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Glogster: Create Virtual Posters PowerPoint Presentation
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Glogster: Create Virtual Posters

Glogster: Create Virtual Posters

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Glogster: Create Virtual Posters

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Glogster: Create Virtual Posters Created by Russell Smith, Technology Facilitator, North Edgecombe High School

  2. What is Glogster? • Glogster is a website that allows the user to design and create a virtual poster that can be saved online and viewed in a variety of manners. The user is able to upload images, video clips and audio clips that can be inserted and accessed through their virtual poster.

  3. Glogster’s Opening Screen You can register your new account or sign in here… The website for Glogster is

  4. Registering a New Account When registering for a new account in Glogster, you will need to choose a nickname and password, enter an e-mail address, and enter your first and last name, birthday, and gender.

  5. Glogster Dashboard You can begin the process of creating a new glog by clicking on “Create New Glog”.

  6. Glogster: Glog Template This is the default template for a new glog project. All of the elements on the page can be deleted.

  7. Click on an element on the screen and you will see a toolbar appear. This toolbar will allow you to bring an object to the front, place it behind another object, undo the previous action, or delete the item.

  8. Glogster Magnet Tool You will notice that there is a movable “toolbox” on the Glogster template called the “Magnet Tool”. This tool allows you to create and format your Glog.

  9. Glogster Magnet Tool:Graphics Tab The Graphics Tab on the Magnet Tool allows you to insert different types of graphics from a variety of categories.

  10. Glogster Magnet Tool:Text Tab The Text Tab allows you to insert text in a word bubble, as a title, or as normal text. There are also a wide variety of styles that text can be inserted in.

  11. Glogster Magnet Tool:Image Tab The Image Tab allows you to upload your own images to use in your glog, link to images located on a website, or grab images from a web camera (if connected).

  12. Glogster Magnet Tool:Image Tab, continued To upload an image from your computer into your glog, click the “Upload” button, browse to the folder where the image is located, select the image, and click “Open”.

  13. Glogster Magnet Tool:Image Tab When using the Image Tab on the Magnet Tool, you are able to utilize images from a webcamera, a video, and audio source, or a photo, if available.

  14. Glogster Magnet Tool:Video Tab The Video Tab allows you to upload a video file that you have saved on your computer into your Glog. Browse to the location on your computer where the video is saved, select the desired video, and click “Open”. You can also link to videos from SchoolTube.

  15. Glogster Magnet Tool:Video Tab, continued The Video Tab also allows you to link to a particular internet URL address where a video is located. You can copy and paste the URL address into the space located here.

  16. Glogster Magnet Tool:Video Tab, continued The Video Tab also allows you to “grab” video clips for your Glog from a video source (such as a web camera), an audio file, or a photo, if available.

  17. Glogster Magnet Tool:Sound Tab The Sound Tab allows you to upload an audio file (music, voiceover, etc.) into your Glog, link to an audio source on the internet, or capture an original audio source for future playback.

  18. Glogster Magnet Tool:Data Tab The Data Tab is only accessible in premium versions of Glogster. It allows you to save files in Glogster in the form of an attachment. Each viewer of the Glog is able to view and download these attachments.

  19. Glogster Magnet Tool:Draw Tab The Draw Tab is only accessible in premium versions of Glogster. It enables users to draw elements over any image or text within an edit field. The drawing is saved as an object and can be edited additionally and used repeatedly on all Glogs.

  20. Glogster Magnet Tool:Wall Tab The Wall Tab allows you to choose the background image for your Glogster, from a variety of categories. You can also choose a solid color as your background, or you can upload your own images (such as pictures) as the background.

  21. Glogster Magnet Tool:Wall Tab, continued To upload your own images into Glogster to add as the background, click the “My Pictures” link and then click “Upload”.

  22. Glogster Magnet Tool:Wall Tab, continued The process of uploading an image file into the “My Pictures” pane on the Wall Tab is the same as uploading image files in the Image Tab.

  23. Glogster Magnet Tool:Wall Tab, continued To make the desired image as your background image in the Glog, click on the image and, while holding down the left mouse button, drag the image onto the background. Once the image is placed onto the background of the Glog, release the mouse button.

  24. Glogster Magnet Tool:Wall Tab, continued The image is now the background for your Glog.

  25. Placing Images into your Glog To place images into your Glog, click on the “Image Tab” on the Magnet Tool.

  26. Placing Images in your Glog, continued Drag an image from the Image Tab onto the Glog. Notice that you are able to resize the picture by clicking on the small arrows located in each corner of the image.

  27. This is what this sample glog looks like after adding some more images. Notice that you able to rotate each image by clicking the rotational arrow located in the middle of each side of an image.

  28. Inserting Text into your Glog Create a word balloon, Title box, or text box by dragging it onto the glog. In order to insert text into your glog, click on the “Text” tab on the Magnet Tool.

  29. Inserting Text into your Glog, continued Notice that when the title box is created that a formatting taskbar appears as well. Click the “Edit” button on the taskbar in order to enter and edit text.

  30. Inserting Text into your Glog, continued Highlight the default text in the text box in order to type it what you want, as well as format your text.

  31. Inserting Text into your Glog, continued You can choose the color of your text in the text box by clicking the color swatch on the format taskbar. You can also create a link to a website and add effects to the text using the format taskbar.

  32. Inserting Text into your Glog, continued I will create additional text for the glog in a similar manner.

  33. Inserting Text into your Glog,continued As I add additional text, I can rotate the direction of the text if I choose.

  34. Here is what my sample glog looks like when I have added the images and text that I want.

  35. Previewing your Glog To see how your Glog looks, Click the “Preview” button at the top of the page.

  36. Previewing your Glog, continued Once you have previewed your Glog, click the “Back To Edit” button at the top of the page.

  37. Saving and/or Publishing your Glog When you are ready to save and/or publish your Glog, Click the button labeled “Save or Publish”.

  38. Saving and/or Publishing your Glog, continued Choose whether the Glog is finished or unfinished, and click “Save & Publish”. You will be prompted to name your Glog, choose one or more categories that the glog will fit Into, and any tags that are appropriate.

  39. Once your Glog is Published… You will be able to share the URL address to your glog with others! The URL of the blog is located here for you to copy and paste…

  40. Your Glogster Dashboard All of the Glogs you are in the process of creating or have published are available for viewing on the dashboard.