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Move More. Move Often. How to avoid a sedentary lifestyle Tom Branco. What’s the Problem?. The American Lifestyle has become increasingly sedentary aiding in the high prevalence of obesity. What’s the Problem?. Children grow up developing unhealthy movement habits

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Move more move often

Move More. Move Often

How to avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Tom Branco

What s the problem
What’s the Problem?

The American Lifestyle has become increasingly sedentary aiding in the high prevalence of obesity

What s the problem1
What’s the Problem?

Children grow up developing unhealthy movement habits

Television, smartphones, tablets and video games have become and more of a distraction

Sedentary lifestyle
Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyles are often associated with other bad habits like poor diet

It used to be that television was the primary way to waste time and be inactive

Growing problems
Growing Problems

New devices introduced to the public over the last 10 years have made it easier to be sedentary in any room in their house

Growing problems1
Growing Problems

The increased popularity of computer games, especially first-person shooters, are another way in which young people develop a sedentary lifestyle

They may also encourage violence in younger players


Gamers may often stay insideall day

Have little contact with the outside world


Staying inside reduces one’s exposure to sunlight

This can reduce their intake of vitamin D

Lack of nutrients
Lack of Nutrients

A lack of desire to move about may increase one’s likelihood of cooking healthy food

May increase their likelihood of ordering out

More likely to eat poorly

What to do
What to do

Move more, move often

Spend less time doing sedentary activities

Spend more time being productive

Go for walks
Go for walks

Walk Hard!

Go for walks1
Go for walks

Walk with friends

Walk alone

Walk while listening to music

Lift weights
Lift Weights

Do Work !

Lift weights1
Lift weights

Start lifting young

Keep lifting until you’re old

Other activities
Other Activities

Play sports

Cross Fit

Help your friend move furniture

It doesn’t matter what you do, just get off the couch!

Go outside
Go Outside!

Nature Rocks!

Go outside1
Go Outside!

Especially if it isn’t cold, there is no excuse

Going outside decreases your likelihood of being sedentary

Go hiking

Go biking

And also….

Eat right
Eat Right

A healthy diet will motivate you to do more

Less likely to encourage sedentary activities

Move More. Move Often