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SPLH Advising. Session for Freshmen and Sophomores Students FOLLOWING the KU Core Spring 2014. KU Core. KU Core. Current Freshmen will be following the Core Sophomores need to officially “opt in” to the Core Major and minor requirements do NOT change

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Splh advising

SPLH Advising

Session for Freshmen and Sophomores

Students FOLLOWING the KU Core

Spring 2014

Ku core1
KU Core

  • Current Freshmen will be following the Core

  • Sophomores need to officially “opt in” to the Core

  • Major and minor requirements do NOT change

    • i.e., your SPLH course requirements are the same as with the previous curriculum

  • You can find more information about KU Core at http://kucore.ku.edu/

  • Ku core2
    KU Core

    • Core advising information for SPLH students

      • KU Core tutorial and Advising Worksheets currently available on our website: http://splh.ku.edu/Undergrad/documents/KU_Core_Instructions.pdf

      • Freshmen – Use your current DPR to see what KU Core Goals you are satisfying with your current enrollments

      • Sophomores: Your DPR will show KU Core requirements if you run a “What if” DPR for the current term (Fall 2013)

    Ku core important notes
    KU Core: Important Notes

    • Some courses may count for multiple learner outcomes

      • HOWEVER, you can only count a Core course once

      • You pick where you want the course to count

      • E.g., LING 106 meets Goal 1 (Outcome 1) and Goal 4 (Outcome 2)

        • You can only count it in one place

        • YOU choose EITHER Goal 1 or Goal 4

        • Your DPR will make an initial placement for you based on where it “thinks” you need to use it.

    Ku core important notes1
    KU Core: Important Notes

    • Major and Minor requirements can meet KU Core requirements

      • E.g., SPLH 261 and SPLH 566 meet Goal 3 Social and Behavioral Sciences

      • SPLH 497, SPLH 498 and SPLH 660 meet Goal 6

      • You do NOT have to choose here

      • The course can count for KU Core and for your Major/Minor requirements

    Ku core important notes2
    KU Core Important Notes

    • New courses are being added to KU Core each month

    • Courses that you have taken that don’t currently count, COULD count in the future

    • re-check http://kucore.ku.edu/courses regularly (e.g., end of this semester, middle of next semester) to see if any of your completed courses fulfill Core requirements

    Splh advising reminders1
    SPLH Advising Reminders

    • If you haven’t done so already, you need to create a plan of study and have it approved by your advisor

      • See http://splh.ku.edu/Undergrad/advisingformajors.shtml

    Splh advising reminders2
    SPLH Advising Reminders

    • Freshman/Sophomore SPLH courses

      • SPLH 120 Physics of Speech

        • (Prereq: Math 101/104)

      • SPLH 320 Intro to Neuroscience

      • Class size for 120 and 320 have been increased

      • SPLH 320 has been increased to 3 credits

      • If you haven’t taken 120 & 320, you should complete these asap

    Splh advising reminders3
    SPLH Advising Reminders

    • Plan to take SPLH 663 Hearing Science in Spring 2015 (or 2014 if you’re a sophomore and have completed 120 and 320)

      • SPLH 120 and 320 are prerequisite to 663

        • Again, make sure you take these in Sophomore year (if not before)

      • SPLH 663 is a prerequisite to SPLH 668

      • SPLH 663 is ONLY offered in the SPRING

      • So, taking SPLH 663 in Spring of your SOPHOMORE year will give you flexibility in future planning

      • SPLH 662 is only offered Fall semester

    Succeeding academically
    Succeeding Academically

    • Keep track of your grades in your courses

      • Check your DPR for current GPAs (overall and in major)

      • See your instructor if you need help calculating your current grade

      • See your instructor EARLY for ideas on how to improve your performance

      • Office hours are for YOU. Go see your instructor.

      • Keep your advisor informed of any challenges you are facing

    • See http://advising.ku.edu/students/current/resources.shtml#academicfor additional KU resources

    Take advantage of ku
    Take Advantage of KU

    • KU offers many opportunities to enrich your undergraduate experience and learn outside the classroom

      • These experiences will help develop important skills you need for your career

    Slps and auds work with people

    SLPs and AuDs work with people

    Gain experience working with people
    Gain Experience Working with People

    • http://career.ku.edu/volunteering

    • KU Center for Community Outreach facilitates numerous volunteer opportunities with children, older adults, and health care facilitieshttp://cco.ku.edu/~cco/cgi-bin/index.php

    • Complete the Service Learning Certification program http://www.servicelearning.ku.edu/

    Summer camp jobs
    Summer Camp Jobs

    • Look for camps with children (or adults) with disabilities

      • http://www.veryspecialcamps.com/

      • http://www.familyvillage.wisc.edu/leisure/camps.html

      • http://www.camppage.com/special_needs_camps/physical-disabilities_camps/physical-disabilities_index.htm

      • Just google summer camp and a particular disability or a particular location

    • Sertoma-Schiefelbusch Clinic Communication Camp in mid-June

      • http://splh.ku.edu/Clinics/SchClinic/

      • Applications usually due mid to late March

    Gain an appreciation of other cultures
    Gain an Appreciation of Other Cultures

    • KU has numerous study abroad opportunities including short-term break, semester long, and year long opportunities as well as internships http://www.studyabroad.ku.edu/

    • Complete the Global Awareness Program http://www.international.ku.edu/gap/

    Study abroad considerations from jacquelyn vorndran
    Study Abroad Considerations(from Jacquelyn Vorndran)

    • Make an appointment with a Study Abroad advisor

    • You can get SPLH credit for some courses.

      • Dr. Storkel and other faculty are able to evaluate offerings to see if they meet course requirements

      • Keep track of forms through an online portfolio

      • Some sites to search for programs:

      • http://www.studyabroad.com/

      • http://www.studyabroad.ku.edu/ (click list of programs on the side)

      • http://www.augsburg.edu/global/ (semester programs on the side, this is the one that I did in Namibia!)

      • http://studiesabroad.com/

      • http://www.sit.edu/studyabroad/

    Slps and auds consume and conduct research

    SLPs and AuDs consume and conduct research

    Gain experience in research
    Gain Experience in Research

    • Complete Departmental Honors http://splh.ku.edu/Undergrad/honors.shtml or Research Experience Program (REP) Certification http://ugresearch.ku.edu/student/rep/overview your junior or senior year

    • SPLH uses a central matching procedure. The application is distributed to all majors mid-semester near enrollment time

      • Applications available via email on October 4; due back November 1

    Slps and auds are involved

    SLPs and AuDs are involved

    • Join KUSSHA!

      • Applications available from Dr. Brady and Jacqueline Vorndran (current president)

    • Kansas University Student Speech Language Hearing Association

    • Recent activities:

      • Grad night

      • Meet the professionals night

      • Movie Socials

      • Advocacy day in Topeka

    • Join NSSLHA!

    • National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

    • Access to ASHA journals and websites

    • Journal Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders and NSSLHA Now!

    • Discounts to convention and membership

    • More information available from Franzluebbers


    This PPT is located on this page: http://splh.ku.edu/Undergrad/advisingformajors.shtml

    under the Group Advising Slides Header.