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Curriculum Night January 17, 2013

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Curriculum Night January 17, 2013. WELCOME!. Agenda. Miss Herbaugh, Guidance Counselor Mrs . Frederick, English Dept. Mrs. Swales and Mrs. Taneyhill, GACTC Mrs. Craig, Mathematics Dept. Chairperson Mrs. Hurd, Social Studies Dept. Chairperson Mr. Tinker, Science Dept. Chairperson

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Curriculum Night January 17, 2013

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Presentation Transcript

Miss Herbaugh, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Frederick, English Dept.

Mrs. Swales and Mrs. Taneyhill, GACTC

Mrs. Craig, Mathematics Dept. Chairperson

Mrs. Hurd, Social Studies Dept. Chairperson

Mr. Tinker, Science Dept. Chairperson

Mrs. Stern, Foreign Language Dept. Chairperson

are you ready for 9 th grade
Are You Ready For 9th Grade?
  • Things to Consider:
    • High School Students Housed at the JH
    • Transcripts Generated
    • Credits Earned
    • NCAA Eligibility
    • Course Expectations Increase
    • Independence/Maturity Expected

NCAA Parent Letter

NCAA Brochure

NCAA Booklet

ncaa considerations
NCAA Considerations

If you plan to play a sport at the Division I or Division II level, you must meet certain course requirements set forth by the NCAA. Our Civics 9 class is not acknowledged by the NCAA. Therefore, you should not take this course if you need to meet eligibility for college level sports.

scheduling musts
Scheduling Musts
  • Schedule no less than 7 units/credits per year
  • Must accumulate 27 units/credits to graduate
  • 4 units each of: Communications , Social Science, Natural Science and Math
  • 2 units each of: Physical Education (.5 units x 4 years) and Health (.5 units x 4 years)
  • 1 unit of Computer Science and Humanities
  • 5 units of Electives
  • Foreign Language is not a Hollidaysburg Area Graduation Requirement, but is highly recommended by prospective post secondary institutions.
criteria for course enrollment
Criteria for Course Enrollment

Students are scheduled for classes based on prior performance/grades and teacher recommendations.

NEW: Successful Completion of Keystone Exam is now a prerequisite for certain courses .

See scheduling sheet and Course Description Booklet for more details.

special entrance requirements

Special Entrance Requirements

Certain 9th grade electives have entrance requirements

Intro to Art: Portfolio

Due: February 8 to

Mrs. Wertz-Leiden (Room 132)

Tiger TV: Application

Due: February 8 to the Guidance Office

Anatomy: Essay

Due: February 8 to the Guidance Office

scheduling timeline
Scheduling Timeline
  • Miss Herbaugh will give scheduling presentations to students January 14th
  • Scheduling Sheets and applications due to Guidance Office by February 8th
  • Transition to HS Conferences begin January 22nd
  • Individual selections entered in system
  • Master schedule for entire building is completed
  • Course Request Verifications mailed home
  • Students receive schedule in June
transition to high school conferences
Transition to High School Conferences
  • Career and Educational Planning Session
  • Individual conference with a guidance counselor
  • Preparation for 9th grade
  • Review of Guidance Curriculum/Career Pathways Activities



Education with a purpose

pathway option with cluster areas
Pathway Option with Cluster Areas


Computer Information Systems

Business Administration, Marketing, Mathematics, Sales

pathway option with cluster areas1
Pathway Option with Cluster Areas
  • Communications
    • Journalism, Language Arts, Media, Public Relations
    • The Arts – Music, Theater, Visual
pathway option with cluster areas2
Pathway Option with Cluster Areas
  • Engineering and Industrial
    • - Architecture, Construction, Manufacturing
    • - Material Sciences and Nanofabrication
pathway option with cluster areas3
Pathway Option with Cluster Areas
  • Human Services
    • Consumer Services and Human Development
    • Education, Government, Law
pathway option with cluster areas4
Pathway Option with Cluster Areas


Biomedical, Physical, Earth Science


english mrs frederick
EnglishMrs. Frederick




honors english

Honors English

  • Honors English is a rigorous class that is intended to prepare students to continue on in the High School Honors Curriculum. Students must be excellent readers and writers, with a strong work ethic. They must be prepared to complete assignments, including a great deal of reading, independently. All students in Honors English will complete cross-curricular projects (approximately one per marking period) regardless of the level of Civics they choose to schedule. Students will have a summer reading assignment.
what we read independent reads
What We Read – Independent Reads
  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coehlo
  • The Book Thief-- Markus Zusak
  • The Sledding Hill – Chris Crutcher
  • Great Expectations – Charles Dickens
  • Of Mice & Men – John Steinbeck
  • Night – Elie Wiesel
  • Romeo & Juliet – William Shakespeare
  • Accelerated Reader – 25 points per marking period
  • “My Year With” – A year long reading project with a student selected author.
what we read instructional
What We Read - Instructional
  • Short Stories – Varied
  • Poetry - Varied
  • Saki & O. Henry Mini Unit – 3 Stories by each
  • Edgar Allen Poe Mini Unit – Multiple Works
  • The Harlem Renaissance – Thematic Unit
  • The Holocaust – Thematic Unit
  • Othello – William Shakespeare
vocabulary development
Vocabulary Development
  • Vocabulary Workshop Level D – one unit per week, including review and cumulative review units
  • Literature, Grammar, and Composition Terms & Definitions
  • Vocabulary as used in the context of reading materials
grammar composition
Grammar & Composition

One grammar unit (chapter) per marking period

  • Basic Parts of the Sentence (review)
  • Diagramming basic parts of the sentence
  • Phrases and Clauses
  • Writing Effective Sentences
  • Three to five compositions per marking
  • period, both in and out of class
    • Narrative, Expository and Persuasive
    • Writing in response to literature
    • Formal Research Papers following MLA format
    • Poetry and Creative writing
final exam
Final Exam
  • Vocabulary Units 1-15
  • All grammar content
  • Essay based on literature selections from the year
  • Four days of testing
civics mrs hurd
CivicsMrs. Hurd


college bound vs honors
College Bound VS. Honors

Course Content Is the Same

Increased Expectations for Honors Classes

Quality of Work

Amount of Work


Reading and Writing Skills

Summer assignment

which level is best for my child
Which level is best for my child?
  • Considerations
    • Work ethic
    • Interest in subject matter
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Independence in learning
    • Academic and career goals
    • Grades vs. challenge
prerequisites for honors level
Prerequisites for Honors Level
  • Successful completion of 8th grade Pre-Honors class
  • 95% in 8th grade CB class and teacher recommendation
long term planning fyi
Long-term planning - FYI
  • 10th Grade AP European History
  • Prerequisites
    • Honors Civics
    • Honors English
    • 92% average in both
    • Screener test
mathematics mrs craig
MathematicsMrs. Craig




8 th to 9 th grade transition
8th to 9th Grade Transition


Algebra II Honors Geometry

Algebra I CB Geometry

Algebra IA Algebra IB

70% ↑

69% ↓

95% ↑


69% ↓

70% ↑

honors geometry
Honors Geometry


Successful completion of Algebra 2 or a 95% or higher in

Algebra 1

Topics to be covered:

Interrelationships Between Points, Lines, and Planes, Angle

Relationships, Parallel Lines, Polygons and Similarity,

Conditionals and Logic, Triangle Relationships and Right

Triangle Properties, Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, and

Volume, Circles, Introductory Trigonometry

Direct and indirect proofs are done in a manner which follows rigid mathematical procedure.


Sequence through Grade 12

9 Honors Geometry

10 Honors Trigonometry & Pre-calculus or

Honors Algebra 2

11 AP Calculus AB

Honors Calculus or Calculus

Honors Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus

AP Statistics or Honors Probability & Statistics

12 AP Calculus BC

AP Calculus AB or Calculus

AP Statistics or Honors Probability & Statistics


CB Geometry


Successful completion of Algebra 1 and Pass the Algebra 1

Keystone Exam.

Topics to be covered:

Interrelationships Between Points, Lines, and Planes,

Angle Relationships, Parallel Lines, Polygons and

Similarity, Conditionals and Logic, Triangle Relationships

and Right Triangle Properties, Perimeter, Area, Surface

Area, and Volume, Circles, Introductory Trigonometry

Course includes some, but not an extensive amount of

proofs and deals mainly with geometric concepts.

sequence through grade 12
Sequence through Grade 12

9 CB Geometry

10 Algebra 2, Honors Algebra 2

11 Honors Trigonometry & Pre-calculus

Trigonometry & Pre-calculus

AP Statistics

Honors Probability & Statistics

12 AP Calculus AB


AP Statistics

Honors Probability & Statistics




Successful completion of Algebra 1A

Topics to be Covered:

Review of Algebra 1A, Solving Systems of Linear Equations and

Inequalities, Working with Polynomials, Factoring Polynomials,

Quadratic Functions, Exponents, Rational Expressions and

Equations, Radical Expressions and Equations

Students will take the Algebra 1 Keystone Exam in May. The test

covers all content from the Algebra 1A course and Algebra 1B

course. Students must pass this exam for graduation


sequence through grade 121
Sequence through Grade 12

9 Algebra 1B

10 Geometry or Integrated Math 1

11 Algebra 2 or Geometry or

Integrated Math 2

12 Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus or Algebra 2

or Integrated Math 3

science mr tinker
ScienceMr. Tinker




9 th grade science courses
9th Grade Science Courses
  • Honors Biology
  • College Bound Science 9
  • Science 9
  • Anatomy/Physiology (elective)

Honors Biology

  • Course Description: Honors Biology is part of the honors curricula of ninth grade geared to academically accelerated students who show an interest in and aptitude for the sciences.  The course is designed to challenge the student to incorporate and apply the basic content of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, microbiology, zoology, and ecology and to foster skills of independent learning.  The course emphasizes the scientific method, laboratory skill development, and empirical observation through a series of laboratory and classroom activities. The basic objectives of the course are designed to develop an interest in the biological sciences and to stimulate creative thought through application of biological concepts and laboratory investigations.
  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of Pre-Honors Science 8 or a 95% in CB Science 8
college bound science 9
College Bound Science 9
  • Course Description: This course is for academic students whose career path will follow a curriculum revolving around classes of the college preparatory level.  It continues the Junior High sequence of PA state standards aligned to physical and earth science.  The course covers the four main topics of Chemical Interactions, Sound, Light & Electricity, Astronomy, and Environment & Ecology. The course continues to foster the development and application of problem-solving and thinking skills. 
  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of College Bound Science 8 or 95% average and teacher recommendation for Science 8.
science 9
Science 9
  • Course Description: Science 9 continues the Junior High sequence based upon content and the state standards.  This course for general education students is broken into four major areas of scientific study: Chemical Interactions, Sound Light & Electricity, Astronomy and Environment &Ecology.
  • Prerequisite:Successful completion of Science 8.


  • Course Description:  Human Anatomy and Physiology is a one-semester ninth grade elective designed to give students an introduction to the structure and function of the human body. Students study each body system beginning at the cellular level while also learning the interactions among the systems.  In addition, the students are introduced to various occupations within the medical field through in-class visits from medical professionals and field trips.
  • Prerequisite: Interested 8th grade students must submit an essay explaining their interest in the medical field and the reasons they desire to take this course.
foreign languages mrs stern
Foreign LanguagesMrs. Stern




world language options
World Language Options





why take a world language
Why take a World Language?
  • Helps with understanding English
    • Vocabulary
  • Develops an appreciation of other cultures
  • Opens more doors in the work place
    • Business, Government
  • Improves SAT scores
is this a college requirement
Is this a college requirement?
  • No!
  • However…
    • Students are encouraged to take a minimum of two years of the same language
    • Required for some colleges and/or degrees (Check with potential colleges)
language instruction today
Language Instruction Today
  • We focus on all four skills.
    • Listening
      • Real-life dialog
      • Music
    • Reading
      • Short stories and novels
    • Writing
      • Skits, letters, compositions, etc.
    • Speaking
      • Student interaction
how to choose a language
How to choose a language
  • What language or place interests you the most?
  • What is your heritage?
advantages of high school world language
Advantages of High School World Language
  • Obtain College in High School credit through St. Francis University in Level 4
  • Participate in foreign language clubs
  • Opportunity for travel and immersions
  • Fulfill college entrance requirements and possibly continue earning credits toward a minor degree in a foreign language.
dates to remember
Dates To Remember

Transition to HS Conference Request:

Available After Tonight’s Presentation or by calling the Guidance Office at 695-4426 ext. 6520.

Scheduling Sheets, Tiger TV Applications, Anatomy Essays and Intro to Art Portfolios:

Due Friday, February 8


Miss Herbaugh, Guidance Counselor

695-4426 ext. 6522

Mrs. Boose, Guidance Secretary

695-4426 ext. 6520

closing remarks
Closing Remarks

Please see the back table for additional information and for an opportunity to sign up for a transition to high school conference.