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  1. WORK PERMITS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Presented by: Caroline Guay International Student AdvisorInternational Student Services

  2. AGENDA • CIC Definition of “Work” • Minimum requirements to work • Medical exams • Types of work & permits • On campus employment • Co-op/internship work permits • Off-campus work permits • Spousal work permits • Post graduation work permits • Transition: Off-Campus to Post-Graduation Work • Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) • Resources & support

  3. What is considered “work”? “Work” = an activity for which wages are paid or commission is earned, or that competes directly with activities of Canadian citizens or permanent residents in the Canadian labour market. (Citizenship & Immigration Canada) Note: If you’re “working” for a company but not being paid – it’s still considered “work” and you need a permit.

  4. Minimum requirements? For ALL types of work, you need: • A valid Study Permit • Full-time registration (except: last term) • A Social Insurance Number (to be paid) For SOME types of work, you may need: • A work permit (e.g. off-campus, co-op, etc.) • A medical exam

  5. Medical Exams A medical exam is only required for work in certain areas: Examples • work in health services • work with children • work in agricultural occupations • if you have visited/lived in a designated country for 6 months+ If a medical exam is required, make an appointment with a CIC Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP) N.B. There is a cost (approx. $200) which is generally NOT covered by insurance.

  6. 1. On-Campus Employment To be eligible: • Valid Study Permit • Registered full-time N.B. No work permit needed

  7. 2. Co-op/Internship Work Permit • Must be a requirement of program • Need a letter from department • Free application through MyCIC 

  8. 3. Off Campus Work Permit To be eligible: • Full-time status in 6 of previous 12 months • Satisfactory academic standing • Maintain eligibility* *You must surrender the Permit if you become ineligible • ($150 application fee)

  9. Off Campus Work Permit (cont’d) You are not eligible if you: • Failed to maintain your eligibility in the past • Have a partial or full scholarship or award from a Canadian agency • Are a Visiting student or Exchange student • Are registered in the ESL/FSL Program

  10. Off Campus Work Permit You are permitted to work: • Up to 20h/week during any academic sessions (including summer if studying during summer term) • Full-Time during scheduled breaks (e.g. during winter and summer holidays, reading week) • For 90 days after you have met your graduation requirements (as long as your Study Permit is valid)

  11. Off Campus Work Permit (cont’d) What is an EVN? • By issuing an Electronic Verification Number (EVN), McGill is confirming that a student is eligible for an Off-Campus Work Permit.  • Apply through your MyCIC account (under "My Requests") • Within 2-3 business days, eligibility will be confirmed • An EVN will be sent to you via a message in the My CIC message box • Note the EVN number, and use it in your online application

  12. 4. Spousal Work Permit • For spouses of full-time students (married or common-law) • Same expiry date as spouse’s Study Permit • Open work permit (any job, any employer) • Apply online through MyCIC ($150 application fee)

  13. 5. Post-Graduation Employment • To attract educated immigrants to Canada • Once in a lifetime opportunity • Up to a 3-year open work permit (no restrictions: type of job, contract, employer) • No job offer required You must apply within 90 days of completing all your requirements to graduate ($150 application fee)

  14. Transition from OCWP to PGWP

  15. Social Insurance Number (SIN) • Necessary to work in Canada (and get paid!) • Apply at Service Canada • Apply before or within 3 days of starting work • You may work during the waiting period • Expires at the same time as the Study Permit/Work Permit

  16. Where can I get more information? • On the ISS website • At ISS workshops • In person (drop-in advising) • By contacting ISS

  17. Where can I get more information? • On the ISS website • At ISS workshops • In person (advising) • By contacting ISS

  18. International Student In-Person Advising: First-come, first-served basis: • From 9:30 – 11:00 am: M, T, Th, F • From 2 – 3:30 pm: M, T, W, Th Brown Student Services Building 3600 McTavish Street, Suite 4400 Tel: 514-398-4349