the dawn of a new era in real estate n.
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The Dawn Of A New Era In Real Estate

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The Dawn Of A New Era In Real Estate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Dawn Of A New Era In Real Estate. Devine Real Estate Solutions. Mission. Devine Real Estate Solutions goal: Is to provide our clients, the best quality of service. We will be the most effective Real Estate Consulting Firm in the world. Out with The Old, In with The New!.

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the dawn of a new era in real estate

The Dawn Of A New Era In RealEstate

Devine Real Estate Solutions

  • Devine Real Estate Solutions goal: Is to provide our clients, the best quality of service. We will be the most effective Real Estate Consulting Firm in the world.
out with the old in with the new
Out with The Old, In with The New!
  • Devine Real Estate Solutions was formed to correct the numerous errors that lead to the housing woes, plus produce a smoother business model.
  • We have a model that is based on education and implementation of our unique process.
  • Our model will enhance the overall Real Estate outlook, on a local, national, and global scale.
our strategic partnership platform
Our Strategic Partnership Platform
  • Devine Real Estate Solutions uses our strategic partnerships to provide our clients with a seemless transition in the Real Estate process. This model will be the new blueprint in the industry.
  • We will use this platform to host New Home Buyers Workshops/ Seminars, this will benefit our clients and give them clarity on each sector of the Real Estate process.
d r e s our strategic partners
D.R.E.S. - Our Strategic Partners!
  • Mortgage Brokers/Bankers
  • Builders/Developers
  • Real Estate Brokers/Agents
  • Title Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Halo America L.L.C.
  • Energy/Tech Companies
  • Real Estate Funding Companies/Investors ETC…
consulting services
Consulting Services
  • Devine Real Estate Solutions will provide our clients with state of the art consulting services.
  • We will help bring qualified buyers, who will have a down payment, to Real Estate Brokers/Agents, Investors, Flippers, Developers and Builders.
  • Our detailed program will guide our clients through the transition from renting to owning a home. Plus how we can help OUR Investors, Flippers, Developers and Builders as well.
  • Each client who goes through our program, we will have their financial house in order, and be educated on all of the advantages of being a homeowner. Our Investors, Flippers, Developers and Builders, will have HELP on building there company with us also.
resolving credit issues
Resolving Credit Issues
  • As we all know, credit is a major issue for millions of American’s, many Real Estate transactions come to an abrupt close, due to the clients or companies low credit rating.
  • Many individuals lose faith in the American dream of owning a home, due to stricter regulations, and credit hurdles. This includes our real estate companies as well.
  • Devine Estate Solutions and Strategic Partner, Halo America, has a total solution for our clients credit challenges.
credit evolution and development s forensic credit auditing program
Credit Evolution and Development’s Forensic Credit Auditing Program
  • Their program is quite different than a “Credit Repair” operation. They are a specialized team of individuals exclusive to HALO that performs actual audits on your credit reports. (Experian, Transunion, Equifax).
  • What is rarely taught to the public is that not only credit bureaus have to be compliant to federally given rights that you have but also creditors and collections agencies and any company that reports information whether positive or negative!
control your own asset program
Control Your Own Asset Program

Devine Real Estate Solutions provides our clients with an incredible housewarming gift. Through this program, the new home owner is shown the formula on how to pay their mortgage off in half the time, this is an huge benefit for our clients. This service is powered by Halo.

devine real estate solutions g c information
Devine Real Estate Solutions – G.C. Information!!

Devine Real Estate Solutions has several outstanding General Contractors, who have over 20 years in the industry. Having this relationship will enhance our clients overall home buying experience.

We can give our clients a custom home option, build on their own lot, or have a house renovated and sold. We have endless ways to help.

nationwide and global footprint
Nationwide and Global Footprint

Devine Real Estate Solutions model is already nationwide. Plus duplicate it across the entire world.

This model IS the dawn of a new Real Estate Era!!

essential services packages
Essential Services Packages!!!

Devine Real Estate Solutions has partnered with Global Energy and Telecommunication companies to provide our new homeowners with Electricity service, televison, digital phone service, high speed internet, computer support, and home security and automation service. This adds to the suites of services our programs offer.

commercial services
Commercial Services!

Devine Real Estate Solutions is offering commercial services, for OUR clients and other real estate businesses, who want to expand their brand faster.

we thank you for your business
We Thank You For Your Business!!!

On Behalf of Devine Real Estate Solutions, we would like to thank you for viewing this presentation!

We look forward to earning your business!