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Mission Possible: Graduation & Beyond Class of 2015

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Mission Possible: Graduation & Beyond Class of 2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mission Possible: Graduation & Beyond Class of 2015. Information and Tips for Creating a Successful High School & Career Experience. The Advisement BRIDGE Bill (Mandated Advisement Signed into Law in May 2010). BRIDGE Bill Mandated Advisement Requirements for High School.

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mission possible graduation beyond class of 2015

Mission Possible: Graduation & BeyondClass of 2015

Information and Tips for Creating a Successful High School & Career Experience

bridge bill mandated advisement requirements for high school
BRIDGE Bill Mandated Advisement Requirements for High School
  • The following BRIDGE Bill advisement tasks are required to be completed in high school on the student’s My411, GACollege411 account:
      • Grade 9 (2nd Semester Advisement Opportunity)
        • Complete GACollege411 BRIDGE Bill Graduation Plan/PCSD 6-year Plan
      • Grade 10 (2nd Semester Advisement Opportunity)
        • Receive “College Credit Now”/Dual Enrollment Information
      • Grade 11 (2nd Semester Advisement Opportunity)
        • Explore 3 Postsecondary Institutions related to student’s Program of Study
      • Grade 12 (1st Semester Advisement Opportunity)
        • Identify and submit “next step” information: 4-year institute, 2-year institute, apprenticeship, military, technical college, special purpose school, or workforce in GaCollege411

Ongoing support regarding course selection, graduation requirements, career information, and future decisions

bridge bill graduation plan
BRIDGE Bill Graduation Plan
  • Please complete the name section and record 2012 the 9th grade start year section
  • 2012 is for the 2011-2012 school year
section 1 diploma requirements
This will be an ongoing record for you and your student to keep track of the required credits and credits earned during the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years. During 12th Grade a final advisement opportunity does include the Senior Letter, which lists all requirements for each individual student to graduate.Section 1 Diploma Requirements
graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements

4 Units of English

4 Units of Science

4 Units of Mathematics

3 Units of Social Studies

3 Units of Career/Technology and/or World Language and/or Fine Arts

1 Unit of Health & Physical Education

4 Units of Electives (minimum)

A total of 23 Units

Note: World Language (Foreign Language) is not required for Graduation BUT is required for acceptance into a 4 year College or University

english language arts requirements
English\Language Arts Requirements

4 TOTAL units of English\Language Arts

These must include:

* 1 unit of 9th grade Literature and Composition

* 1 unit of American Literature and Composition

*2 additional units in English\Language Arts

math requirements
Math Requirements

9th Grade: Mathematics I (Algebra/Geometry/Statistics)


Accelerated Mathematics I (Geometry/Algebra II/ Statistics)

There is a Math Support I course that may be required for some students in need of extra support. This runs parallel with Math I.

10th Grade: Mathematics II (Geometry/Algebra II/Statistics)


Accelerated Mathematics II (Advanced Algebra /Geometry/Statistics)

There is a Math Support II course that may be required for some students in need of extra support. This runs parallel with Math II.

11th Grade: Mathematics III (Advanced Algebra/ Statistics)


Accelerated Mathematics III (Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry/Statistics)

There is a Math Support III course that may be required for some students in need of extra support. This runs parallel with Math III.

12 Grade: Mathematics IV(Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry/Statistics)


AP Calculus AB

science requirements
Science Requirements

4 Total Units of Science Required

1 unit of Biology (can be AP/IB)

1 unit of Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science or an AP/IB Course

1 unit of Physical Science or Physics (AP/IB)

1 unit of a 4th science (any AP/IB. academic science or career tech science)

*****4th Science may be used to meet both the science and elective requirements.*****

social studies
Social Studies

3 Units of Social Studies Required

1 Unit of World History

1 Unit of United States History

½ unit of American Government

½ unit of Economics

why should i take honors or advanced placement courses
Why should I take Honors or Advanced Placement courses?
  • The U.S. Department of Education released a study that shows that by the time students enter college, the type of courses they took in high school is more important than test scores, class rank, or grade averages.
  • Michael Adams, President of UGA, says that rigor of curriculum is a factor above all others that determines success in the college admissions process.
what do i need to do to get into honors and ap classes
There is an online application process.

The link is on the North Paulding website under “Course Registration.” Window closes March 30.

What do I need to do to get into Honors and AP classes?
how are honors and ap classes beneficial to my gpa
How are Honors and AP classes beneficial to my GPA?
  • Honors and AP courses are weighted. With successful completion of the course, an average of 70 or above BEFORE weights are added, earns a student five (5) points onto the final course average for honors and (10) points onto the final course average for AP.
  • For example: Student earns an 80 in Honors Lit/Comp – the report card

and transcript will reflect an 85 as the weighted points are added to

the final average.

(Advanced Placement courses add 10 points to the final grade, if a 70 or above has been earned.)

how and when do i apply
How and when do I apply?
  • Applications for the 2012-2013 school year are Online
  • Online application process ends on March 30, 2012
you and your student must
You and your student MUST
  • Attend the high school informational nights for Honors and AP courses
  • The dates and times of these mandated opportunities will be set by each high school.
  • These will be held during May.
for additional information regarding honors and ap please call 770 443 8000 and ask for
For Additional Information regarding Honors and AP, please call 770-443-8000 and ask for…..
  • Dawn Hudson, Director of High School Curriculum (Science and Math areas), ext. 10184
  • Teri Harris, Coordinator for English/Language Arts and World Language, ext. 10197
  • Debbie Kelly, Coordinator for Social Studies and Fine Arts, ext. 10117
health physical education

All students must complete 1 Health Class and 1 Physical Education Class (Personal Fitness) equaling 1 unit

3 units of ROTC may substitute for the Health\PE requirement

3 Units Required

CTAE and/or

World Language and/or

Fine Arts

Students are encouraged to select courses in a focused area of interest and to build upon the career interest inventories that they have completed with Counselors and Graduation Counselors


career clusters and pathways
Career Clusters and Pathways

Career Clusters and their Pathways are part of a state supported curriculum that encourages and supports students and families in their educational and career planning through long-term goals, knowledge, experience and resources.

career clusters and pathways1
Career Clusters and Pathways

There are 11 Career Clusters of courses taught in the Paulding County School District

Career Pathways-Students may earn 3 units of credit in a sequence of CTAE courses in a pathway. These self-selected pathways lead to college readiness and a career readiness certificate. There is a career pathway assessment given at the end of the 3 sequential career pathway courses (usually in the Junior or Senior year).

career clusters and pathways in pcsd
Career Clusters and Pathways in PCSD

1. Agriculture

Animal Science (PCHS)

Plant Science & Horticulture (PCHS)

2. Architecture, Construction, Communication & Transportation

  • Graphic Design (EPHS, HHS, PCHS)
  • Architecture Drawing & Design (All)
  • Construction (NPHS, PCHS, SPHS)
  • Transportation Logistical Support (ALL)
career clusters pathways in pcsd
3. Arts & Humanities(All)

(Pathway is pending. Our district does offer these courses as electives.)


Performing Arts

Visual Arts

World Language

Career Clusters/Pathways in PCSD

4. Business and Computer Science(All)

  • Interactive Media
  • Administration Information Support
  • Financial Management Accounting
  • Small Business Development
career clusters pathways in pcsd1
5. Culinary Arts


Culinary Arts Intro I

Culinary Arts Intro II

6. Education

Early Childhood Education (PCHS)

Teaching as a Profession (ALL)

Not available to 9th grade students

Career Clusters/Pathways in PCSD
career clusters pathways in pcsd2
Career Clusters/Pathways in PCSD

7. Engineering & Technology(HHS)

  • Engineer Graphics & Design

8. Family & Consumer Science Pathways

  • Nutrition & Food Science


  • Interior Design


career clusters pathways in pcsd3
Career Clusters/Pathways in PCSD

9. Healthcare Science Pathways(All)

  • Therapeutic Services-Nursing
  • Personal Care Services-Cosmetology

10. Marketing Sales & Service

  • Marketing & Management (EPHS, NPHS, SPHS)
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing (EPHS, NPHS)
career pathways offered in pcsd
Career Pathways offered in PCSD

11. Government & Public Safety Pathways

  • Public Safety (HHS, NPHS, PCHS, SPHS)
  • Air Force JROTC (EPHS)
  • Army JROTC (HHS & PCHS)
Section 2We will complete this column from the courses that are currently taken or were completed first semester.
Section 3We will complete this column from the course request information that is in Infinite Campus.
Please note the courses listed for




Social Studies

There is also space to write in Career Pathways, Fine Arts, World Language, Health and Personal Fitness, and elective courses.

Sections 2, 3, 4, and 5This portion of the plan includes the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade years and will be completed on this document. We have reviewed sections 2 and 3 already. Once your student has finalized sections 2-5, then, your student will update in www.gacollege411.org on your student’s My411 Program of Study (BRIDGE Bill Mandate).

  • GACollege411 Student Portfolios supported throughout high school.
  • Career Interest Inventory and Career Portfolio Information Used for High School Advisement plus CTAE Clusters/Pathways
  • High School Planning
  • College Planning
creating and completing the individual graduation plan in the my411 gacollege411 portfolio
Log into My411 Account

Go to High School tab

Go to Your Plan of Study

Use Bridge Bill Document to Update Each Square (Please remember to SAVE as you update.)

Creating and Completing the Individual Graduation Plan in the MY411 GACollege411 Portfolio
section 6 bridge bill advisement checklist
These are the mandated advisement steps that we will be working on with you and your student during high school.

Student’s My411 account is where all of this information will be stored from middle school and on through high school and beyond.

Please fill in the user name and password at this time on the form.

Section 6 BRIDGE Bill Advisement Checklist
promotion in hs to next grade
Promotion in HS to Next Grade
  • Students are promoted to the next grade level based on credits earned as well as core English and Math courses being completed and passed with a 70 or higher.
    • From 9th to 10th grade-5 credits
    • From 10th to 11th grade-11 credits, including 2 core English and 2 core Math
    • From 11th to 12th grade-17 credits
hope scholarship
HOPE Scholarship
  • Currently, the HOPE scholarship is determined by the calculation of all academic core courses that the student has taken and completed
    • Both passing and failing grades in the core courses count
    • Changes in the eligibility guidelines are posted and updated on the GACollege411 website
more hope scholarship reminders
More HOPE Scholarship Reminders
  • Non-academic elective courses do not count
  • Thus, an overall numeric GPA of 83.4%, does not necessarily mean that the HOPE gpa will be a 3.0 or higher.
  • HOPE grade point information is transmitted on a 4.0 GPA scale to the Georgia Student Finance Commission and is not a numerical GPA.

Weighted—Per local board policy extra points are

added for certain honors and Advanced Placement. Only AP courses are weighted for the purposes of calculating HOPE Scholarship eligibility.

Section 9 Date when GACollege411 Plan of Study is Updated…when all four years are planned and recorded.
section 10 students select review and update their postsecondary plans each year from grades 8 12
In pencil, please write in the career objective at this time.

Please check one of the options listed.

Section 10Students select, review, and update their Postsecondary Plans each year from grades 8-12.
after high school
After High School

There are more options than most parents and students know about:

4-Year Colleges and Universities

2-Year Colleges and Universities

Technical College

Special Purpose School

On-the-job Training



section 11 my career pathway
Students should select a career pathway based on their career interest inventory results and exploration information.Section 11 My Career Pathway

Section 12 Postsecondary “College Credit Now” Dual Credit Opportunities(More information presented in Spring of 10th and 11th grade years during advisement)


Section 13 Career Pathway Course ListStudents will record each career pathway course as each course is successfully completed (during 9th, 10th, and 11th grade advisement opportunities).


Section 14 Testing Requirements and InformationTesting requirements and any changes are communicated each year during the annual advisement opportunity.

end of course tests eoct
End of Course Tests (EOCT)

English Language Arts

Ninth Grade Literature and Composition

American Literature and Composition


Math I

Math II



Physical Science

Social Studies

United States History


  • Taken by students during the fall semester of the 10th grade year.
  • The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude test provides a standardized view of a student’s scholastic skills, regardless of the school attended, and helps students compare themselves with other college-bound students nationwide.
georgia high school graduation test 5 subject area tests during 11 th grade year
Georgia High School Graduation Test(5 Subject Area Tests During 11th Grade Year)

NOTE: Georgia DOE may decide

that one English, one Math, one

Science, and one Social Studies

test may be used for an area of

Georgia High School Graduation


State Board will vote on this change

during the Spring Semester.

3rd year students will take the Georgia

High School Graduation Test in Writing

during the Spring of the Junior Year

Per board policy 2 units of English and

2 units of Math must be successfully



Section 15 Work-Based Learning Detail InformationAdditional information provided during spring advisement of 10th and 11th grade years.


An annual opportunity is provided to review and update the Graduation Plan and then, sign off on the plan. For this year the signatures will be placed in the second column.

hybrid schedule
HYBRID Schedule
  • Students take a combination of 50-minute classes and 100-minute classes each semester.
  • The 50-minute classes (also known as traditional) earn .5 credit at the end of each semester.
  • The 100-minute classes (also known as block) earn 1.0 credit at the end of each semester.
special education students
Special Education Students
  • Special Education students and their parent/guardian participate in all advisement opportunities along with regular education students.
  • Each special education student’s Individualized Education Plan guides course work and graduation requirements.
  • All students complete BRIDGE Bill Graduation Plans
career clusters 11 areas
Career Clusters(11 Areas)

Under each Career Cluster are one or more Career Pathways with each pathway having three courses taken in sequence during high school.

(Pathway course descriptions for the first course in a pathway were included in the High School 101 Guide that your student received during the 8th grade.)

CTAE Video Link (Excellent video that reviews all the pathway areas offered.) http://schools.paulding.k12.ga.us/ischooldistrict/district_videos_select.php?district_ID=2&video_ID=112

please remember
Please remember
  • Tests and Grades Matter
  • Attendance Matters
  • Courses and Career Interests Matter

Research University 4 additional core units recommended

State/Regional University 2 additional core units recommended

Two-Year College

Technical College

The rigor of the courses taken is examined by admissions staff.

Matching a career pathway/cluster with high school courses is important. The Career Cluster/Pathway choice is based on Career Interest Inventory information.

  • Activities Matter


Fine and Performing Arts


Community Service

athletic eligibility grades must be okay to play
Athletic Eligibility: Grades must be okay to PLAY!
  • The student must have passed five out of six classes first semester to participate in athletic activities second semester.
  • At the end of the ninth grade year, the student must be on track (5 credits earned) and passed at least five courses the previous semester to participate.

Please keep the back page of documents of the BRIDGE Bill Advisement Plan for your records. Pass the white page of this document to the aisles to our student representatives.Please pass the course request sheet to the aisles, as well.

school counselors support all students in three areas
School counselors support all students in three areas:
  • Academic
  • Career
  • Personal/social

Thank you for your time and involvement!

We appreciate you!