water literacy summit march 15 18 n.
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Water Literacy Summit March 15-18 PowerPoint Presentation
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Water Literacy Summit March 15-18

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Water Literacy Summit March 15-18 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Literacy Summit March 15-18. Kananaskis Country, Alberta. The Team. Jovy Scout Megan Heavy Shields Elijah Three Suns Tomaze Bearshirt Mrs. Pon Mr. Own-Chief. Why Water?. Recreational, social, economic reasons, ranching, all relies on water.

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water literacy summit march 15 18

Water Literacy SummitMarch 15-18

Kananaskis Country, Alberta

the team
The Team

Jovy Scout

Megan Heavy Shields

Elijah Three Suns

Tomaze Bearshirt

Mrs. Pon

Mr. Own-Chief

why water
Why Water?
  • Recreational, social, economic reasons, ranching, all relies on water.
  • Perception of abundance, Alberta’s water paradox, manage for Quality and Quantity
  • 80% of water in Alberta is in the North
  • 80% population in the South
  • Water is under provincial Jurisdiction
the water act
The Water Act
  • The Water Act Alberta owns water, water rates regulated
  • FITFIR- In drought who gets the water? First in time, first in right. Its based on application
  • There is an agreement that the province would negotiate government to government, however the legislation is in place that indicates that the provincial has sole jurisdiction over the water in Canada
  • Trout
water for life
Water For Life
  • “All Albertans must recognize there are limits to the available water supply”
  • Population levels will impact our future decisions
  • Less consultation, more involvement and engagement
  • Aboriginal groups must be actively involved


water falls
Water Falls
  • Canadians are the second largest consumers in the world
  • Most household water waste occurs in the bathroom
  • Old Style toilets use 13 litres of water compared to low-flow toilets which use 6 litres
be water wise
Be Water Wise
  • Avoid using your toilets as a wastebasket
  • Keep water in the fridge rather than running the tap for cold water
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Install water aerators on your taps
the earth s water
The Earth’s Water

Earth seen from Apollo 17: only 3% of Earth’s water is fresh water.

glaciers and alberta s headwaters
Glaciers and Alberta’s Headwaters
  • The headwaters for the Bow River starts from the Glaciers
  • The glaciers are melting, estimated to disappear in 100 years
  • 87% of the Alberta headwaters enters the ocean
  • 13% flows east to Atlantic
  • 0.1% flows south through Montana
acid snow
Acid Snow
  • Bacteria & Algae, Microorganisms also Little to Medium levels of Radiation were traced in the snow.
  • Space Particles like “StarDusts” are falling from above the atmosphere into the snow that some of you may be eating. jk
south saskatchewan watershed
South Saskatchewan Watershed

All things flow to Lake Winnipeg..

at the gala
At the Gala

Our Host Alex and Sponsor Rep from Cenovus

mr adam kreek was our keynote speaker at the gala his main message was to choose an adventure
Mr. Adam Kreek was our keynote speaker at the gala – his main message was to choose an adventure!!!

Beijing 2008

Canada - Rowing for Gold...

Mr. Own Chief wanted to choose rowing as well or was it just that they got to wear the spandex?

our chance meeting
Our Chance Meeting…

With a shining star… Michelle Thrush

GAIL STONEY in Blackstone… an unmuted exploration of First Nations’ power and politics.

awe we have to leave
Awe we have to leave…

Waiting to head home…

in recognition of
In recognition of …

A big thank-you to the Water Literacy Student Team for their dedication to the health and future welfare of all Siksika


This presentation was prepared by the Water Literacy Team with special mention to TomazeBearshirtwho consolidated the important information here.March 20, 2012