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Free Google Nexus S

Free Google Nexus S

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Free Google Nexus S

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  2. Technology before means having black and white television sets as well as rotating dial phones and because of the many technological advancements, there is always something new about the technology. There are a lot of brands of cellular phones which also evolved from the biggest to the smallest which can be way smaller than your pagers which most doctors use in the hospital. This is probably why a lot of cellular phone companies are competing to make the best cellular phone available in the market today. It seems like every month there’s always a new model coming out, with the latest features, pushing the envelope of innovations in high-tech hardware and software applications. • The company that wishes to make another breakthrough when it comes to making the best cellular phones is Samsung who partnered with Google to make the best phone ever which is said to be the iPhone killer. With the great reviews of Nexus One, you will surely love the next one from Samsung and you will truly would want to get a free Google Nexus S! • The thing is, Google had some issues with their Nexus one in the past year. It was the result of a joint partnership with HTC, and was sold directly to customers via the Internet. However, with less than stellar sales they decided to offer the Nexus One to other telecom companies. So you know previous Google phone was a kickass mobile phone, so no wonder you want to get a free Google Nexus S!

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