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Presentation on TUBERCULOSIS


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Presentation on TUBERCULOSIS

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  1. Presentation on TUBERCULOSIS www.AssignmentPoint.com

  2. INTRODUCTION www.AssignmentPoint.com

  3. What is TUBERCULOSIS? TUBERCULOSIS(TB) is an bacterial infectious disease caused by bacteria whose scientific name is MYCOBACTERIUMTUBERCULOSIS it was first isolated in 1882 by a German physician named ROBERT KOCH who received the Nobel prize for this discovery . www.AssignmentPoint.com

  4. Figure of TUBERCULOSIS AFFECTED PATIENT www.AssignmentPoint.com

  5. Classification of TUBERCULOSIS There are 2 types of TB SUCH AS • 1.Latent TB infection • 2.TB disease Latent TB contain TB germs but it does not make the person sick. People with TB infection contain - no type of symptoms - do not feel sick - cant spread TB to others www.AssignmentPoint.com

  6. 2.TB DISEASE TB disease contain germ and they are growing and affected on lungs. This contain symptoms 1.Bad cough that lasts more than 2 weeks 2.Coughing up blood 3.Chest pain 4.Feeling weak 5.Losing weight 6.Not wanting to eat 7.Fever and sweating on night www.AssignmentPoint.com

  7. SYMPTOMS OF TUBERCULOSIS • There are 3 stages of symptoms 1.PRIMARY stage:whice is symptoms free. • 2.Secondary stage: it contain active disease and contain symptoms such as slight fever, weight loss, dry cough, night sweat. • 3.Contagious stage: In this stage bacteria can be spread, have chest pain; have shortness of breath. www.AssignmentPoint.com

  8. SIGHNS AND SYMPTOMS www.AssignmentPoint.com

  9. AFFECTS OF TB • IT can effect several organs of our body such as • 1.PULMONARY TB: Which effects on lungs 2.EXTRA PULMONARY TB:LUNGS to locations outside the lungs . IT also affect the brain, kidney, bones etc TB usually attack the patient when the immune system is defective such as AIDS patient attacked by mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) it infected on lungs. www.AssignmentPoint.com

  10. AFFECTS of TB www.AssignmentPoint.com

  11. HOW DOES TB SPREAD • WHEN some one who has TB and people nearby can be effected by breathing and taking the bacteria into the lung and it can spread person to person by breathing infected air by close contact .BY touching clothes or by shaking hands TB is not spread www.AssignmentPoint.com

  12. SPREADING PROCESS OF TB www.AssignmentPoint.com

  13. EXAMS AND TESTS 1. The standard test of TB is skin test. Today skin tests utilize a substance called PPD (PURIFIED PROTIEN DERIVATIVE), Which has standard chemical composition and it has a good measure of the presence of TB infection. 2. Chest X-RAY www.AssignmentPoint.com

  14. TREATMENT OF TB • 1.Supportive care • 2. Drug therapy by using this 5 types of drug such as- a)ISONIAZID (INS) e.g.laniazid,nydrazid b)Rifapine.g-Rifadin c)pyrainamide d)streptomycin e)ethambuton • 3.Surgery www.AssignmentPoint.com

  15. www.AssignmentPoint.com

  16. Prevention • 1. General measures: Avidness of overcrowded and hospital emergency rooms should be treated with UV ray which gives antibacterial effects 2. Vaccination is one major preventive measure against TB. A vaccine called BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin, named after its French developers) is made from a weakened mycobacterium that infects cattle. Vaccination with BCG does not prevent infection by M.tuberculosis but it does strengthen the immune system TB patients. BCG is used more widely in developing countries than the United States. The effectiveness of vaccination is still being studied. www.AssignmentPoint.com

  17. Precausion 1. should use musk both patient and heath worker www.AssignmentPoint.com

  18. Need to take many different pills at different times of the day for 6 months or longer • When there is a concern that a patient may not take all the medication as directed, a health care provider may need to watch the person take the prescribed drugs. This is called directly observed therapy. In this case, drugs may be given 2 or 3 times per week, as prescribed by a doctor. • need to stay at home or be admitted to a hospital for 2 - 4 weeks to avoid spreading the disease to others www.AssignmentPoint.com

  19. Thank'sto all www.AssignmentPoint.com

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