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My country. Grabow on the Pilica. Grabow on the Pilica. Grabow on the Pilica is a village which is situated in the kozienicki voivodeship . It is very attractive place from the point of view of many forests , fresh air and a big choice free time activities .

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My country


Grabow on the Pilica

Grabow on the Pilica

Grabow on the Pilica is a villagewhichissituatedinthe kozienicki voivodeship. Itisveryattractive place fromthe point of view of many forests, fresh air and a big choicefree time activities.

Evensuch a small community hasitsowncoat of arms.

In thiscoat of armsthereis a yellowtree on a greenbackgroundwith a whitewaveat a bottom.

Thedrawing of coat of arms.

The authorities community
Theauthorities community

Grabow on the Pilica hasgot many monumentswhichrememberimportantevents , thechurch, and a war and parishlycemetery.

In thislocalitytherearealso a school, library and a authoritiescommune.

Fromthis place is near to the Pilica River, Warka, Kozienice. Peoplecanfastdrive to diffrentplaces for exampleshops, work, thechurch and otherplaces.

The church

ThisisthechurchinGrabow on the Pilica

The parish church

Thisistheneogothicchurch. Ithasgotbeautifulmainaltar and threesmaller. Itisthefifthinturnchurchbecausebefore

hasdestroiedfromdiffrentreasons. Frompreviousremainonly a beautiful, old, goldmonstrance.

In thischurchthereare a lot of painting whichpresentdiffrentSaints.


The commemorative of kazimierz pulaski s baptism
Thecommemorative of Kazimierz Pulaski’sbaptism.

The other commemoratives which are in the church

Cementery of the First War World.


The monuments

TherearemonumentswhichbecomeinGrabow on the Pilica

In Grabow on the Pilica thereare a lot of monuments. One of theirsis a Maria Komornicka’s monument. Itisin front of authoritiescommune. Itpresents a poetwhichoncelivedinthislocality.

She was a person withdifficultbiography. Shewrote many poems but theiraren’tnotice.

Maria Komornicka was a sad and lonelywoman. Only a little group of peoplenoticeher talent.

Maria komornicka s monument
Maria Komornicka’s monument

A specialplaquecommemoratingthe moment of arrival of Jozef Pilsudski’s body inGrabow.

The monument to secrdagents drop duringWorld War Second.

The school

ThisistheschoolwhichissituatedinGrabow on the Pilica

Thisisthe big schoolwhichissituatedinGrabow on the Pilica. Itisone-storiedbuilding.

In thisschoollearnabout five hundredpupils.

A curiosity

Whennowistheschoolat one time was a palace of Maria Komornicka’sfamily. Atthis time leaveonlythe park whichisfoundbehind of theschool.

Ithasexecuted by Magdalena Szczygieł fromclass 3.