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Hygiene. PowerPoint 204. What must we do before we cook?. I need to tie my hair at the back of my head. What must you do with your hair?. If you have long hair, you need to tie it back. Me too!. I will need to take my wrist band off. What must you do if you are wearing jewellery?.

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PowerPoint 204

what must you do if you are wearing jewellery

Me too!

I will need to take my wrist band off.

What must you do if you are wearing jewellery?

Take it off.

what must you do to your hands

I do not wear nail varnish so that will save me a job!

What must you do to your hands?

If you are wearing nail varnish, take it off.

Wash your hands really well with soap and warm water and dry them properly.


How many things can you think of?

Can you remember what we must do before we cook?


Tie long hair at the back of your head.

Take off jewellery

Remove nail varnish

Roll sleeves up

Put apron on

Wash hands