how to convert to a managed package winter 07 n.
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How to Convert to a Managed Package Winter `07

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How to Convert to a Managed Package Winter `07 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ralph Eddy January 4, 2007. How to Convert to a Managed Package Winter `07. Before Getting Started. Watch the following presentation on Managed Packages. by Jim Yu, Director of Product Management

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Presentation Transcript
before getting started
Before Getting Started
  • Watch the following presentation on Managed Packages.

by Jim Yu, Director of Product Management

  • Watch the following presentation on License Management Application

by Dileep Burki, Product Manager

  • Other Resources: In Help in your developer account you can search for Packaging.
  • Managed Packages can only be created in a Developer Account.
  • Re-Flow S-Controls to Winter ’07 Format
  • Remove existing Developer Prefix
  • Remove extra Tabs
  • Create a Package to be Managed
  • Install the License Management Application
  • Set your Developer Settings
  • Test Your Application
  • Upload a Managed Package – Beta
  • Test Installation – Update your Customization Guide
  • Upload a Managed Package – Released
  • Submit a request to Replace Package
  • Partners who already have Customers
fix s controls to winter 07 format
Fix S-Controls to Winter ’07 Format
  • This applies to you if you have S-Controls that have embedded Object.Field references.
  • S-Controls need to use the new Object.Field references

The new style has a dot between the Object and Field.

  • To change your S-Control’s object field reference you need to simply Edit and Save each S-Control.
    • Old Format

Book Name: {!EDDY_RareBooks_Name}

Author: {!EDDY_RareBooks_Author}

    • New Format

Book Name: {!EDDY_RareBook__c.Name}

Author: {!EDDY_RareBook__c.Author__c}

remove extra tabs
Remove Extra Tabs
  • In a managed package customers will not be able to delete tabs that are not needed such as an About tab.
    • For example: your old application has a tab called “Admin Setup” and you instruct administrators to remove it when setup is complete.
  • About Tab – only package this tab if it is necessary.
    • Salesforce customers have a tab limit and will appreciate your application not using up their limit.
  • Possible Solutions
    • Combine tabs where possible and only have necessary tabs.
    • Use links either in salesforce or on your web pages
    • Use references to files in the Documents tab
create a package to be managed
Create a Package to be Managed
  • You can only have one package as your managed package
  • Create a new package
  • Add your Package Items to the package
  • You will select this package in your developer settings
install the license management app lma
Install the License Management App - LMA
  • Locate the LMA hereon the AppExchange. You can also search for it.
  • Install the LMA in your Salesforce account you are using to manage your AppExchange business.
set your developer settings
Set your Developer Settings
  • Namespace
    • The namespace will be pre-pended to the Object name that you will use in your API calls.
    • For example: the object RareBooks with namespace EDDY is referenced in the API as EDDY__RareBooks__c.
  • Package : select the package to be managed.
  • License Management Application (LMA)
    • Select where you installed the LMA.
    • Customers click Get It Now, install your application, and a Lead is sent to your LMA.
test your application
Test Your Application
  • The addition of the namespace has changed how Custom Objects and Custom Fields are referenced.
  • Make sure the following items still work correctly.
    • Ajax in S-Controls
      • Object names have the namespace and will need to be changed.
    • Custom HTML files
    • Email Templates
    • Custom Links
    • Formula Fields
    • Workflow
create a managed package beta version
Create a Managed Package – Beta Version
  • Upload your package as a Beta version and Register it.
  • Install it in a new Developer Account and test it.
test installation update your customization guide
Test Installation & Update your Customization Guide
  • Very important step.
  • Do a full installation just like a customer would.
  • Follow your customization guide.
  • Update your Customization guide if necessary
    • To replace your customization guide you will need to contact us so we can make your AppExchange Listing editable. See next slide.
request to change your appexchange listing
Request to Change your AppExchange Listing
  • You can use this feature to request to change your listing.
  • Login to AppExchange, Change Listing, enter a Case and we will make your listing editable.
create a managed package production version
Create a Managed Package – Production Version
  • Note: once you do this you will not be able to make destructive changes. For example: you will not be able to delete a field on a custom object.
replace the get it now button with your new package
Replace the Get it Now button with your New Package
  • Click Replace Package from your AppExchange Listing
  • Select the Replacement Package
partners who already have customers
Partners who already have Customers
  • The Namespace Change will impact your Application if you have:
    • Back-End Integration code that makes API calls to either Custom Objects, or, Custom Fields on Std. Objects
  • Issue: your API calls will be different with a namespace vs. a developer prefix – determined by which package the customer is using.
    • Technically you will need to support multiple versions.
  • Work Around:
    • Your code will need to be able to identify which package version the customer is using and adjust the Object Names and Field Names accordingly.
  • Migrating Customer Data
    • In the near future we will be providing guidance on how to migrate your customer’s data from your old objects to new objects.
thank you
Thank You

Please contact Ralph Eddy if you have any questions or feedback.