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Footstools and More Sells Both Small and Large Pouffes at Exciting Prices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Footstools and more sells both small and large pouffes at exciting prices

Footstools and More Sells Both Small and Large

Pouffes at Exciting Prices

Footstools And More; specialists in foot stools and benches manufacturing, sells a wide

range of exquisite small and large pouffes that carry on the British tradition but are styled

for contemporary.

United Kingdom -- -- Nov 11, 2016 -- Footstools And More,

the Leeds based manufacturer of quality bespoke footstools and benches also sells a

wide range of redesigned pouffes for British and international markets.

A representative of the company said that times are changing and so are tastes. The

new range of redesigned pouffes, while still carrying traditional genes, is overlaid

with contemporary touches. "Comfort is a prime consideration but so are the looks.

Also, feedback from customers show that they want pouffes that look different and

add style to the interiors. The result is a new range of hand-crafted and exquisitely

styled small and large pouffes from Footstools and More to cater to all tastes."

Pouffes are for feet just as pillows are for head. In this perspective, you can buy

pouffes from a wide range available in several sizes to suit the expectations of

buyers. The emphasis is on customisation and a customer can specify exactly the

height that they want to have the pouffe manufactured accordingly. Shapes are

important for people to suit their taste and to match the interior. Footstools and More

offers round drum style pouffes, Oxford style cube footstools, Capri style circular

buttoned cushion pouffe and Bakerloo style cube footstool with options on

customizing the feet to be of metal or wood.

As a family owned business operating since well over 50 years, the company upholds

the finest traditions of British hand styling reflected in the new range. Frames are

solid and these are guaranteed for two years with unconditional free replacement

during this period. Finish is of utmost importance and a customer can pick leather or

fine fabric chosen to be fire-safe and durable and luxurious to feel.

Quality underlies selection of material and process and that they never compromise.

They pay particular attention to stitches to make sure the seams never come apart

even if the pouffes are subjected to rough use. Ergonomics go hand in hand with

styling. The products by this manufacturer are highly functional and aesthetic besides

giving a sumptuously luxurious feel to your feet. Each customer receives

personalised attention and bespoke pouffes are created keeping in mind their taste,

preferences, budgets and interiors. The festive season is around the corner and the

company is expecting more sales due to high demand.

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Footstools and more sells both small and large pouffes at exciting prices

About: Footstool and More can be contacted on 0113 3457526 or through their


Contact Info

Unit 5C, Oak Mill, Topcliffe Lane, Leeds, LS27 0HL

Mon - Sat 8am til 8pm

0113 3457526

Contact Information:

Name: Mark Hazelgrave

Company: Footstools & More

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