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The work of students:

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The work of students:
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The work of students:

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  1. The work of students: Wijdan Al-Qahtani          Wafa Alkhyeeri          Ghada Dakhil Categorical

  2. Supervision of Professor Sanaa Al-Adawi

  3. Soft drinks And energy drinks

  4. What is known about damage to soft drinks? • First: • A box containing one of • the soft drinks the equivalent of (10) tablespoons sugar is well known that sugars are the main causes of obesity and lead to chronic diseases such as high arterial tension and cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

  5. Second: Soft drinks contain carbon dioxide, which would disrupt the digestive enzymes in the stomach, thereby blocking the process of digestion and lack of access to food and the high carbon dioxide in the blood leads to a sense of drowsy lethargy and laziness.

  6. Third: Containing soft drinks to caffeine, which lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure also increases the caffeine, acidity diseases which may cause inflammation and ulceration of the stomach and duodenum and weaken the pressure valve of the esophagus, which in turn leads to reflux of food and acid from the stomach into the esophagus, causing pain and inflammation.

  7. Fourth: Soft drinks contain phosphoric acid and malice acid is harder for corals and lead to brittle and weak bones, making them more prone to breakage and may cause erosion of the port's protective layer of teeth, and thus expose the teeth to decay and damage.

  8. :Fifth Soft drinks that contain artificial sweeteners which may threaten the brain and lead to progressive memory loss and can lead to liver disease and damaged

  9. Sixth: Invasive water contains small amounts of polyethylene glycol, which reduces the freezing temperature of water to below zero in four or five degrees and this article is one of the toxins in forensic medicine

  10. Seventh: The soft drinks poured over the tiles and left for an hour and after it is removed to note that all stains have been removed because the citric acid can remove effectively strong.

  11. Eighth: Fingers to clean corrosion from car battery pack Add carbonated water to these fingers and noted gas bubbles released as it works effectively to break up corrosion and remove it.

  12. IX: To remove the fat stains from the clothes Add the amount of soft drinks tray washing materials and noted the disappearance of these spots.

  13. X: That the rate of acidity in soft drinks (ph) of between 3-4 degrees and the acidic enough to dissolve teeth and bones with the passage of time Kaman high acidity of the blood leads to sharp fluctuations in mood.

  14. : Eleven The calcium dissolved as a result of the dissolution of the bone, accumulates in the veins and the skin cells and vital organs, which affect the kidney, causing kidney stone

  15. Twelve: Soft drinks that contain coloring and preservatives are substances with the effects of future adverse health effect if the cause cancers.

  16. Thirteen: Since not too long has been a competition in Delhi University in India (who drink the largest amount of soda water?) Where drinking winning 8 cans, but he died in the same place at the high proportion of carbon dioxide in the blood and therefore not being able to get oxygen.

  17. Fourteen: The development of a broken tooth in the packaging of carbonated water for a period of ten days is sufficient for the degradation of Age note that the teeth and bones are the latest Maithll of the human body after his death several years

  18. Components of carbonated drinks Dyes Gas co2 Sugars Caffeine Acidic material Saverss

  19. Components of carbonated drinks Carbon dioxideIs who wins the soda water recipe furan is known that the high level of this gas in the blood affect the performance of many organs of the body, especially the nervous system.

  20. Components of soft drinks Caffeine • A substance stimulant for the nervous system where the brain makes lasting disorder and caffeine act Uploader arterial blood pressure because the arterial blood vessels caught and he has the ability to induce a state of addiction in a person who frequently abused

  21. الملونات والحافظات أصبح الآن لايخفى على أحد مالهذه المواد من أثار سلبية مستقبلية ضارة على الصحة كالإصابة بالسرطانات Components of soft drinks Pigments and folders Now to hide the money on one of these materials from negative impacts Future adverse health Kalisabp cancers

  22. Components of carbonated drinks Acidic Which is responsible for creating a state of indigestion, as well as blood pH and the consequent sharp fluctuations in mood

  23. Components Pepsi Sugars  And health problems are many, especially obesity and the consequences of obesity are many diseases that

  24. Pepsi effect on the body Nervous system: • Lethargy - laziness and inactivity - sleep disorder - the speed of fatigue - mental disorders and the reason is due to the components in the soda water Falcavien call nervous at first but soon Maicodha to lethargy and apathy and the carbon dioxide leads to a state of laziness and a tendency into a permanent sleepiness For acidic substances are responsible for the increased acidity of blood which reflected alkalinize blood as it has milk with improvement in mood and the person tends to result, a sense of joy and happiness

  25. Pepsi effect on the body • Digestive system: •  Gastrointestinal disturbances manifested Baltbak gastroenteritis or so-called shortness of digestion. There is a misconception that the water-invasive active process of digestion it seemed at first glance that there is satisfaction after drinking soda water and this is due to be emptied by the rapid contents of the stomach to the intestine caused by carbonated drinks, which gives a sense of false satisfaction Since this discharge occurs before the completion of the process of digestion alert result of carbonated drinks to Pylorus and urged them to open up, leading to cross the undigested food into the intestine appears later health problems such as indigestion, ulcers Twelve, colon spasms.

  26. Pepsi effect on the body • My heart and circulatory system  A result of increased blood lipids may be exposed to human high blood pressure and the resulting heart disease and stroke. • Malnutrition and anemia The result is indigestion and as a result of the false sense of satiety stomach is filled with gas

  27. Pepsi effect on the body • teeth and digestive system structure   Seen as the basic material of calcium entering in the composition of each of the teeth and skeleton, where this article is responsible for Giving teeth, bones and hardness. Water is soft on the demolition of calcium and withdrawal of the places that validates them in each of the teeth and bones with the passage of time and the continuation of this process weakens the teeth and become vulnerable to the fragility and decay easily and so does the bone becomes weak and fragile and susceptible to fractures of the simple reasons

  28. Pepsi effect on the body • Obesity:  A condition many reasons and one of the most important of these reasons is the excessive intake of carbonated drinks rich in sugars, where obesity is exacerbated existing and therebyincrease the unrest health associated with obesity such as diabetes - high blood pressure - stroke, - arthritis.

  29. Energy Drinks • Energy Drinks: •  Is the trade name given to the soft drinks added substances stimulant such as caffeine in plant directly or indirectly (by adding a summary such as guarana basis to caffeine and theophylline and stimulants, is also added to these drinks are the roots of a plant Ginseng and taurine as well as some vitamins and some minerals and some other materials.

  30. Energy Drinks • When you examine the label energy drinks and vital believed to contain large thermal energy is larger than soft drinks to which they belong, but the name came to influence the content of the articles stimulant for the nervous system and periodic materials such as caffeine, taurine and other stimulants by type

  31. How to increase your energy •  Contain a large amount of sugar, rapid absorption (glucose), which gives the high-energy. •  Those drinks contain caffeine and a very large • That energy drinks by stimulation materials and it does not exceed thermal energy for the body, but energy stimuli through caffeine, taurine and Ginseng and other stimulants and therefore it is better to drink natural that benefit the body, such as fruit juices, fresh and balanced diet that is the correct way to physical activity and energy

  32. ؟ Which consists of energy drinks • Contain a large amount of sugar, rapid absorption (glucose) •  These drinks contain caffeine and a very large, where, one pack of those drinks equivalent to drinking a large quantity of coffee • Composite Turin:is a type of amino acids found in meat and fish. Believes that manufacturers increase the effectiveness of caffeine and more than benefit from it,

  33. Damage energy drinks •  More problems caused by these drinks because caffeine is increased urination because the body is treated as a toxic Vikhals caffeine than in the center of water expelled from the amount of water needed at all, but getting rid of caffeine, the most important leads to the drought, •  May lead to irregular heartbeat, sleep problems Headache

  34. Damage energy drinks •  Glucose: the main unit of carbohydrates which can turn all of glucose and then enter the blood. •  High glucose in the blood requires higher hormone insulin, which is transmitted to the cells, if over the quantity of glucose is still high insulin will transfer more of glucose, which could cause a shortage in the blood leads to inactivity and weakness afterwards,  For pregnant women, the increase in caffeine 200 mg / day be harmful to pregnant mothers and their unborn child as the lead to birth defects in the heart of the fetus and increase the likelihood of abortion.

  35. Damage energy drinks • That those drinks cause for concern after a period of covered because of the large amount of caffeine •  These drinks contribute to the high pressure and increased heart rate blood sugar, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, and nosebleeds and seizures, and problems of tooth decay. •  In children, high concentrations of caffeine leads to behavioral changes such as anxiety - lack of concentration - irritability - and children not to eat Almtaudin caffeine can cause them turmoil consistency between the eye and hand can also occur, diarrhea and heart palpitations.

  36. Finally, we wish you to leave the soft drinks