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Chief Sealth!

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Chief Sealth!

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  1. Chief Sealth! Powerpoint presentation By Elle Lapsen

  2. Who? Chief Seattle played an important part in the history of Seattle. He was born in 1780. He was an exellent leader for he lead not only the Squamish tribe, but also the Duamish tribe. Chief Seattle claimed to have seen Captian Vancouver’s ship,the first to explore the Puget Sound in 1792.Chief Sealth died in 1866.

  3. What? Chief Seattle did a lot of important things that changed Seattle’s history. He encouraged his people to sign the Treaty of Point Elliot in 1855. He also kept peace with the white settlers. Chief Seattle helped the Denny party in 1851 and one of his tribes kept David Denny alive. He also built strong alliances with six other tribes. This is part of Chief Seattle’s speech:” A few more moons. A few more winters-and not one of the descendants of the mighty hosts that once moved over this broad land or lived in happy homes protected by the Great Spirit, will remain to mourn over the graves of a people- one more powerful and helpful than yours”. He spent the last years of his life on the Port Madison reservation. Chief Seattle died of severe fever.

  4. Why? Chief Seattle was very important to Seattle. He helped the Dennys in 1851.Chief Seattle encouraged Doc Maynard to come to Seattle and Doc Maynard to name Seattle (formerly Duamps) after Chief Seattle. He encouraged his people to sign the Treaty of Point Elliot.From theTreaty of Point Elliot: “The said tribes and bands of Indians hereby cede, relinquish and convey to the United States all their right, title and intrest in and to the lands and country occupied by them, bounded and described as follows.”He signed the Treaty of Point Elliot. Even during the Indian wars, though torn with anxiety and frustration, Chief Seattle kept his promise and maintained the peace. Chief Seattle also was very friendly with the white settlers.

  5. Pictures of Chief Seattle!!!

  6. Chief Seattle’s sighting Captain Vancouver’s ship.

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