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Flower Trends for 2018

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Flower Trends for 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you're looking for the perfect florals this year, take a look at the key trends for 2018 and beyond.

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Flower Trends for 2018

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flowers never go out of style however flower

Flowers never go out of style. However, flower trends can vary from year to year, and 2018 is no different.

this year is all about personalization and mixing

This year is all about personalization and mixing traditional blooms with contemporary style. Chrysanthemums are leading the pack for contemporaries, while peonies are holding strong with traditionalists. Both are trending, but 2018 is offering much more for flowers. Below are five flower trends to be on the lookout for.

bouquets are becoming more personalized
Bouquets are Becoming More Personalized

For flowers, personalization is the theme of the year. While traditional bouquet designs are still beloved, customised bouquets are becoming more and more popular.

today most people would rather choose send

Today, most people would rather choose, send, and receive a unique, one-of-a-kind bouquet. This means 2018 will be full of bouquets with surprising flower combinations. And every florist in Edmonton and beyond(offline and offline), will be receiving requests for custom floral arrangements.

chrysanthemums are more popular than ever
Chrysanthemums are More Popular Than Ever

Chrysanthemums are colourful and versatile, which is making them the top pick this year. Versatility means chrysanthemum bouquets are highly customisable and suitable for many personalities and occasions.

they re perfect for weddings anniversaries

They’re perfect for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, and other celebrations. Plus, they’re even easier to customise when ordered online. Ordering online can also ensure on-time flowers delivery in Edmonton. So, you can conveniently send the unique, colourful, personalized gift of chrysanthemums.

peonies are the top wedding flowers
Peonies are the Top Wedding Flowers

Peonies have ornate, expressive petals and come in various shades of red, pink, and white.

because of this they exude beauty and energy

Because of this, they exude beauty and energy. Their classic look and vibrancy makes them perfect for weddings and coveted by brides. However, this year, they’ll have to contend with unique bouquets and eclectic, contemporary design. Fortunately, traditional flowers rarely go out of style, so peonies are still trending for weddings and other occasions.

beautiful flower jewelry
Beautiful Flower Jewelry

Flower crowns are nice, but they’re slowly being replaced by flower jewelry. Bracelets, tiaras, and broaches are trending pieces that are giving flower crowns a run for their money. Most likely, these jewelry pieces will be worn and requested by many brides this year. Plus, customisability and personalization will make them even more of a trend, meaning flower jewelry could transcend weddings and find a place in pop culture.

bouquets made of dark and light shades
Bouquets Made of Dark and Light Shades

As traditional and contemporary styles clash, so will dark and light shades of flowers. This year, many floral arrangements will pair dark, dystopian colours with light, pastels in the same colour family.

for example combining dark red roses with medium

For example, combining dark red roses with medium pink carnations and light pink chrysanthemums. However, it’s becoming even more of a trend to create bouquets that feature different flowers in the same shade. For example, creating a floral arrangement full of jewel-toned (specifically jades, maroons, pinks, and greens) roses and hydrangeas.