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Knowledge is power

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Knowledge is power - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Knowledge is power. Knowledge is Power – You Must apply It. Write it down - you absorb 20%, “take notes” Get Involved - Ask Questions early and often-20 others are thinking same Bring an OPEN MIND! - Yours is just like a Parachute Build some “Network Currency”- Get to know everyone at 201

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Knowledge is Power – You Must apply It

  • Write it down - you absorb 20%, “take notes”
  • Get Involved - Ask Questions early and often-20 others
  • are thinking same
  • Bring an OPEN MIND! - Yours is just like a Parachute
  • Build some “Network Currency”- Get to know everyone at 201
  • Use your time wisely, 50% of the things you learn this week will be
  • off campus – that’s why we put you all together! It’s called Synergy!

Knowledge is Power - When Applied!

  • Become a student of non-verbal communication –
  • 93% is tone, inflection and body language.
  • That you leave the LA 201 with 10 great ideas, 5 you which
  • you’ll pitch to Your BM on Implementing immediately!
  • Additionally, you leave here as a vastly improved
  • manager - Focused, Poised and Armed with New
  • Knowledge.
  • That we see you again within 6 months at either our 301
  • Top Gun schools!

Tip’s for this week

Give Up your Personal History “we’re here to re-write records!” Starting today!

You Can’t Solve a Problem with the Same Mind that Created It. “Expand your comfort zone”

Treat Yourself as if You Already Are What You’d Like To Be.

“I’m in a room filled with Incredible Talent!

Wisdom is Avoiding All Thoughts that Weaken You.

Positive week!


Tips for this week-Plan Ahead

Predetermine your destiny

Lay out your goals

Adjust your priorities

Notify key people

Allow time for acceptance

Head into action

Expect some “hurdles”

Always point out the positives

Daily review of your systems

art of persuasion
Art of Persuasion

The one thing a leader can always have in common with another person is his or her best interest.

Great Leaders have “people power” because they recognize and appreciate the significance of others. When you communicate from the other person’s perspective, you quickly develop rapport.

  • Here’s the KEY!!! -Once you’ve won the trust of the listener you’ve opened his or her mind to consider your message. You must find a way to impact him or her with what you want them to understand, and that requires making an emotional connection.
  • Emotional impact is key in selling ideas and gaining commitment, understanding and ultimately conveying the vivid image you want to.
you will s ee the power of persuasion
You Will See the Power of Persuasion

The Blend of Art and Science

Art - requires the ability to establish trust and strong communication skills.

Science - in that it hinges on the disciplined collection and analysis of Human behavior

  • Credibility - acquired expertise. BE OBJECTIVE!
  • Build Common Ground - TRUST- Frame common goals with specific benefits that meet “our” values!
  • Create “Compelling” needsupported by personal real life examples (1st hand knowledge)
  • Emotional connection - Talented persuaders understand and connect with the feelings of their audience! You have to be in high “sensatory” mode!


NEED = 30%




CLOSE = 10%

50% of our presentations success hinges on “Human Element”

you ll meet masters of rapport
You’ll Meet Masters of Rapport
  • Rapport is not static; it’s not something that remains stable once achieved. It’s Dynamic, fluid and flexible and it’s absolutely the most important skill you can train your branch on!
  • Rapport is also about pacing, it’s about the ability to accurately change gears when someone else does.
  • Once you have established solid rapport with someone, you’re now in position to lead or steer conversations, thoughts and actions! That’s pure MAGIC!
  • We have to become better communicators and “Connectors” if we want to write more long lasting, high quality business as the #1 In- Home and Worksite provider in the insurance industry.
we will unify your 6 key elements for success
We Will Unify Your 6 Key Elements for Success!
  • Your Purpose - driving ambition that shapes what your deal aspires to achieve
  • Your Strategy - TheSpecific and measurable way you achieve your purpose. What is it? We’ll help you define it this week. * Strategy serves purpose!
  • Your People and the way they interact! - Are they assembled and rallied around executing a strategy? Key - how do they treat each other to get work done? - Says more about you than anything else!
  • Your structure and process - Needs to be the center of of how you drive and execute programs under your systems - it must UNIFY your people.
  • Your Metrics and Rewards - What you measure is what you value! It says everything about your purpose! And how you reward your people is a cornerstone to your culture.
  • Your Culture - The largely unwritten set of rules that govern behavior - “How work gets done when you don’t have to specify how the work should be done!” Good culture is a unifying point.
you ll understand coaching 201
You’ll Understand Coaching 201
  • We manage the data to lead our people, But who’s inspiring them?
  • Motivation vs. Inspiration
  • Great coaches inspire to peak performance.
  • You need to be smart to lead through data driven metrics. But the real talent is to coach positive action behind the data that drives results! - That takes great coaching.
  • Two choices as a Unit MGR; Manage your unit from data driven choices or coach your people to excellence.
  • Re-active vs. Proactive - How to get ahead of the curve!
dna of a great coach
DNA of a Great Coach
  • Innate ability to Spot and Foster Talent.
  • Communicates with great Purpose and Passion.
  • Provides a Winning Culture (Structure to Achieve).
  • Vision to Guide Beyond Expectations.
  • Ability to Inspire to Extraordinary Effort.
  • Knows their own Playbook and will lead by example.
  • Key: The Gravity to attract people and the ability to hold those very people 100% accountable for their own success!

Success in sales take talent, skills, discipline, practice and honesty with a genuine interest in developing your people. Any Crisis of Confidence must be met with Boldness in Belief


coaching is all transfer of skills
Coaching is all Transferof Skills
  • Relationships - Do your people come to you seeking help?
  • Development - Are you investing time in your talent?
  • Direction - What's expected, where we are today and your role moving forward? How you contribute to OUR TEAM success.
  • Accountability - Holding your people accountable. Most important skill you can have and critical to your success as a Unit Manager.
  • Becoming Results Driven - We get up in the morning to Protect people’s lives.

1st Quarter 2012 VISION QUEST

  • Building a Huge Hierarchy
  • Becoming a Magnet in Recruiting
  • Field training expert - Sharing the dream
  • “Show me the Money”- Personal best income 2012
  • You’re going to get the “GAME PLAN” TO GET IT DONE! - LA 201


  • The world around you is a reflection of the world within you. The images you dwell upon affect your thoughts, feelings and behavior. Whatever you visualize clearly and emotionally will eventually materialize in your world.
  • We must visualize what we want to ATTRACT in our lives.


You attract into your world the people, ideas and opportunities that harmonize with your dominant thoughts.

When your goals are magnetized with the emotion of desire, you will experience what other people call luck.