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Enterprise Authoritative Data Source Registry

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Enterprise Authoritative Data Source Registry. Ken Fagan DISA PEO-GES March 25, 2010. Production Baseline Review. Agenda. Brief Background Summary of Comments Received Production Release: Major Features Supplemental Requirements Prioritization Discussion Future Releases.

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enterprise authoritative data source registry

Enterprise Authoritative Data Source Registry

Ken Fagan


March 25, 2010

Production Baseline Review

  • Brief Background
  • Summary of Comments Received
  • Production Release: Major Features
  • Supplemental Requirements
  • Prioritization Discussion
    • Future Releases
Authoritative Data Source:

A recognized or official data production source with a designated mission statement or source/product to publish reliable and accurate data for subsequent use by customers. An authoritative data source may be the functional combination of multiple, separate data sources.

Source: DoDD 8320.03, Unique Identification (UID) Standards for a Net-Centric Department of Defense, March 23, 2007


Enterprise Authoritative Data Source (EADS) Registry:

A DoD enterprise capability that provides one stop access to Authoritative Data Sources to improve search, access, consistency, and integration of data services as well as to increase collaboration amongst data producers and consumers.



DoD CIO volunteered to champion an Enterprise ADS solution. Actions fall into two distinct, but related areas:

Policy Guidance

A material solution for an Enterprise ADS registry

Initial requirements developed by the C2 ADS Working Group

Will continue to dialogue with C/S/As and other domains to ensure the enterprise services meet their needs

Jointly funded by DoD CIO and JFCOM


enterprise ads registry material solution
Enterprise ADS RegistryMaterial Solution

DoD CIO requested that DISA propose and develop a near-term capability that complements other related capabilities:

DoD Metadata Registry

NCES Service Registry

Enterprise Catalog

COI Directory

DISR, DITPR, E-ISP, Blue Sheets, etc.

Adopted the C2 CPM ADS Directory as the baseline for the Enterprise ADS Registry


benefits of selected approach
Benefits of Selected Approach

Reduced cost & shortened implementation schedule by leveraging existing accreditation, hardware, etc.

Integrated with existing enterprise registries where related ADS information originates

Integrated with NCES Enterprise Search capability

Leverages DKO Single Sign-on


deployment model
Deployment Model

Metadata Registry Application Server

Enterprise ADS Registry Web Application

Metadata Registry Web Application

Net-Centric Publisher Web Application

NCES Service Discovery Web Application

Metadata Registry ebXML Web Services







Tomcat Server (v.5.5.28)

Database Tier

Enterprise ADS Registry Database

Net-Centric Publisher Database

Metadata Registry Database

ebXML RIM Database







  • Deployment Footprint
  • - NIPR Primary (DECC - COLS)
  • - NIPR Backup (DECC - SATX)
  • - SIPR Primary (DECC - COLS)
  • - SIPR Backup (DECC - SATX)
  • Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)
    • - Piggyback on the MDR COOP
    • - MDR COOP successfully exercised and observed by JITC
      • NIPR 11 May 2009
      • SIPR 05 May 2009


initial prototype https falcon sspl disa mil eads
Initial Prototypehttps://falcon.sspl.disa.mil/eads
  • Access with your DKO user credentials
  • User Forum: https://www.intelink.gov/wiki/C2_Authoritative_Data_Source_Working_Group
  • Feedback: Feedback and Support Link above; C2 ADS WG Intellipedia site above



prototype evaluation period
Prototype & Evaluation Period

Prototype deployed: DEC 2009

Evaluation Period: DEC 2009 – FEB 2010

Evaluated by:

  • Army
  • Marine Corps.
  • Navy
  • JFCOM (C2 ADS WG Team Members)
comments received
Comments Received
  • Terminology *
    • Many comments regarding the terminology surrounding Authoritative Data Sources and their components
      • Most have been addressed or explained to stakeholder satisfaction.
      • Remaining:
        • Naming convention for Authoritative Data Sources
          • Often the system name is used.
          • The EADS Registry concatenates the Data Need and the Data Producer Names.

(* - Production release will address these comments)

comments received1
Comments Received
  • User Interface
    • Numerous generic usability/UI comments *
    • Context Sensitive Help *
    • Ability to search ADS’s by Data Producer *
    • Ability to search ADS’s by System *
    • Improve the User interaction workflow *
    • Add a few more pre-defined optional system attributes *
    • Modify fields from required to optional *

(* - Production release will address these comments)

comments received2
Comments Received
  • Workflow
    • Approval process for System publication; Is it needed?
    • Business rules for update/modify/deletion of aspects of an ADS *
    • Should classification be captured at the Data Source or System level? (Currently it is at the system level.)
    • Support ADS expiration & notification to Authoritative Bodies *
    • Support the addition of organizations for various purposes *
    • Allow for profile development for a given Authoritative Body

(* - Production release will address these comments)

comments received3
Comments Received
  • Interoperability
    • ADS XML Schema for importing data *
    • DITPR Integration (* depending upon availability and mapping)
      • No machine to machine interface available, will consider pre-loading the DITPR data.
    • Data Export Mechanisms (PDF, XML) *

(* - Production release will address these comments)

comments received4
Comments Received
  • Reporting
    • Current capability produces a PDF of a single ADS with all of the information provided
      • Provide XML and Excel export formats *
    • What more is necessary? (We need your help)
      • Metrics Collection
        • ADSs providing web services to expose data *
        • Linkages of Systems to MDR resources and NCES Service Registry *
        • ADSs used/approved by a given organization *
        • Total Approved ADS’s during a given timeframe *
        • Total Proposed ADS’s during a given timeframe *
        • Percentage of Approved ADS’s during a given timeframe *
      • ADSs associated with particular MDR Namespaces or Service Providers

(* - Production release will address these comments)

comments received5
Comments Received
  • Miscellaneous
    • What uniquely identifies a system, data source, data producer, or data need? (* pending discussion & agreement)
      • How do we reduce or eliminate duplication?
    • Army requested the ability to capture unique IDs for each ADS to help facilitate the mapping of systems between the EADS Registry and other systems.
      • Is this just capturing and adding an identifier to an ADS when it is registered/approved? Can this be done using user-defined Data Source Attributes?
    • ADS categorization by Joint Mission Thread
    • Robust User Dashboard
      • Allow users to see what they have published, approved, started, etc.
    • Federation Support
    • Web Services Interface
      • Based on XML Schema
    • Ability to capture additional information about ADSs such as who is using them and for what purpose?
      • Currently users can add comments to discovered ADS’s
        • Is this sufficient, if not, what more is needed?

(* - Production release will address these comments)

future release
Future Release
  • Top Priorities
    • Improved Reporting
    • Profile development for Authoritative Bodies
    • Web Services for publication