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Speech Making

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Speech Making
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  1. Speech Making What not to do and what to do

  2. You’re taking my brain on a road trip—don’t lose it! Assume that the audience doesn’t know as much about your topic as you do—explain everything in detail Think it through before you write it and write it before you say it Provide your audience with definitions for unique words

  3. Put your “house” in order! If your thoughts look like this…how will we follow them? If your ideas look like this, you’ll be able to show them to us in a way we can follow.

  4. This is your catwalk…model how I should feel! Your dog died. Your expressions and voiceneed to match your topic Make sure you are speaking from memory Only use cue cards to jog your memory

  5. Put the thing-a-ma-bob on the whatsit…. What? I ordered a taco. Me too. A hand-made, gourmet taco with avocado and herbs. Yum.

  6. Ah sa- Ah sa- Ah sa- Move over! Practice makes perfect Know what you are going to say ahead of time Decide how you want each sentence to flow and practice that rhythm Be confident!

  7. Speak up! We want to hear you. • Your Voice Should Be: • Calm • Loud enough • Not too loud • Interested • Interesting • Your hands: • Should not be distracting • Look the audience in the eye!