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To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To Kill A Mockingbird. Chapter 1. What racial tensions arise in chapter 1? What does that tell us about the setting of the novel? What about the mood? How do the residents of Maycomb refer to the Radleys ? What does this tell us about their feelings towards outsiders?. Chapter 1.

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Presentation Transcript
chapter 1
Chapter 1
  • What racial tensions arise in chapter 1? What does that tell us about the setting of the novel? What about the mood?
  • How do the residents of Maycomb refer to the Radleys? What does this tell us about their feelings towards outsiders?
chapter 11
Chapter 1
  • Describe the relationship between Scout, Jem and Atticus—are they a typical family? Why or why not?
  • How is Dill different from the other children? Find evidence from the text to support your answer.
chapter 2
Chapter 2
  • What is the school system like in Maycomb AL? What does that tell us about the perspective Maycombians have on education?
  • The children of Maycomb seem to be very poor; find a quote and explain how this might contribute to the microcosm of Maycomb.
chapter 21
Chapter 2
  • Who are the Cunninghams? What does Atticus tell Scout and Jem in regards to their family? What type of society is Maycomb?
  • Analyze and explain this quote: “You’re shamin’ him, Miss Caroline. Walter hasn’t got a quarter at home to bringyou, and you can’t use any stovewood” (Lee, 21).
chapter 3 4
Chapter 3-4
  • Discuss the difference between Burris Ewell and Scout Finch. How are they treated in school? What does this say about the education system of Maycomb and it’s interaction with children?
  • Explain what happens when Scout tries to tell Ms. Caroline about Walter. What about when she criticizes Walter at dinner? How does this show the difference between children and adults’ perspectives?
chapter 3 41
Chapter 3-4
  • Find a quote that characterizes Atticus Finch. What does this tell us about his character?
  • What interactions do the children have with the Radley house? What might they mean? Find an example from the novel and explain.
chapter 5 6
Chapter 5-6
  • When Miss Maudie says, “but sometimes the Bible in the hands of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hands of—oh, your father” (Lee, 45) what person is she criticizing, and what is the point of her criticism?
  • The children view Boo Radley as a strange and frightening figure. How do Miss Maudie and Atticus view Arthur Radley? Why is this important?
chapter 5 61
Chapter 5-6
  • When the children come back, Jem without his pants, why is it important to Jem that he go back and get his pants before morning?
  • What line indicates that Jem decided what they did was wrong? What might account for his change of heart?
chapter 7
Chapter 7
  • Jem has been acting odd since he went back to get his pants that night. What surprised him?
  • Who do you suppose is responsible for the gifts in the knothole and Jem’s pants? Why?
  • Why is Jem so upset the knothole is plugged?
  • Why is Jem crying at the end of this chapter? What does this tell us about his character?
chapters 8 9
Chapters 8-9
  • Who put the blanket around Scout’s shoulders? How do you know? What does this tell us about this person’s character?
  • Why do they decide not to return the blanket at this time?
chapter 8 9
Chapter 8-9
  • Why does Atticus think that he can’t win Tom Robinson’s case? What does this tell us about the society of Maycomb?
  • Explain the relationships within the Finch family. What occurs at Finch’s Landing that shows a divide in the family morals?
  • In the last sentence of chapter 9, what does Scout mean?
chapters 10 11
Chapters 10-11
  • Discuss the reaction to the mad dog. What is surprising about it’s arrival?
  • What is the resolution for the mad dog? Who carries it out?
  • What do Jem and Scout learn about Atticus? What does this tell the reader?
chapters 10 111
Chapters 10-11
  • What are Jem and Scout’s view of Mrs. Dubose? How is that different from Atticus’ view?
  • How does Atticus’ view of Mrs. Dubose characterize who he is?
  • What does reading for Mrs. Dubose do for Jem and Scout? How is this foreshadowing or preparation for their summer?
chapter 12
Chapter 12
  • At the beginning it is apparent that this novel, which deals with the passage of a youth from innocence to maturity. In what sense is Jem, “coming of age?”
  • What does Scout mean when she says of Calpurnia, “Again I thought her voice strange: she was talking like the rest of them.” How does this relate to race relations in Maycomb? In the South? Does this happen now?

The mature narrator (Scout) seems to be upset by the way both the African-American and white churches regard women. What is it specifically that upsets her about what the churches teach?

chapter 13 14
Chapter 13-14
  • How does Aunt Alexandra treat Calpurnia? How does this relate to one of the themes?
  • What is Aunt Alexandra’s major theory concerning human behavior? Find a passage in the book that will support your answer.
chapter 13 141
Chapter 13-14
  • What is Tom Robinson accused of? How does Atticus explain this to Scout?
  • Why does Dill run away from home? What does Jem do that shocks Dill and Scout?