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  1. Ontario • Ontario entered Confederation on July 1, 1867 • Ontario’s leaders were John A MacDonald • George Brown • William Lyon MacKenzie

  2. Reasons to join: The railway would be built and the cost shared It would end taxes being paid on trade poorer regions could get help with debt defence would be better after Confederation Britain agreed with it. The old links with Britain might be broke The new colonies might have to pay more debts with the railway and that of other colonies Ontario

  3. Newfoundland • Confederation at March 31, 1949 • People leading our province were: • Joey Smallwood • Ambrose Shea

  4. To join: The British would support it poorer regions would have more money better trades would happen Not to join: The old ties with Britain might be weakened by forming a new nation NFLD

  5. Africans in Canada • Willie O’Ree - An important Canadian • He started playing hockey at the age of five • The first African to play in the NHL • He was alive in the 1950’s • He lived in New Brunswick • He added to the diversity in Canada because he was innocent to the racism til he got older and hope that he could change that with some people.

  6. Africans in Canada • Rose Mary Brown • She graduate from MacGill in Montreal • Went to get her masters in BC • She got the National Black Coalition Award • She was part of the United Nations Fellowship • She tried to make Canada a better place • She was the first woman to be elected to the BC Legislature • Chief comminsionare of Ont Human Rights

  7. Africans In Canada • Important Person in African Canadian History - Calvin Ruck • Born in Sydney • He wrote about the No.2 Construction Battalion (Canada’s First and only Black Battalion) • He won the Harry Jerome Award in 1986 • Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Dalhousie University.

  8. Prince Edward Island • Entered Canada in 1873 • Our leaders were: • William Pope • James C. Pope • George Coles

  9. We joined late because better government to get rid of deadlock the railway they wanted to be able to have a say in the government without Britain ruling them Don’t join because they did not want poorer colonies to get their money they did not want others to depend on their supply they did not want to be overlooked cause they were small PEI

  10. Quebec • When we entered: July 1, 1867 • Our main leaders were: • Sir Hector Louis • Louis Papineau • JA MacDonald

  11. We joined right away because: The national government would have to pay all money for poor colonies After Confederation we would be better able to hold off the Americans Not to join reason we considered: Colonies would not be as loyal to Britain Colonies loyalty might not identify with the new nation They thought that their French would be lost Quebec 2

  12. Nova Scotia • We joined Confederation in July 1, 1867 • Leaders of NS • Joseph Howe • Robert Dickey • Charles Tupper

  13. We stayed because we wanted to build a railway we wanted to defend ourselves against the US British support was in place we wanted to trade between colonies We wanted to say no: The St. Lawrence would freeze and isolate us in the winter Local power would be given away The old ties with Britain might be hurt with a new nation NS 2