is the optimal study strategy? For the past four years I have done everything in my power to find my personal strategy for success at Centre. In my experience, the most effective way to achieve a solid grade point average starts in the classroom. It is of the utmost importance, therefore, that I take detailed and complete notes of every lecture. After class is dismissed, repetition is key; it is important to copy the day’s notes to my laptop or into another notebook to sharpen the notes up a bit and to refresh my memory of the most recent lecture. Along with taking notes in class, it is important to read and take thorough notes on the night’s reading assignment. Studying, for me, is often easier and more efficient if a classmate is alongside me learning the same material. Any questions I may have can be posed to my study partner and he/she, in return, may ask questions as well. The opportunity to ask and answer questions with a study partner is an excellent way to comprehend the information. Another useful tool that I will try my best to maximize this semester is the use of index cards. Putting terms and their respective definitions on index cards and then reviewing them time and time again is an excellent way to learn the necessary items. Not only is it imperative to take thorough notes and study them frequently, it is also vital that I meet with my professors as often as possible to clear up any concerns I may have.

  9. Avoid Repetition • Of all the skills required of any competent university student, the ability to employ successful study strategies is undoubtedly the most critical capability one must possess. … Of all the elements of successful studying, the setting is arguably the most critical factor.

  10. Tighten up • When taking a test or giving a presentation, it is important for the student to adequately prepare his or herself in order to ensure success. • When taking a test or giving a presentation, adequate preparation will ensure success.

  11. Double Check Common Phrases • First, upon being presented with new information in a class lecture, it would be who of me to revise the material before each and every class in order to have my mind in the right place. (behoove)

  12. Commas Go Inside Quotation Marks • I hurry through the work just so I can get it “done”, and the results are usually sub-par. • “done,”

  13. Enlist Help with Proofreading • This process allows me give extra attention to the sections that I do not fully understand without excluding the text that I feel familiar with. • First of all, as a saying said, interest is the best teacher.

  14. Be Careful about Agreement • However, there is only 24 hours a day so their difference is how to use time to balance the college life efficiently. • the mind and body adapts

  15. Catch Typos • although work is sometimes done during the day.. Even though I do not allocate

  16. More Typos • For these classes, I will use note cards to write down important idea, dates, and people, and memorize them that way. • It is almost impossible to study if you room is so messy you keep losing things.

  17. Insert Commas Where You Would Naturally Pause • I am a slow reader who has trouble focusing so I typically fall behind in this department in every class.

  18. Refine, polish, tighten • Now this may seem like a somewhat obvious key to learning success, but I would guess that the majority of the time a student does not perform as well academically as he or she would like, the reason could probably be traced back to a lack of necessary time commitment.

  19. Refine, polish, tighten Now this may seem like a somewhat obvious key to learning success, but I would guess that the majority of the time a student does not perform as well academically as he or she would like, the reason could probably be traced back to a lack of necessary time commitment. This may seem obvious, but few students perform as well academically as they would like,1 in part because they don’t study enough.