mio 2260 sales kit mi o extension ultra pico itx sbc intel atom n455 l.
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MIO-2260 Sales kit MI/O Extension-Ultra PICO-ITX SBC (Intel ATOM N455) PowerPoint Presentation
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MIO-2260 Sales kit MI/O Extension-Ultra PICO-ITX SBC (Intel ATOM N455)

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MIO-2260 Sales kit MI/O Extension-Ultra PICO-ITX SBC (Intel ATOM N455) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MIO-2260 Sales kit MI/O Extension-Ultra PICO-ITX SBC (Intel ATOM N455). ESBC PM Victor Huang Embedded Single Broad Computers July, 21 , 2011. MI/O-Ultra (Pico-ITX) Introduction. 100*72mm. Portable Device Small HMI/PPC Embedded Instrument In-veical . Ultra Small Size (100x72mm)

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Presentation Transcript
mio 2260 sales kit mi o extension ultra pico itx sbc intel atom n455

MIO-2260 Sales kit MI/O Extension-Ultra PICO-ITX SBC (Intel ATOM N455)

ESBC PM Victor Huang

Embedded Single Broad Computers

July, 21, 2011

mi o ultra pico itx introduction
MI/O-Ultra (Pico-ITX) Introduction


  • Portable Device
  • Small HMI/PPC
  • Embedded Instrument
  • In-veical
  • Ultra Small Size (100x72mm)
  • Ultra Low Power (<8W)
  • Competitive price with simple I/O
  • Flexibility from M/O Extension
  • Easy for System Integration
  • 20% size reduction of PC/104
mi o extension ultra pico itx
MI/O Extension-Ultra (PICO-ITX)
  • Easy system integration
    • Ultra small from factor w/ 100x72mm size
    • Heat-generated parts on TOP
    • Rear IO and connector on BOT
    • Unified rear IO with less cabling
    • Optional heat spreader
    • Flexibility from MIOe extension
    • Secure core knowledge on MIOe modules
    • MIOe extension design guide for reference
    • unified multiple interfaces
    • Future mainstream interfaces
    • Power comes from PICO instead of MIOe,
    • Less design effort,

Heat-generated parts on TOP

Easy to make thermal solution

Right angle connector

Easy system integration and cabling

Install Heat Spreader

conduct heat to chassis cover for better thermal solution

  • Install MIOe module
  • Flexibility and unified multiple interfaces

Heat Spreader

RAM Module

Heat-generated parts

Right angle connector

Unified rear IO

MIOe extension

marketing position
Marketing Position

Ultra small SBC for portable device, small HMI,and embedded measurement

Computer-on-module Like

Customer’s fixed system and IO, easy for upgrade and maintenance

Core technology could be kept on customized IO boards

Less Power design on Customer’s carrier board

Reduce cost and development time.

mio 2260 compelling features
MIO-2260 Compelling Features

Intel® Atom N455 PICO-ITX SBC with 18-bit LVDS/ VGA

1 LAN/Half-size Mini-PCIe/ 2COM/ 1 SATA/ 2 USB2.0/ 1 CF /MIOe

  • Intel Atom N4551.66G Single Core (Fanless)
  • Low Power Consumption (TDP 9W)
    • Ultra small form factor w/ 100x72mm size

Intel Gen 3.5 DX9, MPEG2 HW Decode

Dual Independent display: 18-bit LVDS, VGA

12V DC Power input ,Support DC power hot plug

15KV Air ESD protection COM port design

1GbE-Intel LAN/ HD Audio

2 COM/ 2 USB2.0/ 1 SATA/ 8-bit GPIO/ SMBUS/I2C/ CF

MIOe Extension/ Half-size mini-PCIe

Support SUSI Access

Supports Embedded Software API and Utility

WinCE, XP, XPE, Win7,WES7,QNX,Vxwork Support



board layout top
Board Layout-Top

Power button/HDD LED/ Power LED


(Line in, Line out)

18-bit LVDS

2x RS-232


board layout bottom
Board Layout-Bottom



12V DC input





(SMbus,3 x USB2.0, 4 x PCIe, line-out, LPC, 5Vsb/12Vsb power)

Half size Mini-PCIe

LCD Power /

Auto Power on




mio 2260 mioe supported interface
MIO-2260 MIOe supported interface

Considering most demands from customer and future chipset trends (~2013Y new platforms)


MIO-2260 Advanced Technology

  • Intel Atom N455 Global Power Management
    • Power reduction
      • N455: C0-C4 Power States with Enhanced C-states support, TDP of N455 kit is 9 Watts
    • Power reduction when the processor is executing
    • Throttling when processor is overheating
    • Hyper Threading- Targeted to deliver higher performance and control logic saving power
  • DDR3 Memory Support
    • Support main stream DDR3 memory technology, popular in market and lower power consumption.
    • Price is competitive in the near future.
  • Intel® Integrated Graphics
    • DirectX 9.0c Support:
    • Generation 3.5 graphics
    • MPEG2 Decode in HW
  • DC Power Hot Plug Protection Design
    • Good to protect board in case direct power in and damage the board and system.
  • COM Port 15KV ESD Protection Design

Design for Ruggedize Solution--- Advantech MIO-2260

  • MIO-2260 is designed with 100% Solid Capacitors (固態電容)
  • Higher tolerance for high frequencies & high temperature
  • With better MTBF compared with Electrolytic Capacitors
  • No more exploding capacitors
  • More reliable solution if using Solid capacitors than Electrolytic capacitors
  • High ESD Protection for RS-232 I/O Pins to ±15kV
  • IEC61000-4-2 Air Gap Discharge: ±15kV
  • IEC61000-4-2 Contact Discharge : ±8kV
  • Human Body Model: ±15 kV
  • Rugged Design on Selected Components
  • Wide temperature design and test criteria: Power/ Clock generator/ Sequence
  • PCB Type: TG-150 as PCB type, much reliable in high temperature environments.
reliable power design
Reliable Power Design
  • The power tolerance range is 12V +/-10%
  • MIO-2260 is designed with Power Hot Plug protection IC design
    • To avoid pulse current to damage the board when plug in-out DC power directly


DC Power adapter

order information
Order Information

Packing List

os support list
OS Support List
  • Full Compatibility Test
    • Windows XP Pro
    • WinXPE
    • Win7/WES7
    • WES7
  • OS Installation Only
    • Win CE 6.0
    • Linux Ubuntu 10.04
    • QNX 6.5
    • Vxwork 6.8
  • * Due to limited drivers supplied by chipset vendors, we are unable to conduct full validating of the functionality and compatibility. Only OS installation and limited I/O functionality are validated.
target applications
Target Applications

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Ultra Low Power Demand

Home Automation

General Purpose


Portable Device

Machine Automation


Measurement Instrument


MI/O Extension Roadmap – Ultra Series



MIO 3.0

AMD G-Series Refresh


1COM/ Cfast/ SATA

24-bit LVDS, CRT, Mini-PCIe

Intel CedarviewM


2COM/4USB/ Cfast/ SATA

24-bit LVDS, CRT, Mini-PCIe

  • DM&P Vortex86DX2 1.0GHz
  • On board DDR2 1GB
  • 4x USB 2.0, 2x10/100 LAN
  • Mini-PCIe interface
  • 24bit LVDS/ CRT

Intel Atom N455




18-bit LVDS, CRT, Mini-PCIe












Under 5W








Page 19

Page 19

performance benchmark cpu arithmetic benchmark alu fpu
Performance benchmark (CPU Arithmetic Benchmark-ALU,FPU)



Base on Sandra 2008 test utility with 1GB Memory

performance benchmark procesor multimedia integer float point
Performance benchmark (Procesor MultiMedia - integer, Float Point)



Base on Sandra 2008 test utility with 1GB Memory


Integrated Device Monitoring, Configuration & System Recovery










core features
Core Features
  • Centralized Device Monitoring
    • Collects all embedded device data
    • Displays data in a customized dashboard
    • Auto notifies errors via warning popups and e-mail alerts
  • Integrated Remote Configuration
    • Remotely adjust embedded device settings
    • Transfer files to a remote device for firmware or application updates
    • Remote diagnostics via screen captures, hardware log analysis, and windows XP event log files
  • One-Click System Recovery
    • Back-up complete system and files any time
    • Restore a system
    • Smart back-up saves images to offsite FTP
centralized device monitoring
Centralized Device Monitoring
  • On CPU/SYS Temp, Fan Speed, Voltage & Modules
integrated remote configuration
Integrated Remote Configuration
  • For Power On/Off, Display, Volume & File Transfer
mio 2260 software apis and utility support
MIO-2260 Software APIs and Utility support
  • Note:
  • eSOS is supported by request
  • SUSI Software API are ready to provide on WinXP,WinXPE,WES7. other OS are supported by request.
benefits to customers
Benefits to Customers

Faster Time to Market

SUSI’s unified API helps developers write applications to control the hardware without knowing the hardware specs of the chipsets and driver architecture.

Reduces Project development Effort

When customers want to connect their own devices to the onboard bus, they can either write the driver & API from scratch, or they can use SUSI to start the integration saving a huge amount of effort. Developers can reference the sample programs on the CD to see and learn more about the software development environment.

Enhances Hardware Platform Reliability

SUSI provides a set of trusted API which combines chipset and library function support; controlling application development through SUSI enhances reliability.

Flexible Upgrade Possibilities

SUSI supports an easy upgrade solution for customers. Customers just need to install the new version SUSI that supports the new functions.


General Purpose Input/Output is a flexible parallel interface that allows a variety of custom connections. allows users to monitor the level of signal input or set the output status to switch on/off the device. Our API also provide Programmable GPIO, allows developers to dynamically set the GPIO input or output status

SMBus is the System Management Bus defined by Intel® Corporation in 1995. It is used in personal computers and servers for low-speed system management communications. The SMBus API allows a developer to interface a embedded system environment and transfer serial messages using the SMBus protocols, allowing multiple simultaneous device control.


A watchdog timer (WDT) is a device that performs a specific operation after a certain period of time if something goes wrong and the system does not recover on its own. A watchdog timer can be programmed to perform a warm boot (restarting the system) after a certain number of seconds.

The Hardware Monitor (HWM) API is a system health supervision API that inspects certain condition indexes, such as fan speed, temperature and voltage.


The Brightness Control API allows a developer to interface Embedded device to easily control brightness.

The Backlight API allows a developer to control the backlight (screen) on/off in Embedded Device.


Make use of Intel SpeedStep technology to save the power consumption. The system will automatically adjust the CPU Speed depend on the system loading.

Refers to a series of methods for reducing power consumption in computers by lowering the clock frequency. These API allow user to lower the clock from 87.5% to 12.5%.

programmable gpio apis
Programmable GPIO APIs

Dynamic set the GPIO pin to input or output status

Case Study)

Required: Need a special design Keypad.

API help to modify the GPIO from 4-in, 4-out to 5 in, 3 out immediately.

Customize Keypad

hardware monitor apis
Hardware Monitor APIs

HardWare Monitor (HWM) API is a system health supervision API that inspects certain condition indexes, such as fan speed, temperature and voltage.

Case Study

Required: Need to monitor the temp and voltage

API help to provide APIs, customer integrate it into their application, to set alarm value and responding action.

brightness apis
Brightness APIs

Use new API and a Light Sensor IC, customer can have Auto-Brightness utility to auto adjust the brightness

Case Study

Required: LCD auto-brightness

API help to provide this API and a service utility to auto-detect the environment lux

power saving api
Power Saving API

The utility utilize the CPU SpeedStep and System Throttling technology

Easy for power setting

Case Study

1. Select Power Scheme

2. Set Power Events

3. Set System Action Schedule




bios flash bios flash update and backup utility
BIOS Flash: BIOS Flash, Update and Backup Utility

A GUI Utility:

Update/Backup BIOS


Update/Backup BIOS

Customer can call the API to integrate the flash function into their application

embedded security id secure your valuable application
Embedded Security ID: Secure your valuable Application









Board ID


Vendor ID



Customer ID



s w superiority protect application not to be copied
S/W Superiority – Protect application not to be copied

Security ID located in a read-protect and write-protect NAND Flash hidden area

Check Security ID with SQFlash API

SQFlash SQFlash

Security ID

Product Key

Customized ID

s w superiority lock sqflash with platform
S/W Superiority – Lock SQFlash with Platform

Lock SQFlash with corresponding platform

Lock with one or multi-platforms

Unlock by BIOS with password protected


  • A locked SQFlash cannot be read by card reader or other platforms without unlock process
s w superiority monitor sqflash remain life
S/W Superiority – Monitor SQFlash remain life

Monitor SQFlash health by utility or API

Early-warning mechanism can be performed

monitoring utility
Monitoring Utility

Provides real-time temperature, fan and voltage monitoring, Watch Dog timer and custom alarm settings.