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Teacher Education Unit

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Teacher Education Unit. Proposed TEC By-Laws - Overview December 3, 2012. Overview - Teacher Education Council By-laws. Current By-Laws Purposes Governance Responsibility & Limitations Meetings Amendments Voting. Proposed By-Laws Preamble Membership Committee Structure

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Teacher Education Unit

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teacher education unit

Teacher Education Unit

Proposed TEC By-Laws - Overview

December 3, 2012

overview teacher education council by laws
Overview - Teacher Education Council By-laws

Current By-Laws

  • Purposes
  • Governance
  • Responsibility & Limitations
  • Meetings
  • Amendments
  • Voting

Proposed By-Laws

  • Preamble
  • Membership
  • Committee Structure
  • Elections & Appointments

(The proposed version loosely follows the SUNY Buffalo State College Senate format.)

preamble proposed
Preamble (Proposed)

The Buffalo State College Teacher Education Unit (TEU) establishes these By-Laws to describe the membership, structure and functions of the Teacher Education Council (TEC) comprised of representatives from teacher education faculty and staff as part of the governance structure of the Unit….

tec membership
TEC Membership


One representative per department

Unit Head

Ex-officio members


The composition of the TEC shall include …

The Unit Head is the central administrative governance structure mandated for NCATE accreditation. …

Faculty - TEU: The TEU is comprised of all full and part time faculty and staff in academic departments …

TEC -Representatives: Faculty representatives on the TEC shall be elected from the membership of the TEU to serve a two-term, in accordance with Article IV of these by-laws.

Executive Council - The TEC Executive Committee (TEC-EC) facilitates the work of the TEC. …

P-12 Professional Partner School Members - A representative of the Buffalo State Teacher Education Unit Professional Advisory Council (TEUPAC)…

Student Members – Two student representatives, …

committee structure
Committee Structure



Membership. …

There shall be five (5) standing committees:



Field Experiences

Policy Review

Program and Faculty Resource

Membership on TEC committees will be open to all TEU members. The term for standing committee membership is two years.

Set by TEC Chair

Parity between school representation set by TEC Chair

functions of the standing committees
Functions of the Standing Committees


Assessment/Accreditation Committee. The Assessment/Accreditation Committee is charged with making recommendations to ensure the continuous improvement of programs and activities in the TEU for which unit-wide assessment and data collection activities provide important information.…

Communications Committee. The Communications Committee is charged to ensure transparent, meaningful, and ongoing communication across all constituents of the TEU.

Field Experiences Committee. The Field Experiences Committee is charged to provide TEU oversight of field and clinical experiences in the teacher and leader education programs in the Unit. …

Policy Review Committee. The Policy Review Committee is charged to examine the impact of college and academic policies and practices on curriculum, programs, faculty and staff in the TEU….

Faculty Development Committee. The Program and Faculty Resource Committee is charged to seek resources that provide guidance on state regulations and accreditation, faculty research and grant opportunities and professional development….

Current Functions set by TEC Chair

elections appointments
Elections & Appointments


The election of sixteen (16) TEC faulty representatives will occur prior to the final (May) TEC meeting each spring. …

Representatives will be elected to two-year terms. During the first election, candidates with the greatest number of votes will be elected to two-year terms, those with fewer votes will be elected to one year terms. Based upon program enrollment, each school will elect the following number of representatives:

School of Education – 8

School of Arts and Humanities – 4

School of the Natural and Social Sciences – 3

School of the Professions – 1

The election of the executive committee will occur at the final (May) TEC meeting each spring. All four executive committee positions (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, At-Large) will be elected each year for a term of a single year….

The election of committee chairs will occur at the first (September) TEC meeting each fall. Each committee chair will be elected from the TEC voting membership; membership on all committees is open to all TEU faculty and staff. Representative participation by TEU members across programs will be encouraged….


One faculty representative per department with education programs.

overview tec by laws continued
Overview – TEC By-laws (Continued)

Review & Comment Period

  • original and revised (proposed) by-laws posted on TEU website
  • a brief podcast addressing salient changes
  • anonymous survey (via TaskStream)
  • feedback to TEC representatives (discussion February 2013)
by laws committee 2012 2013
By-Laws Committee (2012-2013)

A special thank you to the 2012 committee members:

Shannon Budin

Kevin Miller

Mark Warford

Joseph Zawicki (Chair)

Questions? Comments? zawickjl@buffalostate.edu