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Free Civilization 5

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Free Civilization 5

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The newest released free Civilization 5 game has been released and all hard core strategy gamers are clamoring to get their own copy. From the multi award winning Civilization series, Firaxis had developed the newest and best ever Civilization 5 strategy game. A turned base strategy game like the ones before it, in Civilization 5 you will assume the role of a ruler. You will rule your choice of Civilization managing cities, developing them from mud huts into gleaming metropolises. Through their hard work, your people should work on their lands to feed the community. You are in control of the vast armies and armadas in protecting your territories and conquering neighboring kingdoms. Time frame of the game will be from prehistoric times to the future wherein your weapons will change from spears into a nuke. A player’s ultimate goal is his to choose: you will have to unite the world under your leadership; conquer all your enemies and maintain a harmonious colony or reach the highest overall score when the game ends at 2050 A.D.

  • Free Civilization 5 is considered the most user-friendly compared to the other series before it. It is now based on hexagonal tiles instead of square. Several elements and expansion packs from the previous games were taken out or altered. Credit is due to the developer Firaxis for taking out unnecessary actions of a player during the game without altering the important ones. Farm and windmill building is still present while the religion system and espionage was deleted. The combat system of the game has improved immensely. One thing is sure, the combat of the game is more exciting than ever. The battle between different empires is greater with all the armies spreading all over your land. It really comes down to skillful tactics of the players to be defeat his opponent and win the battle at hand using sophisticated weaponry. When you zoom into the cities you will noticed that the animation in the free Civilization 5 is a lot better compared to the other games before it. Pleasant and quite unique is the music on every territory of the game. The guiding grid is now easily accessible that the player doesn’t have to leave the main map just to look for it. First time players will find free Civilization 5 very exciting and without them noticing it gets engrossed easily into the game.
  • A lot of people want to have their own copy of the free Civilization 5. There were many game reviewers who studied and gave civ 5 an almost perfect rating for being satisfied with how it fare. If you search in the Internet today, you will find several websites that advertises free download of the newest Civilization game. It is just unfortunate that these sites are proven to be scams You simply have to take your time in searching for dependable websites that truly gives free Civilization 5.