Who is ayatollah khomeini
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Who is Ayatollah Khomeini ? . Learn about Khomeini, his childhood, his background, his beliefs, and what he did to change his country and the world. Ruth Kintzele. Who is he?. Background/Childhood.

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Who is ayatollah khomeini
Who is Ayatollah Khomeini ?

Learn about Khomeini, his childhood, his background, his beliefs, and what he did to change his country and the world

Ruth Kintzele

Background childhood

Who is he?


Led the famous Iranian Revolution in 1979, and became Supreme religious leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • Born in Mashhad in 1939

  • Began religious study before completing elementary school.

  • Took many classes taught by masters of “Sath” and “Kharej” from a young age, all the way into adulthood.

  • Involved in the Islamic activities of 1963 and was arrested in the city of Birjand.

  • He was released after a short time and went on to teach in religious schools and hold Nahaj-ul-Balagheh lessons in different Mosques.

  • Was arrested again in 1974 by the secret police of Shah, to be released in 1975, where he was no longer aloud to hold his classes.

  • His father was murdered when he was only five years old

  • Lively and vivacious, he excelled in sports and academics


  • He thought that by weakening religious powers to take them out of government affairs, they were leaving its Islamic roots and values behind and he did not like that.

  • He also believed that Jews would take over Iran and that the U.S considered all Iranians to be little more than slaves to America’s Western ideals.

  • He developed a theory of what a state founded on Islamic principles and led by the clergy would look like. He taught this theory at a local Islamic school and began making videotapes of his sermons.


  • Some impacts that he made include the Guardianship of Islamic jurists and establishment of an Islamic government in Iran.

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