Assessment of interpretations of boudicca
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Assessment of interpretations of Boudicca - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assessment of interpretations of Boudicca. B. A. Claire: average for Y3. Claire spots the obvious differences between the two images, one peace-like the other aggressive

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Claire average for y3 l.jpg
Claire: average for Y3

  • Claire spots the obvious differences between the two images, one peace-like the other aggressive

  • She attempts to contextualise it by referring to the Romans. She makes no attempt to explain why the 2 images differ, but this is hard for Year 3. Overall an average response.

Max just below average for y3 l.jpg
Max: just below average for Y3

  • Max focuses more on the differences in the pictures rather than how Boudicca is depicted. He seems to suggest that she is just being shown at different times, once at home the other at war.

  • Max attempts to explain the differences in a common-sense way; artists see things differently.

Oliver just above average for y3 l.jpg
Oliver: just above average for Y3.

  • Here Oliver drives quickly at the difference. He sees that Boudicca is portrayed differently and thinks he might know why. One image is, he thinks Celtic the other Roman. This is of course wrong but his thinking here is just above average for Y3.

Emily above average for y4 l.jpg
Emily: above average for Y4

Emily quickly and confidently goes for the main differences and does not bother with peripheral detail. She immediately tackles the harder question about why the images differ. She knows that they represent different viewpoints but she sees the main reason as being the scarcity of visual sources.