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SPLH Advising

SPLH Advising

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SPLH Advising

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  1. SPLH Advising Session for Freshmen and Sophomores Students FOLLOWING the KU Core Spring 2014

  2. KU Core

  3. KU Core • Current Freshmen will be following the Core • Sophomores need to officially “opt in” to the Core • Major and minor requirements do NOT change • i.e., your SPLH course requirements are the same as with the previous curriculum • You can find more information about KU Core at

  4. KU Core • Core advising information for SPLH students • KU Core tutorial and Advising Worksheets currently available on our website: • Freshmen – Use your current DPR to see what KU Core Goals you are satisfying with your current enrollments • Sophomores: Your DPR will show KU Core requirements if you run a “What if” DPR for the current term (Fall 2013)

  5. KU Core: Important Notes • Some courses may count for multiple learner outcomes • HOWEVER, you can only count a Core course once • You pick where you want the course to count • E.g., LING 106 meets Goal 1 (Outcome 1) and Goal 4 (Outcome 2) • You can only count it in one place • YOU choose EITHER Goal 1 or Goal 4 • Your DPR will make an initial placement for you based on where it “thinks” you need to use it.

  6. KU Core: Important Notes • Major and Minor requirements can meet KU Core requirements • E.g., SPLH 261 and SPLH 566 meet Goal 3 Social and Behavioral Sciences • SPLH 497, SPLH 498 and SPLH 660 meet Goal 6 • You do NOT have to choose here • The course can count for KU Core and for your Major/Minor requirements

  7. KU Core Important Notes • New courses are being added to KU Core each month • Courses that you have taken that don’t currently count, COULD count in the future • re-check regularly (e.g., end of this semester, middle of next semester) to see if any of your completed courses fulfill Core requirements

  8. SPLH Advising reminders

  9. SPLH Advising Reminders • If you haven’t done so already, you need to create a plan of study and have it approved by your advisor • See

  10. SPLH Advising Reminders • Freshman/Sophomore SPLH courses • SPLH 120 Physics of Speech • (Prereq: Math 101/104) • SPLH 320 Intro to Neuroscience • Class size for 120 and 320 have been increased • SPLH 320 has been increased to 3 credits • If you haven’t taken 120 & 320, you should complete these asap

  11. SPLH Advising Reminders • Plan to take SPLH 663 Hearing Science in Spring 2015 (or 2014 if you’re a sophomore and have completed 120 and 320) • SPLH 120 and 320 are prerequisite to 663 • Again, make sure you take these in Sophomore year (if not before) • SPLH 663 is a prerequisite to SPLH 668 • SPLH 663 is ONLY offered in the SPRING • So, taking SPLH 663 in Spring of your SOPHOMORE year will give you flexibility in future planning • SPLH 662 is only offered Fall semester

  12. Succeeding Academically • Keep track of your grades in your courses • Check your DPR for current GPAs (overall and in major) • See your instructor if you need help calculating your current grade • See your instructor EARLY for ideas on how to improve your performance • Office hours are for YOU. Go see your instructor. • Keep your advisor informed of any challenges you are facing • See additional KU resources

  13. Making the most of your undergraduate experience

  14. Take Advantage of KU • KU offers many opportunities to enrich your undergraduate experience and learn outside the classroom • These experiences will help develop important skills you need for your career

  15. SLPs and AuDs work with people

  16. Gain Experience Working with People • • KU Center for Community Outreach facilitates numerous volunteer opportunities with children, older adults, and health care facilities • Complete the Service Learning Certification program

  17. Summer Camp Jobs • Look for camps with children (or adults) with disabilities • • • • Just google summer camp and a particular disability or a particular location • Sertoma-Schiefelbusch Clinic Communication Camp in mid-June • • Applications usually due mid to late March

  18. Gain an Appreciation of Other Cultures • KU has numerous study abroad opportunities including short-term break, semester long, and year long opportunities as well as internships • Complete the Global Awareness Program

  19. Study Abroad Considerations(from Jacquelyn Vorndran) • Make an appointment with a Study Abroad advisor • You can get SPLH credit for some courses. • Dr. Storkel and other faculty are able to evaluate offerings to see if they meet course requirements • Keep track of forms through an online portfolio • Some sites to search for programs: • • (click list of programs on the side) • (semester programs on the side, this is the one that I did in Namibia!) • •

  20. SLPs and AuDs consume and conduct research

  21. Gain Experience in Research • Complete Departmental Honors or Research Experience Program (REP) Certification your junior or senior year • SPLH uses a central matching procedure. The application is distributed to all majors mid-semester near enrollment time • Applications available via email on October 4; due back November 1

  22. SLPs and AuDs are involved

  23. Join KUSSHA! • Applications available from Dr. Brady and Jacqueline Vorndran (current president) • Kansas University Student Speech Language Hearing Association • Recent activities: • Grad night • Meet the professionals night • Movie Socials • Advocacy day in Topeka

  24. Join NSSLHA! • National Student Speech Language Hearing Association • Access to ASHA journals and websites • Journal Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders and NSSLHA Now! • Discounts to convention and membership • More information available from Franzluebbers

  25. This PPT is located on this page: under the Group Advising Slides Header. Questions